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  1. Thank you both for replies . I am going through old paperworks re PPI but my wife shreds most old stuff where I did take out insurance so all I have is co names and account no's on a few odd old bank statements that somehow missed shredding . It's a start but I guess they will prove difficult if that's all i've got . I also wonder if I should allow bank to force me back onto repayment mortgage in order to reduce my disposable income and therefore support a dmp ? I would rather pay for our home than interest to credit card co's etc who have already made a fortune out of me and continue to take over £500 per month which is still £250 less than min payments .
  2. Any ideas as to how we can clear c£30k of debt without having to :- a) sell our house as we have £35k positive equity but at 55 will never be able to buy again especially with our credit rating b) both come out of good pension schemes which are now closed to new employees and which we were relying on lump sum to pay off rest of mortgage at 65 as have had to drop down to interest only mortgage ( and bank is not happy about that !) . i've been told that creditors won't accept a DMP as long as we have money in the house and are both paying into a pension . I've tried to offer creditors 100 % payback over 10 years if we will freeze interest/charges but they don't want to know and just keep referring me to CCCS etc .
  3. Thanks dx100uk . So basically my bank has given me duff info , and may allow payments they shouldn't ? I'll follow your advice and write to them . maybelline - money shop have told me they will date and cash cheques , charge £25 for each returned cheque , then try and take the cheque amount + charges from your bank account via debit card , and if unnsuccesful will try to do so again immediately after midnight each day - hoping that one day is payday and they can sweep out all your wages . My bank appears to be saying they may well pay them ! Dependent on what bank you are with you can cancel cheques (you should have a receipt for them) by cheque number often for free . But of course , if your bank is the same as mine you may not be out of the wood yet ! Looks like we both need to follow dx100uk advice.
  4. Been speaking to my bank re some issues I have with Money Shop ( aka CTP or cash till payday) & they told me some interesting things about payday loan companies generally . Key points are :- 1. They scan your card and record your 3 digits on the reverse when you sign up . 2. This means they can take payments in lieu of cheques , even including charges that you may be disputing with them , & sometimes even if you have changed card the bank will still honour the payments. 3. Even if you change cards (and therefore the three digits) they can try to take payments from data on the strip - and my bank says it does pay out on this ! 4. You can change bank accounts - but my bank says they are still obliged to pay out to registered financial institutions if you have given out your details , and effectively the payday loan co gets paid , so you then have your old bank chasing you for payment to them . 5. Payday loan companies can and do try to recoup debts by putting through a series of small payments as many banks will honour these even if it puts the customer overdrawn by a small amount 6. Payday loan companies record your payday - and try to recoup all the money on payday ! As I say , this was all gleaned from talking to my bank but it sounded true . I will soon find out about some of the points above but my advice is simple - avoid payday loans like the plague !
  5. Many thanks for your information. I have taken onboard what you have said although I still have a couple of queries. QUOTE "they have no right attempting to discipline you for your activities outside of work." - although it would be during normal working hours? In my information it says I must keep myself available at all times and attend meetings at short notice. I'm also on full pay whilst on suspension! Can they decide to take these few days out of my annual leave even though I'm suspended by them?
  6. I appreciate your quick response godpikachu. I am absolutely stressed out with what is going on at the moment and really could do with a break for several days at my mum's. She has offered to put me up although she lives abroad. Do you think I am: a) obliged to inform my employers that I am going away although they have not been in touch since the investigatory meeting a fortnight ago, and b) could they discipline me further if they realised that I had gone away without notifying them and that I was unable to attend a hearing for four to six days. Appreciate all help!!
  7. I am suspended from work whilst a disciplinary investigation is ongoing for allegations that I am hotly disputing. I have been told I must always be available to attend work but is it fair that I should be expected to stay at home ? After all , I think they are wrong , I want to be in work and they have sent me home and worse still got a temp in to do my job . Do I have to be at home all week or is it reasonable for me to go and see my mum for a few days ? They have said I will get written notice of the next stage . Advice much appreciated .
  8. My Gmac Fixed rate finishes next july . Anybody got any idea what is likely to happen then ? The paperwork says I'll go onto a high rate (Libor + 3%) unless I renew with a different deal or move my mortgage, but as I'm at 90% now and property values still dropping I'm unlikely to be able to transfer elsewhere .
  9. Thanks Majik . I was just surprised that the NHS lump all hols into one but apparently they can and do differentiate between bank hols which are deducted from holiday entitlement as they occur and personal accrued holiday which remains 'live'.
  10. Thanks for your response . That's a good point about her union rep too.
  11. My Partner works for the NHS and is off long-term sick on SSP yet they have both taken 7.5 hrs off her leave for the Whitsun bank holiday yet still paid her SSP . They say holiday pay is only payable if you are in work . Surely they either have to accrue the holiday in lieu or pay it ? What they have done is effectively reduced her remaining holiday entitlement by a day whilst continuing to pay SSP . It doesn't sound right to me . Surely if you are entitled to X days paid holiday per annum plus bank holidays (and the bank holiday days are on your holiday chart) they can't deduct a day without paying holiday pay, but they say this doesn't apply to bank holidays which are different.
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