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  1. Hi guys, happy new year to you all! I hope someone could give some advice/their point of view on a situation that has arisen with a previous employer and staff member of my previous employer. Around July last year I started working for a new employer, following on with a career path in IT repair which I had worked in for three years previous. I successfully passed my probationary period of three months and subsequently was given a full-time contract. After reading through the contract, it became apparent that my job title was incorrect or was not for the position I applied for. So I had a
  2. Not that I'm aware of, although I don't know of any employees who left whilst still being in contract
  3. I hate bailiffs is correct - they are not able to levy if you do not have a car and can't do what is know as a "doormat levy" (ie levy goods such as a dustbin.) Make sure in the meantime that all your valuables are locked away, out of sight inside your house and keep all doors and windows locked shut when you are not home. Bailiffs can gain entry through an open window or door legally. What you need to do is gain the following information from the council, as DX100UK stated above. What you need to understand is the amount that was passed from the council, the periods which these amounts a
  4. Sorry to keep bumping this thread but I have only just realized - they haven't supplied me with details of the "credit limit" neither in the Hire Agreement nor in a pre-contractual information form.... Please clarify if I am incorrect in saying this but if I request the credit limit information, could I then give them 14 days notice from the day they supply me this information, that I no longer wish to continue with the agreement? Also would they need to return me to a pre-contractual state, along with refunding any monies I have paid to them within 30 days once I have returned the handse
  5. It actually mentions: The following mobile phone handset is to be hired in accordance with clause 7.1(a) below (the "handset"): iPhone 5 32GB Black (On the "Orange Network/Tariff "orange_solo-25")> Section 7.1 is in relation to the provisioning of the product and states that during the hire period I get the use of one handset of my choice hired in accordance with this agreement and connection to the network (Orange) which will be held by ******* (my employer) with ******* being the ultimate account holder.
  6. It states that I am the hirer, not my employer nor Orange. It also states that that the agreement is between me and my employer
  7. Could someone please move this thread to the General Consumer Issues section as I think it would be better answered there (the question is more about the contract itself rather than the mobile phone?) Many thanks
  8. Please read my post again, I wasn't asking questions regarding the apparent data protection issue.....
  9. The contract itself states in huge bold letters at the head and on the front page "Hire Agreement Regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974" so it seems the terms they have bound me to are implicated in the CCA Orange flat out refuse to speak to me as they just say that the contract is in my employers name and that any enquiries need to go through them, my employer is stating they can't discuss the services which have used the data with Orange as it constitutes a breach of data protection laws.
  10. Hi there peeps, I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the legal implications of a mobile phone contract I took out just over a year ago with my current employer. Back in February 2013, I was offered a mobile phone contract through work as part of an employee benefits scheme that they run from time to time. I agreed to a 24 month contract through them with Orange accompanied with a shiny new iPhone 5 at a cost of £40.65 to be deducted from my gross salary, on a monthly basis. I signed a contract to state that they could take the money direct
  11. Start date of the first AST was 25th September 2012 and was for a period of 6 months, the start date for the 12 month tenancy was 25th March 2013. LL gave notice by just informing me 5 weeks before the end of the 12 month tenancy, no S13 was given, was just told verbally. He basically said that when the new tenancy came into effect on 25th March that the monthly rent would then be increasing. Didn't inform me as to how much notice I was required to give officially (nothing in tenancy agreement to state it) should I wish to end the tenancy early, just that should I wish to end the tenancy
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