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  1. Hi Sam, Thanks for your reply. I'd never thought of it that way around before and your right just because they I havent received it doesnt mean they havent sent it. I knew it was coming up but I presumed it was the end of March as I hadnt received a reminder yet. Do you reckon I can apply on compassionate grounds? Thanks Ale
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any advice. Basically I live in an area where its residential parking 24/7 365 days a year. Normally the council send me reminder a month or so before it expires and I cough up £50 and get to park anywhere within 1/4 a mile of my house (but never in front ). On Friday morning I went to get in my car and found I'd been given a PCN for being "parked in a residents or shared use parking place or zone displaying an invalid permit, an invalid voucher or an invalid pay and display ticket". I double checked my permit and it had run out at the end
  3. Hi guys me again. My grandad received the message attached message from RW. They are saying that its not time barred under the limitation act as he made a payment in novemeber 08. Which he did but there had been a period of over 7 years between when he last made a payment in 2001 and when he agreed to start paying them £55 a month. Also the letter had the correct reference number on but now says its for Barclays instead of capital one Do you think they are just trying it on? Thanks Alex
  4. MrMT & cerberusalert Thank you and thank you I'll let you know what they say. Regards Alex
  5. Hi pmhcfc, Thanks for your quick reply. He said that he last paid it in the new year(2001) and since then any time he received any letters from and debt agency he just threw them away. So if its barred, does that mean he can get the money back that he has already paid RW? Many thanks Alex
  6. Hi All, I've read so much and I'm even more confused than what I was to begin with. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Situation - Just before Christmas I found out that my granddad was paying Robinson Way for a Captial One credit card that he took out back in 2000. I didnt know anything about his financial situation and it looks like neither do my parents. I offered to help him out. He explained that he took it out when he was skint and used it for a few months to stay afloat. Anyway to cut a long story short, he never got back on his feet, couldnt pay the card and
  7. Hi Guys, Hope you had a good xmas and new years. I thought I would just give you a little update, hopefully not jinxing myself. As of this morning I've not heard anything from vinci regarding this ticket and its been 2 months since I received it and over a month since they recieved my response. I was back a Newbury Park the other day and got there in plenty of time, so I had a really really good look around the car park and I found the 'Important Notice' sign. Its slightly bigger than a piece of A4 paper and was mounted on a sign a entrance, just were the speed bumps and posts
  8. Hi all, Many thanks again for all your help. I've now sent vinci a letter basically saying I was parked in a position authorised by an attendant and such that I was not causing an obstruction or hindrance to anyone and I want them to write to me confirming they have cancelled it. I didn't give them any more details than they needed. Thanks again to everyone for all your help:) al Lamma, I tried the land registry but they didn't hold any data on who owns it. Pin1onu, There have been no mention of transport act or railway byelaws (apart from "Railway b
  9. Hi Al17 and Steve__M, Your help and advice is much appreciated. I just spoke with Vinci again and asked if he could tell me what is on the "important notice" sign, he couldn't give me a straight answer and just said the by-laws and wanted my pcn number(which I didn't give him). I asked who's by-laws and he said London Underground. I asked which by-law and he said he couldn't tell me unless I gave him my pcn number. I asked are you sure its LU and not Network Rail he said yes. I explained to him that the attendant told me to park there and he asked if I was going to pay or appeal.
  10. Me again, I spoke to Transport for London(who spoke to the underground station) and they said that Vinci owned and managed the car park. So I called Vinci and they put me through to their London office who then said that London Underground own the car park and they only manage it for them. I ask what happens after the 28 days and they told me that they will pass it onto a debt collection company. If I contested then I would be given another 28 days to pay. hmmm. So is London Underground the same as Network Rail?? Thanks again Alex
  11. Hi Steve_M, The sign I posted is in multiply locations in the car park and I couldn't see any other signs. I'll get on the blower and try and find out who owns the land, any ideas who to call? Thanks Alex
  12. Hi Zamzara, Thanks for the quick reply. So just to clarify, if its the first possibility, I forget it until I hear from them then send them the standard 'need to deal with driver not owner/your acting illegal' letter and if its the second then...... do I need to do anything? If they come back at me what proof do I have that the attendant told me to park there a few months ago? How can I find out if its a PPC or issued on behalf of a public authority? Thanks again to all you guys n girls, your all stars alex
  13. Hi Crem, Yeah your right, sorry got back after a night shift and wasnt totally with it when I reposted it with a picture from the car park sign. I got the ticket on the 12th November which is 25 days ago. Thanks Alex
  14. Hi all, I've searched the forums and I cant find anything on this, so not sure if I'm being screwed or not. Here's the situation, Parked at Newbury Park Tube station today. Last time I was there it was full(as it was indeed today) the attendant just told me to park next to a lamp post that took up 2 bays, so I wasnt blocking any one in. I've done a little diagram to explain a bit better. _______________ |P |P |P |P |P |P | ------------------ ...........ME ------------------ |P |P |Lamp| P|P | ------------------ |P |P |P |P |P |P | ------------------ S
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