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  1. Could someone please tell me where i can get a template of a court letter so i can produce a letter to send to court for monday. thanks
  2. Hi rameses I originally put in an N245 so now i have to put in an N244 is that correct thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Can someone please show me a copy of a Court Letter objecting to the monthly instalments that the court has imposed on me. I wish to get the case back to court. I need to get the letter in by monday. Please can someone help me. thankyou.
  4. Sent off a N245 on 04/02/09 with a fee of £35.00, Yesterday I had a letter titled Variation order (determination) telling me I have to pay a monthly fee from the 24/04/09 off which is totally way off what was on my income and expenditure form What do I need to do know to get a Court Hearing vectramax
  5. Could someone please look at this and post what i can do i'm starting to get desperate as off the 24/04 they want £200 a month which i don't have
  6. Today 30/0./09 Had a letter from Local County Court Variation Order (determination) On the application of the defendant and the court having considered the papers received from the parties The judgement made against the defendant in this court on the 03 june 2008 for payment of xxxxx and xxx for court costs is hereby varied It is now ordered that the defendant pay the claimant the outstanding sum by instalements of £200.00 for every month the first payment to reach the claimant by 24 April 2009. I sent my n245 on 04 /02/09 costs £35.00 got a reciept this is the first letter i have received since handing in my n245. I already pay these people instalements of £31.01 with several other companies through payplan, I cannot afford to pay £200.00 instalements with what i earn a month and that was also put to them as they have a breakdown of my income and expenditure. Could somebody advise on what i need to do to resolve this situation thankyou Vectramax
  7. Yes that's right doc h Apparently i've left it to late now to do form 244 but the clerk at the court say's to put in a form 245 which is what i have done today with a fee of £35.00. What happen's now can anyone shed some light. Is there anything else i can do to get back at Eversheds/Arrow Global. thanks everyone for your help so far. les
  8. Hi Supasnooper I've never had a court case with this ever. This is a Final Charging Order not an Interim Chaging Order. I don't know why i have never had one. thanks les
  9. Hi Anyone A Final Charging Order Letter arrived. I never had a letter to go to court to defend myself,I knew there was going to be a court case because i had it moved to my local County Court. On the letter it states I have to pay x amount forthwith. The company is Eversheds/Arrow Global I have eight creditors in total of which I pay a monthly amount through payplan. This company are one of them of which I have been paying for the last six months or so. I have a joint morgage with my father and he lives at the property,He is also partly disabled and relies on the house. We only six years to pay before it is ours. My question is can they make me sell the house to pay of my debt. only I had a letter last week from them saying" Final Notice it is our intention to seek immediate instuctions from our client,in order to enforce their County Court Judgement and Legal Charge against you." Can someone please explain all of this to me and what do I have to do and can they sell my house thankyou les
  10. Can Anyone help, I have had a letter through the post with the title Final Charging Order.I never had a letter to go to court to defend myself, I knew of a court case because i had it moved to my local County Court. The letter states that I have to pay xxx Amount Forthwith. The company is Eversheds/Arrow global I have 8 creditors of which I pay a monthly amount through payplan, and Eversheds are 1 off them and I have been doing this for about six months I have a joint morgage with my father and he lives at the property and we only have six years to pay on the morgage. My father is partly disabled and relies on the house. My question is to anyone can they make me sell my property because I had a letter of them last week saying Final Notice your home may be at risk. and they where going to seek instructions from there client to Enforce their County Court Judgement and Legal Charge Against me. please could someone explain what this all means and what can I do to stop it and can they sell my home thanks les
  11. When a oc sells to a dca do they keep the same 16 digit account number. Got a letter from link but the last 8 digits are different to the mbna account number. Could someone please clarify this Thanks Vectramax
  12. Thanks knutmill I'm a novice as well.will hope someone will come and post me in thw right direction. Don't send anything with your signature on it,and you don't have to tell your financial situation.Just send the cca letter with a £1.00 postal order and wait for the reply. Thanks Vectramax
  13. hi everyone I too have had letters from eversheds through mbna but it's now arrow global. Can i ask a question if you have a ccj can you still send a cca and/or s.a.r .Would someone please tell thanks vectramax
  14. if i have a ccj by default against me can i still send off a cca and ask for my original credit agreement as the credit card must be about 15 years old and an sar. if you have ppi can you still pursue an cca. thanks vectramax.
  15. hi everyone can someone anyone please put up what a "redetermination of payment offer" letter looks like very quickly In need of one thanks vectramax
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