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  1. Hi I was interested to see your post.....mine is very similar to yours....please could you keep me informed if you get any responce from these sharks and i will do the same... thanks nell
  2. Hello After waiting 2 and a half years for a reply to asking for a copy of my original agreement i sent to transcon / arrow....the only correspondance i have had from them was a yearly statement of my acc....I have had a letter today!!!!!!....saying that they have completed a review of my acc and have decided to remove all the interest that was applied since arrow took over the debt.....( which was £98.00!!!!!...big of them...)....and my balance is still £17,112.46...and i need to contact some co called...wescot credit services....i still had not had any copies of my original agreement or a
  3. Thank you for the advice....some one here ALWAYS makes me feel calmer with one of their replies.....is really good to talk this crap over with somebody who does'nt make you feel as if this is all your fault... thanks guys...XXX
  4. Hi.....Can anyone give me any advice My husband has been asked if he would be interested in re-locating with his work later next year....we do'nt know where yet....but could be maybe france or the states....he is concerned that we woul'dnt be able to leave the country because of this debt hanging over us!!!!....has anyone any ideas regarding the situation thanks...Nell
  5. Thank you twofoot......seems like a good plan to me.....like you say....i do'nt really have anything to go on yet....they hav'nt started harrasing me YET!!!!.....but am sure they will soon.....what joy....ca'nt wait....(not) will let you know when it all kicks off thanks agian.. Nell
  6. Hi Guys I have had what is supposed to be an annual statement from Arrow...from october 2008 to sept 2009 with interest being added monthly ranging from £200 in october to £98.89 in april this year! 1.as i asked for a copy of the agreement in nov 2007 and did'nt receive anything until this statement yrs later.......how can they add all this interest?.....it states thatthe interest added was at 7.00% 2.can anyone please advice me on how to get a copy of the original statement ....should i try paragon again.....send Arrow a subject access request please please any advice will be ve
  7. Hi Guys regarding paragon and arrow.......should i send paragon a letter asking for at least a letter of assignment like you said 42man....they should have at least some data on me there...also should i send SAR to arrow now to try and get the credit agreement of them? they state in their letter that they are aware that i am waiting for a copy of the agreement.....does the 40 days still apply to them and when did it starat as i originally asked them for it 2yrs ago....but the letter i had from them last week stated that "due to the law propery act of 1925 i am still indebted to them
  8. can you tell me if the legal quote from Arrow is true or just a bluff to frighten me?... and to note that arrow global is entitled to process the data and does so in a lawful manner....i am indebted to the company and appropriate notice has been given to me....pursuant to the law property act 1925...and the data is processed as a consequence of the above for lawful purposses..
  9. Hi Guys..... I have had a reply from Paragon today regarding the letter i sent last week requesting the SAR.....THEY SAY AGAIN!! "As you know yur loan was sold to Arrow Global in 2007 and they were provided with the credit agreement and all documentation regarding the account....and are therefore unable to comply with my request for a SAR as they are no longer in possesion of the documents......and request that we get in contact with Arrow" they also returned the postal order that i sent to them.....only this time they did'nt return the letter i sent......(last time they did......i
  10. Thank you Guys......All done and ready to be posted tonight
  11. Have written the letter and is readt to be posted as I type this Thank you all for your help....will keep you posted on the outcome please do'nt go away....think i will need a LOT of your advice in the near future.... Nell x
  12. Sorry guys.....just seen SH reply.....will write to them today thanks....
  13. paragon also sent the SAR and the postal order back to me in the letter today.....should i resend with a covering letter?...while waiting for the 40days.....
  14. Hi Guys.....Help needed please I sent the SAR letter to Paragon and have had a reply today saying that they sold the debt to "arrow global ltd" in nov 2007 and could i send all correspondance to them from now on.... what do i do now?.....go to arrow for the info or keep on to paragon?.....altough paragon has sold the debt surely they would have all the info still on their files!!!!.... have required more info on them since last wrote the original loan was for 15,000 when we went with payplan the outstanding balance was 13.430....after paying paragon 10,100 during that period my c
  15. Right guys....I have printed the letters both waiting to be posted....thank you all for your help one thing though....when and if i get any replies...do i post my questions in this thread or is it best if i start a new one?... regards Nell
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