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  1. we moved into a new place in october last year, and spoke to the council about our bill, we mailed them saying we'd moved in, they asked for tenancy agreements so we sent it, and they sorted out our parking permits and then nothing. we waited for our info about payments and heard nothing until end of january, when they sent us a bill for £500. we've been waiting for them to sort it so even though it took a lot longer than we thought it would we are pleased they have finally sorted it, but as it was a bill for £500 which we dont have, i emailed them and said can they spread it in instalments ei
  2. Hello everyone, thanks for all the advice, i told him not to resign, and he went through with the disceplinery and suprise suprise the found him "guilty" and have dismissed him. The reasons they have given, without quoting the entire letter is basically there is "no reason" for the accuser to lie. there is no proof of anything, no measurements of the "stolen" medication and no eyewitness other than the word of the accuser and the word of my bro. but yep, they have dismissed him. they bamboozled him in the meeting by asking him "if C********* was in the room what would you have done" and he sai
  3. so heres an update. My brother is giving in a statement pointing out discrepancies and to see if they will let him resign so he doesnt get a gross misconduct mark on his head. We figured that this might be the only way as it appears they have made up thier minds already, especially as they were offering out his shifts that he was down to work after the date of the disceplinary, (whilst he was suspended but before the disceplinary was set, if that makes any sense) thus assuming that he isnt ever coming back. also, a fellow employee of his who had been on the same suspension at the same tim
  4. The accuser claims he inhaled the inhaler, and accused says he did inhale an inhaler, but it was his own, of which he has produced prescriptions for and had other members of staff vouch for in statements (of which we have copies sent to us in the package) that they have seen him using it and carrying it at work. he has worked for the place for three years, the accuser for 12 weeks. Sorry for all the A/B stuff, i worry someone might recognise the issue and say something at his work. they sent a big package of stuff to us by reg post and it has all the interviews with the staff and the accu
  5. I am starting this on behalf of my brother, who i'll refer to as A for ease and the witness as B. He has worked for a company for the last 3 years with no history of problems. last month he was accused of stealing medication at work by a colleague who claims to have seen him use an asthma inhaler from a medical cabinet. He is an asthmatic and carrys and inhaler on him at all times, as is he a type one diabetic and carries a novopen and insulin kit at all times. i have been given all the paperwork regarding his hearing so i will put their points as concisely as possible. The employee
  6. i mailed them on friday. no response as yet to email.
  7. yep they have taken money, and then carried on after i had to cancel the direct debit because the customer services wouldnt help me which is why they have now passed it onto a collection agent. there was never any activation, no phone number, and the bills they have sent show no usage. and they still also left nearly a three month gap before they started billing for it. i still dont really know what the best thing to send them is. ive had about 6 calls from the dca today already. thanks
  8. within 28 days though...... i ordered and was informed about the non delivery and re-order status in august, after i'd ordered in june, this is the mail they sent me. the order was made online. i then mailed back "patrice" to say i wouldnt be ordering again and i didnt understand how i would order again as they had my details but they never got back to me. they then waited until october to send the first bill through for the month of septmeber, which surely if they believed they were in rights to bill me it would have started in june or july from when i first ordered it? Hi Claire I
  9. is there any sort of draft or base letter i can use for this at all? thankyou for your help so far.
  10. see i do have proof in that they emailed me saying it was returned and i would have to reorder the sim. if i print that off will it count? thanks
  11. right. last year i ordered a sim card from vodafone, one of the no contract, pay £19.99 a month ones they were doing, which had to be paid for with a debit card so my mum lent me hers. i waited for ages and it never arrived, so i emailed them and they informed me that it had been returned to them undelivered and if i wished to take it up again i would have to re-order it. it took me ages to get any contact with them and as id become disheartened i sent them a mail to say that as i had been messed around i wouldnt be interested and asked what would happen to the details they had to which they n
  12. i have taken charge of trying to sort out my 21 yr old brothers debts as he is in a total state and is making himself ill over the issues. i have been given all the correspondence and i need some advice on where to start with this. basically i need a letter i can send to each making an initial offer he can afford, not the massive amounts they demand he pays. he took on 100% mortgage at the age of 19 and is worried sick about repossession and going under and is in no way trying to get out of any of the debts, i just need to know what i can do to get him a fair payment on each so he can still p
  13. Yes it was, but the V5 is long gone as the car was sold almost a year ago... I think we'll go with writing to them, stating that the person is not known at said address. Thanks for the reply. Has anyone got some kind of template letter to send at all..? Thanks!
  14. hello, this might need to be moved to the DCA forum, but i wasn't sure. anyway, basically my boyfriend has received a letter from midas legal services regarding a sorn fine. the thing is, the SORN was declared, but obviously the dvla have done thier usual forgetting thing. he has no issue with paying the dvla, but i dont understand how its been passed onto midas legal without there being any warnings or prior notices. what happens with this, do midas/moorcroft have a right to collect this? also, the name on the letter is wrong, they have a mispelt surname for him. whats the best way to de
  15. i have found a letter from two or so weeks ago saying they are working for "ge finace" and "cl credit" so they have sort of said who they are working for except its a jargon letter that makes not much sense about assignments of account between what looks like three companies. im not even sure who the initial creditor would be... i know he owes on a halfords store card and also has things on hp so it could be that, is the initial letter still the right one to send as i will send it tomorrow if so. thanks everyone, your all awesome.
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