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  1. Many thanks Rory....just wanted to know where I stand in the legal state
  2. Hi Sorry about this but I posted this thread elsewhere but have had no joy and do not know how to delete other one....so I sincerely apologise in advance to the mods for double posting. Here goes: Hi All debts I have were taken out whilst I lived in Scotland. Since then I have moved to Wales (approx 2 years ago). Therefore which law would I come under on the statute barred ruling (5 or 6 years) and which courts would my creditors have to take me to? All help would be very much appreciated. Scottygal
  3. Hi All debts I have were taken out whilst I lived in Scotland. Since then I have moved to Wales (approx 2 years ago). Therefore which law would I come under on the statute barred ruling and which courts would my creditors have to take me to? All help would be very much appreciated.
  4. Yes Donkey....the very same. 1st 1 was them forging a document to look as though it came from 3 network....2nd 1 was just telling me amount (different from 1st 1) wording is totally unprofessional, but then again....I have forgot that they are unprofessional LOL. This so called company has no consistency whatsoever....1 desk does not know what other desk is doing.
  5. I for 1 will be making a complaint. I have requested on 3 separate occasions for their complaints procedure but they never send me it. Also they have sent me 2 totally different documents saying it is a notice of assignment (I have request a copy of properly executed notice of assignment). Even I know just by looking at the documents that they are not correct. Thanks
  6. Nobody can prove what you do and do not spend on food. If you are anything like me going food shopping I just get what I fancy at time.....hence my food bill is skyyyyyyyyyyyy hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii LOL
  7. Thank you delly. Think I will just stick to sending them letters via recorded delivery. Still does not make a blind bit of difference.....they still ignore anything I raise LOL Scottygal
  8. Sorry for being a pest. If I send HFO an email from a hotmail account ending in @live.co.uk could they trace my ISP address as I am using my works PC Thanks
  9. Thanks 42, much appreciated. Every letter I have sent them they have blatantly ignored my requests. Should they ignore this 1, I will report them immediately. Should I give them a time to respond by? I have every date time and duration of calls....even all calls I reject. Would you believe that they called my mobile yesterday and played music to me now what is that all about LOL. Scottygal
  10. Thank you very much to all of you.....very much appreciated indeed. The fools have been calling me on many occasions since Saturday, so could any of you have a look at this letter I have done my best with and let me know if I should add anything else or delete anything please. HFO Services Limited PO Box 342 West Byfleet Surrey KT14 6YX 7 August 2008 I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY OR ANY COMPANY YOU CLAIM TO REPRESENT ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Dear Sir/Madam Re Account Ref XXXXXXXXXXXX You contacted me on Saturday 1 August 2008 regarding the above accounts, then again on Tuesday and Wednesday of same week BY TELEPHONE on many occasions. I have already requested on several occasions to contact me only IN WRITING. The person whom I spoke to was very rude and making frivolous threats to me. No security questions were asked which breaks the data protection act. I am now left with no other option but to take this matter further with the relevant authorities. I have previously written to you on 3 separate occasions. All my requests to date have been blatantly ignored. Furthermore ignoring and/or disregarding claims that debts are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts to physical/psychological harassment. I would like to once AGAIN request the following: ·Copy of your complaints procedure ·Contact in WRITING only. ·True copy deed of assignment ·This dispute to be looked at properly and not ignored ·My telephone number be removed from your database I would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above accounts unless you can provide all of the above requests in order to resolve this matter. Yours faithfully
  11. Hi All Does anyone know if a DCA has actually took anyone to court for an alleged mobile phone contract and won? They seem to do plenty threats. Could anyone clarify if they actually carry out these threats? I am still disputing this....however they don't seem to listen. Ignore letters and repeatedly keep phoning....which I choose to ignore LOL All advice and help will be very much appreciated. Many Thanks Scottygal
  12. Morning Everyone Hope someone can help me this part of my ongoing saga with HFO. It has been just over 1 month since I last heard from them, so god only knows what they are up to now. NO WAY would they just drop it. Anyway...... Not heard from them in all this time, but suddenly I keep getting strange called from this number 02087851667. But they are either silent or say they have dialled wrong number I have tried calling it back but I cannot even understand what they are saying. They will not say they are, just always asking who is this to me LOL. So does anyone recognise the number or could find out which company it is from please? Any help would be very much appreciated. Scottygal
  13. Hi I am in similar position to yourself, although a little further ahead. Send them the telephone harassment letter from templates on this site, also a prove it letter. Scottygal
  14. Hi Dipply Thank so much, very much appreciated. Sound advice as always. I will contact CAB ask if they can request it on my behalf. Scottygal
  15. Thank you both kindly. Dipply - I am afraid to ask for my credit report in the likely event it will alert all my other creditors. Can only deal with 1 at a time as I get too stressed over things. Andrew - Is there anyway you could find out any of the information on my behalf as I do not even know where to begin, dumb blonde LOL Scottygal
  16. Another note: Could the DCA possibly have got the address from the company I was renting from? I am considering writing to them asking if they given any of my details out????
  17. Hi I have contacted them with my new address and have been corresponding to them in writing arguing about the alleged debt. My concern is could there possibly be a link to that address and how do I get it rectified? My friends mother once gave me a reference when renting accommodation. Do the CRA have a right to have her address linked to me? If not, what can I possibly do about it? Scottygal
  18. No it was a friends mothers house they contacted me though I had to contact them as they were constantly sending cards and letters to this address as this was not fair on friends mother as she is a pensioner and was panicking. Scottygal
  19. Hi All I have had a DCA contact me at an address I have never ever lived it. Is there any way it could be some sort of link? Could I ask for link to be removed if this is the case? And how would I go about it? Well, it is only possible explanation for DCA contacting me at the address. However I am afraid to get a report from CRA in the likelihood that everyone will start bombarding me. I am only just about coping with HFO as it is, without others jumping on the wagon. Any advice is gratefully appreciated. Kind Regards Scottygal
  20. Sorry to trouble anyone. Does anyone know the email address to contact 3 mobile please? Preferably collections department.
  21. Hi All Since I sent my last letter to HFO on 23rd June I have heard nothing, all calls have stopped( which I find very strange). Will this mean they have passed it on to a legal department to start court action? I definately cannot see them just forgetting about it. Anyone know what I should expect next please? Kind Regards Scotty
  22. :D :D Can you tell I am happy about that comment? HE HE HE HE HE Seriously though, if it wasn't for all the kind and helpful people on here I would never have had the guts to take this lot of numpty nuts on so goodness knows where I would be. So MANY MANY thanks in advance as I KNOW I will keep having to come back for more, proverbial blonde you see. Scottygal
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