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  1. Hello again...do I need to send a payment with my CCA request to the DCA?
  2. great thanks, where would I find such a form to request? :grin:
  3. I can't be certain, how could I find this information out? Shall I call them?
  4. Hi All, I really need some advise....Owe £1500 on a Natwest credit card around year 2000. I defaulted and didn't pay. This was eventually passed onto a debt collection agency and I agreed a plan and payed them until my direct debits stopped and I never heard from them for years! All of a sudden, I recieved a letter saying I owe £2000!! I really don't know what to do, could someone please advise me on what to do? Shall I write to them, call them etc? Thanks all in advance.
  5. Thanks how can I determine if unfair charges have been made against me?
  6. Hello All, To cut a long storey short, I took out a loan for £10k over 6 years ago. I kept upto date with all payments as this was a secured loan on my property. I defaulted on payments halfway through and buried my head in the sand (due to losing my job) I didnt pay for around 12 months and it got quite serious where they applied to court for a reposession order. I have been paying on time every month now and it comes out of my account via DD. Okay..my issue is that I have paid the original debt back and now they are saying I have to pay another c£2.5k back which is interest!! I rea
  7. thats a great idea, how do I go about asking them? Shall I ask them for a statement?
  8. Hi there, need some help/advise please... I owe 3k on a Lloyds TSB Credit Card and for one reason or another I havn't paid it The collectors have finally traced me by sending a letter to my parents therefore I contacted them. They now want me to pay the debt back which I will and have asked for a financial statement of my income/expenditure to prove how much I can pay each month. I can only afford £30 per month which wont break the bank. Can anyone advise me on how to deliver this proposal to the collectors and what rights I have etc. Can they ask for the whole amount or else? Really worr
  9. Well I have my case in 2 weeks against HFO! Any advice or help people would be appreciated, really nervous about it...
  10. got my court date for November 11th !!!!! Really scared now!!! Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated - thanks!!
  11. Hi Guys, in a nutshell, I had tax returns mounting up as I was out of the country, the revenue sent me a County Court Summons to retrieve the debt. I filed my defense and submitted all the returns and paid the money I owed in full. My accountant confirmed I have a zero balance. Today I received a letter from the Northampton Court Bulk Centre and this is how it reads - BEFORE DEPUTY DISTRICT JUDGE XXXXX SITTING AT NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT ON 13/08/08 UPON READING THE PAPERS WITHOUT HEARING IT IS ORDERED THAT :- THE APPLICATION TO LIFT THE STAY BE GRANTED NOTE: A PARTY AFFE
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