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  1. I've received a letter of claim from Bryan Carter instructed by Fredrickson on behalf of Lowell regarding a 3 mobile account, amount £172.48, I've checked my credit file and Lowell have listed this on there yet I have no recollection of that amount being owed to 3 (I do believe I possibly do owe them but around the £40 mark) what do I do now? Thanks in advance.
  2. At the time these cards seemed a good idea however myself and my husband have got in a pickle with them, we pay the minimum every month (around £125 per card) and the balance hardly moves, we're stuck between a rock and a hard place, our scores are improving but not fast enough to get any sort of loan to pay off yet this vanquis situation is leaving such a dark cloud over our heads and with two children £250 per month could be spent elsewhere, has anyone any thoughts on what we can do? I've googled but noone seems to have anything good to say about them just that they hound and harrass and con
  3. I received a letter from Quoteline Direct 2 weeks ago claiming I owe £96 from a previous insurance policy, they then offered me a reduced amount. My issue is my house insurance is in my husbands name, not mine and hasn't been in my name for 3/4 years now, I couldn't even tell you who insurance was with when it was in my name but I do know it was cancelled to do a new policy in my husbands so I do not owe this money. I received another letter yesterday with a different amount owing and a lower reduced amount what do I do? I'm trying to build my credit rating and this co
  4. Morning everyone, Just received my post and I've had a letter from DWP about an old social fund loan I have with them, I know I have this and it needs paying back, that's not the issue, I'm willing to pay them monthly when DH gets paid however they want almost £20 per week and we just can't afford this, do we have to pay them back at that amount or could we pay them less? I'm disabled so can't work so DH is the only income we have for now until my illness stabilises and then I'll be wanting (needing haha!) to find a part time job. How do we go about telling them that they are expecting to
  5. Yes from when I was on income support but I pay that back already monthly
  6. So this morning I've received the above questionaire along with a letter from Jobcentre about it and then seperately I've received a letter telling me they'll be taking X amount out of my ESA per week to pay back my loan, this would be all well and good except I don't receive ESA, don't get any money from them and the claim was closed before it even begun (husband started work the day before the switch from Income Support to ESA was going to happen) has this happened to anyone else? What should I do? They refused to pay the back to work grant even though we were entitled due to this switch tha
  7. The text they sent said they are 'dealing with' the debt so not sure who 'owns' it, yes £356 is all charges Edit to add - no not checked credit files yet, going to sign up tonight to see whats on there. x
  8. My husband has an old account with Halifax, it started off as a current account with an overdraft of £100, they then started adding charge after charge onto the account, my husband asked them to put a hold on the account due to unemployment but they were awful about it and we had no choice but to open another account for our benefits. This all happened in October-ish 2008 and apart from the odd letter we've had no contact, the account now stands at £456 What needs to be done first? My husband has buried his head in the sand and has now said he is willing to pay Halifax the £100 he feels he
  9. I have received a letter this morning from HRMC stating they need my help to check I have paid the correct amount of tax and to bring my tax records up to date. It is asking for my P60's ending April 2009 and 2010 from 'A Company' now I was offered a job in August 2008 working for this company but unfortunately due to insurance reasons (I have a criminal record and their insurance wouldn't cover me ) it never commenced so we (myself and wife) remained on Income Support and I started to receive Carers Allowance in 2009 due to my wife being disabled. I'm stumped, what do I do? Obviousl
  10. I am a strict bury the head in the sand kind of girl but I've decided enough is enough and I need to get it sorted, my two options are token payments or bankruptcy, reason been I am disabled and on benefits for now. I don't even know the exact figure I owe, I'm guessing around £20,000 between 2 banks, Egg, mobile phones, think thats all my creditors. I also owe rent arrears and water. I'm looking at doing a SOA just to see whats what and to possibly send to creditors, do I include my DLA and husbands carers in this? Also it asks for figures for food shopping, do I put a smaller
  11. That is brilliant, thank you very much, I will adapt it and send it this week and reply back when/if they do.
  12. The breakdowns on the sheet are 23/11/2009 Write Off Manual £509.05Credit £0.00Balance 28/5/2008 Termination £449.05Debit £509.05Balance 27/5/2008 Periodic £30.00Debit £509.05Balance 27/4/2008 Periodic £30.00Debit £60.00Balance 27/3/2008 Periodic £30.00Debit £30.00Balance 13/3/2008 Physical Payment £30.97Credit £0.00Balance 28/2/2008 Periodic £30.97Debit £30.97Balance Thats it, there's no charges for none payment or anything It could well be an old account of mine but I can't be 100% on the top it says 'Account 100******* - My Name for Customer 100******' the accou
  13. So do I not need to send anything back? Do I now just ignore it?
  14. I posted before after Bryan Carter wrote to explain I'd be taken to court etc and got some wonderful advice and sent off the relevant letter, I then got a letter back saying they'd referred it to their clients and would be in touch, this morning I have received the following letter - We refer to your recent letter or telephone conversation with the office. Please find enclosed account documents, provided by our client, as requested. We hope that this clarifies matters and look forward to hearing from you with your proposals for the discharge of this account. Now the 'docume
  15. Sometimes a threat of small claims courts works, good luck.
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