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  1. Iwould like to add,BLS AND ,Lloyds Tsb,ingorerd letters ive sent and now there back phoning my friends house again,after writing and telling them,they must no that people are paying them but keep saying you have,nt kept up with your payments,they realy get up ones noise
  2. Goodmorning there both loan and credit cards
  3. HELLO i put on thread while ago about Lloyds tsb,and BLS i was paying them and they said i was,nt,anyway have,nt heard from them till last week got two letters from Lloyds and one from bls,saying i have not kept up the payments and they want the money in full,but i,ve never missed and i pay it into there bank with there paying in books,and tonight they have just rang asking my friend to tell me to ring them which im not going to do,they said two weeks ago that they had put my payment on one account up to 10 pound,but i did,nt pay that as i cant afford to,so please anyone tell me what i
  4. Hello i was on some time ago but cant remember when,i was having trouble with Lloyds TSB and BLS,both saying i had,nt keep up my payments,wrote to them have,nt heard from them in month or two,then they said they were putting one of the accounts up to 10 pound,and over the weekend have had three letters saying i have,nt keep up my payments so they want the money in full,now the payments get paid each month into there bank with there payment books,and they keep asking me to ring them which i dont ,so please what do i do now its been nearly three years and have never missed payments,th
  5. Hi ,been paying Lloyds T.S.B and B.L.S for past year kept getting letters of them saying i had,nt paid,after hearing nothing from them in afew weeks thought everything was fine,but now got three letters saying they want the money i owe in full,as i havee,nt been paying,i pay the money into there bank with there own paying in books,what do i do,also they keep asking me to ring,did also get letter saying they were putting one account up to 10 pound from one of my accounts thank you Rakker
  6. i have done the letters and just left the red words out as im still paying them so your right it would be pretty pointless,Stikky62,just have to wait now and see what they do,and thank you all for your help rakker
  7. sorry to ask again but do i put the piece put the line thats in red on my letter,ive been trying to copy these two letters,so i can re-write them but not having any luck as only get have of the lines,so looks like i,ll have to write it by hand and then print it,unless anyone can suggest some other way of doing it rakker
  8. yes there address in my name c/o my friends address what does btw mean please
  9. Hi Letshelp thank you for your help sorry to sound abit vague do i copy the two letters from above,i would like to keep on paying what i can ,as the letters go to my friends house as her son pays the payments into the bank and if i stop paying them then shes going to get the hassel ,and as shes deaf she dos,nt realy here what there saying,could you give me some advice on this please,thank you rakker
  10. thank you lets help sorry if i seem abit vague do i just copy the letters from above and send them,i do have one problem the letters go to my friends house as its her son who pays the payments into the bank for me,but i will write them letters now but i would like to keep paying so my friend dos,nt get the hassel of them,could you please advise rakker
  11. thank you 42Man i did,nt get round to sending them CCA ,as we,ve had two deaths in the family and now another relation is dying,so do i just send aletter saying i cant pay any more but still keep on paying the mount that they agreed to in the beginning rakker
  12. can they do this BLS have sent me aletter saying i have to pay ten pound next month,but i cant pay them any more so what do i do,is this legal that they can up payments Rakker
  13. just to update regarding BLS I had,nt got round to sending them another letter,but this morning asking me to ring them,and underneath one line saying you must keep up the payments,so i think the penny has dropped as i sent two recorded delivery to them,and someone phoned the house my friend answer and when she mention the letters he put the phone down,ive been paying them since 2006 not alot but what i can afford its better than nothing,but they threaten with bailiff & court but i was paying into there bank with the paying in books they sent me,so i think they would have got laugh out of c
  14. three are cards one is loan but the letters ive had are for one card and the loan it just dos,nt make any sense to me
  15. Hi Zazen i have four accounts with them do i put all account numbers on and do i need to sent more than one pound,im not with there bank any more but just to let you no my friends son pays it into there bank with there paying in banks which they sent me
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