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  1. I should be very grateful for any advice on my rights regarding a problem I have encountered today. I ordered some mail order herbs a couple of weeks ago, which I paid for by PayPal. I had an email on 8 April to say that my plants had been despatched. I was concerned that they haven't arrived yet, and contacted the retailer today. They have just informed me that the plants were apparently delivered by Yodel at 11.40 a.m. on 10 April, and were signed for by someone called John. I was positively at home all day on 10 April, and no delivery was attempted by Yodel. I've had pr
  2. I suppose so, please! It happened so long ago, I had completely forgotten about it .
  3. I was thinking the same! I must have asked to be notified when replies were posted to thread and was very surprised to see that such an old thread had been resurrected, particularly when the issue had been resolved satisfactorily four and a half years ago!
  4. Thank you very much for that suggestion, Tide. I had planned on writing to IPFAS out of courtesy to thank them for cancelling the PCN, so I will raise this with them.
  5. I thought I would give an update on my daughter's penalty fare notice. I had a letter from SouthEastern on Thursday acknowledging that their member of staff had acted inappropriately in issuing my daughter with a penalty fare notice when she had not been attempting to travel or gain access to the platform without her ticket. They explained that the correct course of action would have been to set a Silk arrangement in place, whereby the staff at the station could have liaised with staff at her destination station and I could have met her at the station to pay her fare. SouthEastern have told me
  6. Many thanks for taking the time to offer your advice, Esio Trot - it's much appreciated. I'm sorry that my query seems to have led to a bit of a ruck; having never been issued with a PCN before, I thought this would be a good place to come for some advice; I didn't quite expect the response I've had and I think I'll back out of this now. But I'll come back and let you know when I've had confirmation that the PCN has been cancelled.
  7. Yes, I was thinking of doing that. My MP is a fairly high profile cabinet member and has a good reputation for dealing with constituents' problems
  8. Many thanks for your advice. When I asked about further action that would be taken if the PCN was not paid, as well as being told that they would start court proceedings when she was 18, I was also told that if that was not paid, details of the debt would affect her credit rating in future years! however, I have written to set out why I think the PCN should be withdrawn, and will wait to see what response I get. MTM - as I said in my last post, once I had been able to discuss what had happened with my daughter, she told me that the circumstances were different to what I had been told
  9. Thanks very much for your interesting point, Esio Trot. I would have assumed that any contract was between me as the purchaser of the ticket and South Eastern Railways, and that I would be responsible for any breach of the regulations as my daughter is a minor. Unfortunately, my daughter sent back the PCN without keeping a copy, so I can't check the wording. However, now that I've spoken to her in more detail about the circumstances, it seems that the information I was given over the phone about the issue of the PCN was not quite correct. My daughter realised that she didn't have her season ti
  10. Listing her on eBay has certainly crossed my mind! I will be writing to ask if they will consider an appeal from me after the deadline. I'm not particularly holding out much hope, but you never know. Thanks for your time in responding
  11. Thanks for your reply. My issue isn't really that they issued a penalty fare, because my daughter should have had her photocard with her. My concern is that, as her legal guardian, I have no right to appeal against the notice. apparently South Eastern Trains can waive up to two penalty notices in a year for people who have forgotten to carry their season ticket/photocard, so the appeal would probably have been successful. I don't think it is acceptable to rely on a child telling their parent that they have received a fine, and not notifying the parent. If I had known that she had received
  12. I wondered if anyone could give me any advice on whether there is anything I can do about a problem I have please. I have just received a letter addressed to my 15 year old daughter, care of parent/guardian from the Independent Penalty Fares Appeal Service. It appears that my daughter was issues a penalty fare notice on 9 May on her way to school because she did not have her photocard with her to accompany her monthly train season ticket. She obviously appealed against the £20 fine she was given, but her letter was not received until 2 June. The 21 day deadline expired on Friday, 30
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