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  1. Now Bankrupt. OR telephone interview next week. They have asked me for my landlord's address as they have to notify them I am bankrupt. My friend didn't have to! SHould I just tell her before they write to her?
  2. Hi - me again! Just some more things before my hearing next week. I have a debt with all utilities - gas, elec and water. I am going to include these - but will they cut me off? Also, how quickly will my bank account be frozen as I have wages due in the four days after hearing? Thanks again. Sorry - also - will my name go in the paper?
  3. Hi guys - I have already posted but I think in the wrong section and I need some urgent help. I have had a warrant of execution issued against me but have a date booked for bankruptcy. The Court dealing with BR told me to contact the Court dealing with the WOE and let them know as they will stop action until hearing. Is this correct - don't want to call if it does nothing! Am really worried - please help. Thanks.
  4. Hi all. Thanks to you all for your continued support. I have had a warrant of execution issued and this will be enforced after this Thursday. I have a barnkruptcy hearing on 25th March to finally take the step I should have taken years ago. The Court told me to ring the Court involved and inform them when the hearing is and they should hold off until then. Is this right? Can anyone help. Urgent advice appreicated. Thanks.
  5. HI there. I will make this as simple as possible. Worked for a large company as a driver. Applied within the same firm to change jobs mainly for health reasons. Got the job! I had 10 days holiday pay owing from driving at £*** per hour. I had this holiday booked in March (when I started the new job) but cancelled it for ease for the Company. I was told initially that I would be paid off - 39 hours x10 days - 2 weeks. Fine. I was then told that I would not be paid but would take it as holiday. Was told to take 10 days. Was then told that as I work on a four day week now (same number of hours at much lower pay) that I should only have 8 days holiday. So I have lost a difference of £3 per hour roughly and am now losing holiday days too! Initially, I was happy just to take the holiday but now I have asked to be paid up from my driving time. I have been told that my rates change with my job but surely the holiday I earned at a higher rate can't be taken away from me? I have a new contract for this present job so surely should have been paid off at drivers rates and not messed around like this for nearly 3 months. Have now asked for a meeting with me, manager and union rep but wonder if anyone knows the legal position on this? Thanks. As I say, urgent due to impending meeting.
  6. hI - I have a bill outstanding with Sky. I have phoned them twice now to arrange a payment plan, this seems to be ok but they will not unblock my home phone until full amount is paid, this is going to take about 12 weeks! I explained that I have an asthmatic daughter and need the phone - tough! i do not even pay line rental to bT my other half does. He is furious. I have tried also to given notice on sKYTALK but apparently I can't do this either until full balance cleared. Can they block my phone like this when I need it?
  7. Hi there. I have received an underpayment for 2006/2007. The TCO say that they cannot adjust the figures as I did not notify them and a final award notice was sent to me in February 2008. I believe that I did tell them and they have confirmed that the final notice was based on an estimate only. I have asked them to retrace correspondence and telephone calls. However, during that period I was made homeless and was busy rehousing myself and my girls. It may well be I overlooked the figure. However, it is out by over £3,000 and an underpayment would be significant. Does anyone know if it IS possible to recover after a final award notice?
  8. Hi - I had a mortgage with GE money - but they were horrendous. I couldn't afford the repayments and the house got repossessed. I am just pursuing them now for various charges. Borrowed £155,000 and repaid £192,000! Over 4 years - they had a hell of a lot of charges out of me.
  9. Hi everyone. I wrote to Fresh Finance stating that I could have obtained a loan from FLM myself if I had wanted a Guarantor Loan. I told them that I had tried to speak with them over the telephone and that they were so rude - it was a disgrace. Have had a letter confirming that the £49 less the £5 which they are allowed to keep will be refunded to me. I am now ringing them with my card details! Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi - Foolishly applied for a loan with these people and paid the £49 charge. Then got a loan offer from someone called FLM who were charging over 50% interest and wanted a Guarantor. I could have done this myself as I did not want a Guarantor! Called Fresh Finance who are refusing to refund the charge as they are an introducer and have introduced me! I told them that it does not mention a Guarantor anywhere but they were just rude and told me I couldn't have my money back. Am going to ring back to speak to the Supervisor. Any advice? Moderator's Note: Please note that this thread relates to Fresh Finance Online, which has no relation to Fresh Finance Group, who are mortgage brokers.
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