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  1. Hey, after nearly a year of having a green tint on my laptop screen(caused by a faulty cable, the screen and GPU are fine) I put in for a repair, howver, they were not able to fix it(as they could only find second hand parts) and sent it back. Its arrived and now the screen does not work at all, what are my rights with this? I phoned up and they offered to check the connections, but said that as the cable had problems in the first place, there's nothing they are willing to do.
  2. I did google it, and it said it was a walking possession(I know what that is) but got told further up I was wrong
  3. So, they can only arrest me for refusing to give my name if they have reasonable grounds for suspecting I am committing an offense. Thats handy to know, was that on Cab as well?
  4. From the CAB Website - In general the police do not have the right to enter a person’s house or other private premises without their permission. However, they can enter without a warrant:- when in close pursuit of someone who has committed, or attempted to commit, a serious crime; or to quell a disturbance; or if they hear cries for help or of distress; or to enforce an arrest warrant. Assuming that's correct, they can just be asked nicely to leave and not enter the premises. Couldn't find much on thier powers to demand ID
  5. True, but if the police arrive without a search warrant, I would assume I could tell them they are not coming in? As I have read of cases where the police made peaceful entry and then let bailiffs in. Obviously in the wrong, but too many coppers don't have any training or knowledge in this sort of thing and trust bailiffs to tell them the truth. *edit* Interesting bit there. One assumes that the requirement to gain peaceful entry still overrides any officers attempt to force entry on behalf of a bailiff or HCEO?
  6. Wonkey Donkey, I wasn't asking for advice on the situation, there were 2 specific questions I asked, which I couldn't find the answers to with google, and neither of them have attempted to be answered by you. Don't get all high and mighty when you possibly haven't read what was written or have misunderstood what was asked. Don't forget, I did say the debtor was a lady, and with me being a man its fairly obvious I am not her. I will repeat them here - "So, I refused to tell him who I was as was not the named person he was after, and he then proceeded to tell me "Its an ar
  7. Well, I dont have a car anyway, so they can go ahead and tow the neighbors car, I don't like them anyway Isn't the onus on them to check the car belongs to the debtor before trying to take it? I told him the basics, I am not the lady in question(due to being a man) and thats all he needs to know to go off and check his details. I do love the comment that "To be honest it doesn't help to be so evasive unless you've got something to hide." I wouldn't give my details to any random nobber that rings me up, why should I give them at the door? Why should I do his job for him? No l
  8. Also, writing to them would be beside the point of me witholding my information from him Lol, that's like all those people who signed petitions giving their name and address against the government holding too much info on them!
  9. He just said High Court Enforcement Office. The letter he shoved through the letterbox says HCE high Court Enforcement.
  10. I don't give out personal details to anyone who phones or calls me, unless I know who they are and what they are doing with it. Remember, this guy claims he is with HCEO but showed me no proof, and even if he did I still wouldn't give him anything. I only deal with people in writing, that way I can prove everything they say.
  11. Hey ho, just looking for a few quick answers following a HCEO turning up at my door. So, I refused to tell him who I was as was not the named person he was after, and he then proceeded to tell me "Its an arrestable offence to obstruct a HCEO". Can anyone verify the validity of that statement? I told him I am only giving my details out at the door to the police or the council, and he said that "He was a higher power than the police and the council" Again, can anyone verify the validity of that statement? I told him that was total bollocks. He said he would keep coming bac
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