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  1. Hi all , Wondering if anyone would be able to offer any help with regards to my current situation please . Myself and husband have been in receipt of child benefit since my eldest was born (16) we had no idea that in 2013 it because income tested and since 2013 my husband has earned I'm excess of 50k making us no longer eligible for child benefit . In August this year we received a letter stating we owed in excess of £5000 and was to be fined £847 for not informing them within 3 years we no longer should be in receipt of the benefit . We have set up a plan to repay the
  2. Thanks have revised and will send with the £1 fee and see what the reply is , am hoping that if involve the fos and maybe the oft , maybe i can put enough doubt that the default was incorrectly carried out and make them ?? the enforcability of the agreement , not to mention that the managed loan inc od charges and cc late payments that it might make them just remove thanks for your help. am goinbg to try it with BC too to remove my husbands as they accepted a full & final as well . worth a try ! x
  3. does this look reasonable ? Dear **** HSBC After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file from Experian, I was concerned to note that your company has placed a "Default" notice against a joint account in myself and my wife's name. Furthermore neither I nor my wife has any recollection of ever receiving such a notice, and I therefore require you to substantiate this data at your earliest convenience. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement under the legislation con
  4. Thanks I will do both above , Do you think I should include all points on letter to HSBC 1) balance should be £0 since 2011 and is incorrect 2) agreement has defects as noted by yourself and include a copy 3) I do not remember receiving a relevant default notice So therefore request you correct the data set balance at £0 from 2011 leave as satisfied and remove default ? I'm a bit confused as to when the default should have been applied and if it was done correctly , I've had a look online to see if there is a pathway but have confused my self , do you know of any threads
  5. Just checked online default date 23/3/2010 , date satisfied 12/4/11 However in the bands 1-12 months the balance still shows £9000 odd upto the month before this ! What's that all about ??? Grrrr
  6. I sent an Sar prior to the default , so should I request another or would a request for a copy of my agreement and default be ok ? Should I inform HSBC and oft /FOS that am applying for correction as incorrect ? Would that put more pressure or them to remove it if done that incorrect as well ? Thanks
  7. Hi all , thanks for your replies I'll try and remember all te questions to answer as follows, The manged loan was made up of overdraft , credit cards and a loan I think , I can't remember if they did an affordability test sorry . There was some unfair charges involved as we claimed them back prior to the f&f about 12 months before from the overdraft credit card I think . However this does mean some of the balance would have prior charges. I'm only looking at the date of default on experian , how do I find my exact date of default ? Yes I have sent a SAR pr
  8. The managed HSBC loan on the credit agreement the figures did not add up due to leap years and the final amount did not = the monthly amounts required . I put tha account into dispute and after about 18 months of battling they accepted a full and final offer of approx £3500 of a £9000 odd balance . They have noted a default on the account according to experian as march 2011. Just having a look through some posts , I was wondering if the credit agreement was floored ( unenforcable ) and they accepted a f&f would I be able to get them to remove the default?
  9. Hi they have stated the default date as March 2011 , so I have a while yet if it's 6 years , which is why I'm seeig if there's another option to get it taken off
  10. Hi , was after a but of advice if which way is the best to go . I had an loan in dispute with HSBC re incorrect credit agreement , to which they put a default onto the account . They in 2011 accepted a full and final settlement for a partial amount as the credit agreement was floored. They have logged a default on my account and have marked it as satisfied and the balance as zero. I sent a letter to them requesting removal of the default a few weeks ago trying my luck as I am trying to move house ( new mortgage) and don't want this holding me back . Thy refused and
  11. Hi again , have dug out the letters that sent with the full and final offer, It says following your correspondance accepting the full and final offer etc please find enclosed a cheque for the fll amount . I request that you and your clients ******* remove any adverse data on my credit files and that the origional creditor provide me with written confirmation that the account is settled, closed, cancelled and that the balance is put as zero £0 . please ensure that confirmation of the above is sent within 7 days of the cheque payment becoming cleared funds . So can they leave it o
  12. Thanks very much ill start drafting a letter and will await car 2403 response x
  13. HI all , Last year i did a full and final with both Barclaycard and HSBC , they have marked amount as zero on credit file and settled however its still defaulting , Can i get this removed as its now settled ? thanks
  14. Hi all i hope you can help me i though this was all over and done with I had a littlewoods account to which i persued right through to courts and they never filed a defence and the were ordered to pay me extra care insurance refund and because they did not submit a defence it was deemed unenforcable. In the particulars of the claim it said all the usual removal of data , mark account as settled and repay me the monies owed. I received back in 2009 i think the refund , however when i have just looked on my credit file they are still saying i have a limit of £150 but i owe £255 so th
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