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  1. I did a similar thing with a credit card I had - minimum payment being £148 a month - and have agreed £50 a month with them. Also someone at work has does a similar thing - monthly loan (unsecured) is around £300 a month and they have agreed to £100 until the end of the year to help them out (Yorkshire Bank!!). I just rang them, they sent me an income and expenditure form - i filled it out and they agreed - dont know if credit cards are any different to loans etc....... When did you take the loan out? If it was pre April 2007 then you may have a chance of getting it written off
  2. I never put the dispute in writing as such - i just paid and got my bank statements but never actucaly did anything with them. Since then i have been paying off my overdraft after agreeing to close my account....what I am saying is I am in line with my payment plan of £50 a month, which was also agreed and extended to Aug this year just a few weeks ago (month i would suggest). They have since this arrangement, and after taking monthly payments sold my debt without telling me??? I have looked at that letter - but am unsure what i can put in regards the dates of dispute as it was
  3. Wife has just rang me to tell me I have a Yorkshire Bank statement at home showing I have been paying £50 a month off my overdraft - and have not been missing these payments. I also have a letter from an agency saying they have bought the debt off Yorkshire Bank (I closed my account after a dispute over bank charges - which has never been taken any further by me), saying that I should not contact the Yorkshire Bank, and that I need to phone them and arrange a 'payment plan' with them - the amount they want in total off me is £100 more than the current balance I owe the Yorkshire Bank.....
  4. Only Yorkshire Bank have got back to me - 1 with the cca i asked for - see link in 1st post, and a letter saying i didnt need to send a pound for my cca and sent me it back. All others have not been in touch, going to leave it until Tuesday next week -see if anything comes from Easter post. If nothing, what would you suggest my next steps are please? Many thanks in advance. Response 9 is the letter i need - thanks!
  5. Will do, plenty of reading to be done there. I meant (eh?) to your bit about the hearing...not about unenforcebilty. What would people suggest be my next letter to Yorkshire Bank then based upon the attached scanned letters please? Many thanks in advance once again.
  6. Eh? Don't understand that bit - sorry mate... What would you suggest my next step is with the account? Many thanks
  7. Have you managed to have a look yet please Paul. Cheers.
  8. Morning guys - sorry about yesterday and the confusion. Summing up, what I meant to say and much has already been answered... 1) Cratel - compnay - thumbs up, thumbs down? 2) Is what they are doing dodgy - or just making a boat load of money out of a loophole in the law. 3) This site is great, I decided to take the forums advice and start doing myself (meaning doing what Cratel are doing (not for money - not for anyone - for me - thats what I meant) 4) The pm thing was a dumb move - i meant could anyone look at http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/1933
  9. Just off to work (2nd job) i think there has been a little bit of miss communication - mainly on my point. What I meant was pm the links - but I will leave the link on here....sorry about that.
  10. Sorry - no i meant i am starting to do what Cartel does with the help of these forum users - no i dont mean i help people and charge them....sorry - bad english! So all in all, they are a ledgit company that are taking advantage of getting people their money back etc....They do nothing wrong apart from charge huge commissions..... If that's the case I will just wave my settlements etc in my mates faces after they have paid their final fees. Thanks yourbank - you mind me pm'ing you with my claims links please for a nosey at them.... Again - thank you.
  11. Ooooooo fast response there - is the reason not to touch them because of their fees or becuase they dont do what they say they are going to. The people at work say that once their debt is written off then they pay cartel 30% of the debt - so if they had a 10k balance, they pay cartel 3k - is this right? And if so, why would paying 3k instead of 10k be a bad thing? Sorry if I sound daft -- but reading these forums - i have started doing the same thing as Cartel as myself, and hope I get my cards wiped etc... A worrying thing I have noticed on 'some' threads is that some peop
  12. The cartel group are advertising again to get people out of their credit cards, car finance etc.... Anyone had any dealings with this company? Couple of people at work are using them, and have been very happy with them at the moment - they dont promise the world, but advise they can do all the work for you and get your debt written off. All feedback welcome before I give them a ring.
  13. Does not seem to have anything on saying - please see overleaf - but to be fair - the copy I am reading is 100% as the one scanned and attached on here. It seems they have had the CCA sent by fax to wherever sent it out, and as such it looks poo. Something I have noticed, and had not noticed before is original t&c's 1 to 6 seem to be missing...not sure if this has any effect on anything. Cheers
  14. Have updated inital post with link to my Yorkshire Bank CC response. creditcardmug - my other cc is with Abby, and I applied online (dont know if this makes any diff). And is maybe 2 years old? Not 100% sure.
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