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  1. I Mr ******* ****** dispute that i owe the full amount stated in this claim. I have requested a statement with charges etc from the claiment however realise this was quite late with my defence being due. I requested it on the 27th Sept and was hoping to calculate exactly how much i owe, i fail to see how the figure is so high. I asked Reestons Solicitors for more time but was told no. I admit to falling behind on payments, it was due to losing my job and a failed relationship. I am now a single parent and have since got another job part time, i explained this to the claiment and no arran
  2. I will post it tommorow, yeah wish i had logged on earlier its the summer holidays and my head is comming off juggling child care. I know this is important its just how it is at mo, yeah they said i was too late. Will post it tommorow afternoon. p.s your up late
  3. I rang them and they said no, in my defence i said that i was awaiting documents
  4. Thanks for reply Andy, The following is what i got from my defence i submitted. I acknowledge recipt of your defence. A copy is being served on the claiment (or the claiments solicitors). The claiment may contact you direct to attempt to resolve any dispute. If the dispute cannot be resolved informally,the claiment will inform the court that he wishes to proceed. Thecourt will then inform you of what will happen. Where he wishes to proceed, the claiment must contact the court in 28 days after recieving a copy of your defence. After that period has elapsed, the claim will be stay
  5. I havnt asked for an extension no, defence has to be in by 4pm next tuesday, i would like to ask for extension is this straight foward? I know what your saying part of my defence will be based on what i get back from HFC. I have wrote a truthful defence about how my relationship broke down and how i had to care for my child by myself etc etc, having to go part time for a few years then losing my job for a month this year causing default. I did contact HFC about this but they wouldnt organise a repayment plan. Not sure how the balance got so high.
  6. No reply yet but only posted on Monday, hectic life here Andy working part time and a kid shouting "dad" all the time.
  7. I have sent requests for documentation, and have drafted a defence, is there anywere i can look for sample defence letters to get some better ideas on wording etc, my english was so not my strong point
  8. Well your simples comment made me smile at least, ive filled in the AOS and filled in that i will be defending all (online), more reading for me on here i guess. Thanks for being patient with me, sure you can put this thread in the for dummies section. What i want to achieve out of this really is just to avoid the judgment on my file really, i do have charges and yes i was out of work for some of the time the interest just crippled me really. I will attempt to maybe get some charges and interest off the account and hopefully set up an arrangment avoiding CCJ Thanks again ma
  9. thanks for reply. After reading a few threads im thinking i have to send off my acknowledgment of service (say i recieved the claim?), im getting confused whether i have to put in defence at this stage? Can i do this online? Once this is done i send of a request asking for all documentation for the debt? I seriously am trying to understand all this but think maybe its a bit too much for me
  10. Is process speeded up if i respond online? I will be very happy to make a donation tommorow also Thanks Matt
  11. I would like to defend all then, however im quite lacking in confidence about this i dont even know what to put in the defence, writing a request for charges and interest will take the time limit over what im allowed surely? Is there anywere on here i can have a read as i feel i must be using too much of your time and at least i can educate my self a bit more of what im doing. The issue date of the N1 says 1st of July. Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. Thanks for uick reply, the claiment is HFC bank the debt started in 2004 the exact date i can let you know tonight, im at work. As for a default notice im not sure if one was served maybe i should check experian credit file? I have no list of charges and interest but im sure there will be lots, i just buried my head in the sand when i was out of work. Thanks soo much for replies just want it behind me, can`t believe i got in this mess. That N1 form baffles the average person im sure, ive got a decent part time job and quite a few qualifications and its over my head and a worry. Th
  13. I agree with the figures albeit a lot made up of charges and interest but i knew the rules from the start, so won`t be defending it, does this mean i have no option but to have a CCJ on my credit file? Is it possible to set up some arrangement with solicitors at all?
  14. Hi all last week i recieved a N1 form from Restons Solicitors for my unpaid visa bill of £4.569.21 and interest of 243.80p per day. I was out of work for 3 months earlier in year and missed payments and admitedly just ignored letters as was generally down, i am a single parent with a mortgage to pay so other things just kind of took priority. My mortgage is up for re-newal august obviously a CCJ is going to damge my chances Can a CCJ only be stopped if i pay sum in full of which i have no chance of doing? I am working part time now so could i pay sum of monthly? I have no idea what
  15. Subject Access Request is on its way fanks.
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