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  1. Ok, so they have replied saying that they don't have the information on file, but they have requested it from the original lender and aim to respond within 40 days, but I dont have that long do I?
  2. Ok so I sent a CCA request on 18th October but they haven't signed for it. The issue date on the claim form is 14th October, so do I have + 5 days for the day of service (19th October) and another 14 days after that to request more time? So by tomorrow? Thank you
  3. So now I have the account number shall I send another CCA request? Thanks
  4. Thanks The Claimant is Cabot Financial Date of issue 14th October 2014 Particulars of Claim: The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the Defendant(s) and Fashion World dated on or about 12/03/2008 and assigned to the Claimant on 27/01/2011 in the sum of 489.82 Particulars a/c no - J39XXXX Date 19/09/2014 Default Balance 489.82 Total:- 489.62 I probably did received a default notice from Fashion World, I was aware it had been sold to Cabot and they probably have sent me letters. I dont open them very silly I know. The account originally defaulted on 10th July 2009 so payments must have ceased before then. I did not attempt to enter a DMP, my partner had lost his job, I was suffering from depression and we just got into a mess There is no CCA I never signed one and I am pretty sure I have requested it before
  5. I have posted about this before in January asking how to get them to stop calling me and wrote them a letter. They still call the house phone but I never answer. Today I have received a County Court form from them, its from a Fashion World account from 2008, they don't have a signed credit agreement I 100% didnt sign it and I am sure I have sent a CCA request in 2011 but I can't find the letter now. What is my next step please?
  6. I think I printed it from MSE but will use this one this time. Thanks very much
  7. Around 18 months ago I printed the letter to claim back bank charges. The amount was around £600 but now would be around £750. I didn't receive any money back but they cancelled the next months charges that were due to come out. This was around £95. Now thinking about it and with another £55 to come out on 26th August I feel like I let it go and should have pushed for more. Is it too late now or can I re-open the claim? TIA
  8. Hi all, Just looking for some advice for my brother. He has worked a his place of employment for around 2 years, full time contract. His contract states that Bank Holidays are paid, but taken from his allowance. He had last tuesday off as he fell ill with a sickness bug over the bank holiday and now his employer is saying that he wont be paid for the monday either. It doesn't say anywhere in his contract that bank holidays will not be paid if extra days are taken during the same week or anything like that. Just wondering where he stands on this. TIA
  9. He just forgot to pay it, moved house didnt update details. He was out of contract when they cut him off. He'd had the contract for about 2 years all together. Got made redundant couldn't pay the bill and they cut him off. He moved house about a month later and just forgot about it. No dispute or cancellation with o2. Thank for you help I have read other threads but I was a bit confused because all had different circumstances. On what grounds could he defend all?
  10. Sorry its Lowells This claim is for £170.69 the amount due under an agreement between the original creditor and the defendant to provide finance and / or services / or goods. The debt was assigned to/purchased by Lowell portfolio l ltd on 31/01/2012 and notice served pursuant to the law of property act 1925 Particulars Re: O2 (UK) LTD AC no 100xxxxx And the claimant claims 170.69 The claimant also claims interest pursuant to S69 County Court Act 1984 from 31/01/2012 to date at 8% per annum amounting to £24.09 Its signed by Byan Carter
  11. My brother has been issued a claim form from Northampton County Court for an o2 contract that he had. He got made redundant in 2011 and couldn't afford to pay it. Shortly afterwards he had to move house and stupidly didnt update any details. He has received this claim form dated 7th November. Does this mean that he is going to get a CCJ now no matter what or will he be able to settle out of court? I have no idea how these things work. TIA
  12. These are the only T&C's I can find, I applied online. I can't see anything that I could use: https://css2.open.ac.uk/ousbaonline/shared/termsandconditions.aspx
  13. I will have to dig out the agreement and see what it says, I didnt think of that!
  14. I have been studying with the Open University for about 6 years now. I took out and OUSBA loan to cover module fees in January. I took the loan out on the understanding that I was eligible for transitional fee's. I withdrew from the module in march time because it just wasn't for me, on the phone the lady told me to just carry on paying OUSBA and register for my new module that starts in october and they will use my OUSBA credit to pay for it, so I wouldn't lose anything and my new module would be paid for. Now thay have decided that I am no longer eligible for transitional fees, they said I shouldnt have been anyway it was a mistake on their part and I must pay the outstanding OUSBA balance or they will take me to court and withhold my degree. If I want to add another module then I have to pay an extra £1827. I am furious, I would never have taken out the loan if I had known that I would not be entitled to transitional arrangements. Is there anything I can do? I really don't want to have to pay £735 for nothing. TIA
  15. They ring me about 4 times a day, its driving me nuts, I don't even know what its for as they aren't sending me letters. I think its for a Fashion World account from 2007-2008, but I dont have the account number or anything to send another CCA request. I have done it all before but they just wont let it go. 3 Is there anything I can do to stop them contacting me? Thanks in advance
  16. Thanks for that info, it was through the housing association so I presume they have already been paid. I told them I wasn't out to financially gain from it, just want it done properly without risking my warranty. I'll email them tomorrow and say that either they pay for repair through the manufacturer or I will take it to their insurers. Thanks again.
  17. Basically I saved up for months to be able to afford a new tumble dryer, it was delivered on 27th October. I had a contractor visit my home on 31st October to make a bolier repair and he stood or kneeled on it to reach the boiler and made a considerable dent in the top right on the front. It looks awful and I am gutted because it took me ages to save up for it. The contractors have accepted they were at fault. He didnt have a ladder so he must have stood on something. I received a phone call from the company on 1st November, the man was very rude, shouting at me down the phone calling me a liar and asking me what I expect him to do about it. I said I want it fixed through the manufacturer so that my warranty isn't at risk after all I had only had it for four days. He said he had already ordered a replacement top, but nothing had been agreed at this point so thats tough imo. After being ignored for a week I chased it up yesterday and they have said I have two options. The first is that I let the contractor fit the top while being supervised by a gas surveyor (what he has to do with it I dont know, I need a tumble dryer engineer) and the second the contractor supply the top and I pay for the manufacturer to fit it. I am really not happy with any of these options, but the stress is really starting to get to me now and I dont know whether it is worth pushing it any further and what my next step should be. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  18. Thank you so much will pass this info on to her
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