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  1. yes understand that and they also said it would take 2 weeks and like i say its now 4 weeks. she has just spoken to them on the phone and they now are saying that her claim is critical my daughter asked what this meant and they said it was because my daughters details where not going into the system as they were having problem with their system and that they are now having to do it all via paperwork and that they would call her back by 2.30 today ,so now just have to wait and see if anyone does phone her back and if they do what excuses will they come out with next.
  2. My daughter was living with her boyfriend and they had a joint claim for JSA. My daughter came off JSA as they wanted her to working 40 hrs a week cutting grass in a cemetery and she did not want to do this job so she came off her JSA. A month later she started up a new single claim as her and her boyfriend had broken up and she moved back home. 4 weeks since putting in the claim she has still not been paid and everytime she phones them they keep coming out with new excuses like.. 1/your address has changed and we need to do new claim 2/your get paid on a certain day (and she does`nt) 3/say oh you never signed on a certain day (when in fact she has) Like i say she has recieved no money for the last 4 weeks and has been signing on as normal and attending work enterprices fairs and also looking and applying daily for jobs. what can she do to get this sorted ,she is under the doctor for depression and anxiety and this suitation is not helping her.
  3. Thank you for all your replies ,i will be taking this further and speaking to my local mp
  4. He was medically retired from the armed forces so has a pension which they class as a income so reduce his incap benefit /esa by a certain amount so thats why he only gets £24 which is going down to £21 on esa
  5. my husband had a call today from the council office to say that he had over paid on his council tax benefit and it was a mistake on there side. what they had done was take his incap benefit long term at £94 a week instead of the £24 he was actully paid and worked out his council tax benefit on the £94. They only realised their mistake when hubby was transfered to ESA and saw the amount he was actully paid. anyway they said they would send out the cheque for the over payment ,but said they could only back date it for the last year and not the rest of the years the mistake was made is this correct ?
  6. Yes will get the paper work together. What you say about .they refinanced your ppi loan into a new loan and charged interest[img=http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/autolinker/images/link3.gif] on it through that new loan, often over a longer period than the original. does sound very much right and with the latest loan we never had a single penny it was all just paper work and reworking a new loan for us and yes all previous loans had PPI on them. It was BH that phoned us up and said they had a good deal on their interest rate and could save us money ,yea what alot of rubbish. Hope with your help we can get this sorted. still can`t understand why SCM solictors phoned us out of the blue last week saying BH were concerned we had not claimed the money ,why BH never phoned us i just don`t know ,why get their solictors to phone and why be worried we had not claimed the small amount
  7. Yes they were re-finance yes yes they said they reworked the loan ,but like i say only took off £110 and not £175 amonth
  8. Hi ims ,don`t know if you forgot to get back to me.
  9. then it has on another page summary of redress calculation for agreement ********** payments towards ppi 1,790.60 excess balance and interest from previous settlement 4,166.83 less successful claim benefits 0.00 less arrears on first schedule 10,580.20 statutory interest 863.42 compensation 0.00 total 863.42
  10. the letter is in total of the 4 loans we have had with BH refund of premiums paid including interest £2,767.07 excess balance and interest £4,166.83 interest at 8% £1,364.00 optional-less arrears on loan agreement -£10,580.20 total £1,364.00 recieved in redress 864.70 and 146.86 these amounts taken off the £1,364.00 which were for previous loand and not the present one ,that leaves £352.35
  11. Will get the letter out to see if there is a break down
  12. when we cancelled the PPI to reduce repayments they rebated about £11,000 i think But when it came to repayments £456.03 take away £174.09 for PPI would make repayments £281.94 But BH said are repayments were going to be £351 or near enought that can`t remember excat figure ,when i asked why they it was not £281 said they had to rework the loan ,never recieved a new agreement or anything so don`t know what they ment by rework the loan
  13. All the figures below are just regarding the PPI Amount of credit £12,041.09 120 mts APR 12.9% £174.09 payment monthly Total amount payable £20,890.80 thats adding together the amount of credit plus total charge for credit £8,849.71 interest rate 1.016% per month loan details £19,500 120 mts total charges £14,332.80 total payable £33,832.80 =total monthly repayments £456.03
  14. I have`nt got a scanner/print at the moment hoping to get one either xmas or after in the new year but i can give you any info required from it
  15. yes we had a rebate when they cancelled the PPI. We just had a phone call from SCM solictors out of the blue ,saying that blackhorse were concerned we had not claimed back the PPI they were offering. My Husband said he was not signing anything until BH had answered the questions about the unsigned agreement and the court had thrown the case out as BH had not replied to the judge and the woment on the phone knew nothing about this. My husband also mentioned the letter that informed BH 5 months before the court case that they had a unsigned credit agreement and mis-sold PPI claim and that we had a good case against them ,the women on the phone went dead quiet. Why would BH get SCM solictors to phone us saying they are concerned we have not claimed the PPI back they had offered ,why did`nt BH phone us our selfs ,hope someone can help us out
  16. like i say will get husband to get the paper work out for me so i can answer those question. I can`t get the paperwork out myself as i am disabled
  17. we did cancel the PPI early think about 2007 when husband lost is job threw medical problems and they said we could not make a claim and also to reduce the monthly repayments as the PPI was 180 amonth. when we did cancel they only reduced repayments by 110 amonth. I will get husband to get agreement for me and let you know
  18. 31,000 350.00 It was a counterclaim and we lost becuase there was a sheet with 5-6 questions and we had to sign it on the day of taking the loan and so did the person taking us for the loan and they never asked us the question and it was left blank on the day and later N/A was added ,how ever they were yes no answers but in court it was said the computer did not recconsise the word no. i will need to check and get back to you on that one. When we were in court with blackhorse the last time they did ask for payments and the court refused because there was a unsigned agreement and did not enforce the agreement ,the judge asked blackhorse and told them to come back with a case regarding the unsigned agreement and they never did. Also since the court case in 2009 when the unsigned agreement was brought up ,they have frozen all interested and not charging any fees to the account ,offered us back the PPI and not charged us the 4,000 court fee`s ,also as mentioned the never answer are letters in regards to the unsigned agreement.
  19. 19,000 January 2006 10 years secured from the start dragged on to the court case in 2009 ,and judge refused re-possession
  20. i would not think the PPI and latepayment charges would cover the amount they want
  21. or can i claim on the PPI and latepayment charges after the court
  22. ok so i have no problem with the court and cabot now. But do i need to mention in court papers about missold PPI and latepayment charges which were £25 a time
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