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  1. Hi I’ve got the SAR request back and have now had a chance to start looking at it – there must be getting on for 100 pages altogether! The main sections seem to be Screen shots Application details Customer information Comms Log Transaction Details Archived Comment Records Copies of correspondence The transaction details start in late 1999 and run up to ‘Charge off adjustment’ in April 2008. Could you help me with a couple of questions please: I can see late charges, the first one for £15 in Feb 2000, but I can’t see any reference to PPI, is the
  2. Only was paying them after 3 ignored calls from them each month, so won't be doing that this month. I'll get SAR off on Monday Thanks again
  3. Many Thanks dx and Stigman. I have statements but only from 2005 to default in 2008. No PPI but late fees of £25 in 2005. Will write to Link telling them where to go and SAR MBNA then do some reading on reclaiming - does it matter if they are more than 6 years ago? Thanks again.
  4. I’ve just been reading this recent post on an MBNA CCA which got me looking at mine so I was hoping to get some advice. Summary: defaulted MBNA CC in about 2008, account passed on to Link Financial in 2009. Paid via a DMP until July 2013, since then paying Link directly, but it’s not on my credit file any more. Did a CCA request and got back the attached which I thought looked legit so carried on paying them. A couple of observations: The Credit Card Agreement on p7 has my present address (which I’ve blanked out), not the address when I took
  5. Thanks for the quick reply dx. Never did SAR HFC, I kept a close watch on the loan and never saw anything added on. I can't remember the card it paid off though, and don't seem to have kept records of it. But my signature is nowhere on the recon CCA though
  6. Well finally Moorgate have sent me a reconstituted CCA relating to the HFC loan. (Summary: 2004 loan to pay off a CC, defaulted in about 2007, no longer on credit file, but paying via a DMP until July 2013.) Would someone kindly cast an eye over what they’ve sent so that I know whether I have to start paying them something? I have my own original (which I could scan as it’s more legible). They look identical, only differences I can see are: Dealer Code is a different number; Under “Comprising” the “Amount to discharge your existing indebtedness” is £0.00 on mine and “
  7. Thanks all for your replies and looking over the agreement – some of the text is unreadable, even on what Apex has sent me. I’ll send off a letter on Monday to say not complied with. By the way, I did receive a default notice back in 2008. Thanks
  8. Hi, thanks folks, dx: letter from Apex in November 2008 saying that they had bought the account. It used to show on Noddle as defaulted, but no longer. Is it worth finding out what other reference agencies have? stig: so I'm thinking my plan now is continue to ignore phone calls from Apex and if they write asking me to pay them, tell them they haven't fulfilled the CCA request yet because they didn't supply the T&Cs. Is that reasonable? Thanks again.
  9. Hi Stigman, I have the Terms & Conditions from when I originally opened the account, but I've uploaded everything that Apex has sent me now, except for a copy of a bank statement I provided Abbey with in 2006. Abbey originally sent me a Customer copy of the scanned agreement that I posted. That was very similar - it didn't have the signature section, but in the Right to Cancel box said where to write or telephone etc. Many Thanks
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. The last direct payment we made was in August 2007 but then had a DMP set up with Abacus. That ran from September 2007 until July 2013 which was when I sent out the CCA request, cancelled with Abacus and stopped payments awaiting a response. This account isn't on my Noddle credit report any more. Thanks
  11. Dear CAGers, In July last year (2013) I sent out a CCA request to Apex Credit Management and all I had back was a letter to say they would work on it. Then last week to my surprise (10 months later!) they sent a copy of the CCA. Now I’ve started to get a few calls a day from them (I haven’t answered any though). Would someone kindly cast an eye over what they’ve sent so that I know whether I have to start paying them something, or suggest any ideas? Many Thanks
  12. Quick update, Moorgate have at last sent a letter to say they can't send me the CCA as requested, because HFC hasn't supplied them with one! Arden meanwhile continue to try calling me and have just sent a letter to say they have appointed Resolvecall "to attend your property". Any thoughts whether I should ignore, or write to them again? Also, is there advice on what I should do/say if someone does visit? Many Thanks, J
  13. Many Thanks dx for your reassuring reply, I've gone with ignoring them. Managed to dig out my agreement and (sadly) its crossed No! Interestingly also came across an HFC letter from 2010 offering us a 65% discount for a one off settlement back then! Thanks again
  14. Hi, I’m seeking some advice on dealing with Arden Credit Management. It relates to a loan from HFC bank which was in a DMP. After CAG advice last summer (not enough posts to insert a link to it) HFC Loan, started in September 2004 still with them £3,800 outstanding. I sent a CCA request to HFC in July 2013, but never heard anything back from them and consequently stopped paying them. At some point HSBC took over the account more directly, but apart from a few texts saying call this number, I heard nothing from them. Since then: October 2
  15. A quick update: Link has sent me a copy of my signed MBNA credit card application form from 1999. Thanks, J
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