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  1. ok planning has been approved 'with conditions' waiting for official notificaton , but they still have the letter on the website, does anyone know a cheap libel lawyer who could help ? As it is written in the public domain and it is deformation of character and the council still wont remove it ,i need one on the cheap , i have already spoke to my local lawyer and he couldn't help as out of his domain
  2. thankyou for the quick response , the council are deciding this week so wait till then . the issue here is also the letter published by the council by my neighbours solictor which states that my wife assulted her which has nothing to do with the planning and we have the investgating police officer who would back my wife , there is nothing in that letter about planning applications at all and im amazed that it has been published in the public domain , its a deformation of character?? the council wont remve it, and its in the objection letters,
  3. hello i wonder if anyone can help me , i submitted a planning application for off street parking on my semi -detached house this was vigorously objected to by my next door neighbour (who has off street parking) .Things came to a head in june when my 4 year old son was knocked down crossing the road to get home with me after parking opposite my house.This happened on the friday and on the monday my wife was taking pictures of the outside of the house to submit more pictures to the council when , the lady neighbour said to my wife 'you will not get planning permission,' my wife explained that she must of heard my son was in hospital ,being a whisker from being killed at which point my wife was assulted and slapped her back. Bear with me , Police were called but as we are in the process of being Foster carers the police thought as the neighbour admitted to striking my wife first no action would be taken , end of matter .Then we recieve a letter from her solicitor threatening harrasment if we verbally contacted her again and put in print that their client was assulted by my wife. To my horror today i checked the planning decsision on the .gov website in the planning application objections is a copy of the letter the solicitors wrote to us!! stating the assault and our names and addresses!! Rang council not their problem its a part of their consideration for the application . What can i do my wife is in bits
  4. hi i was chased by a solicitor for rbs , and i just rang them and added that i will be adding it to the court bundle ,to which i got a very apologetic grovel from a manager there , i wouldn't worry about it
  5. the hedge funds were not to blame for HBOS it was heading for a fall long before they got involved , also this is real selling pressure as no one can short shares anymore in financial stocks , 97.2p now low today was 90p for RBS,all i can see on the horizon are super banks (BNP) (santander) and Bank of america) and HSBC who must think xmas has come early
  6. does this mean that it will be CAG vs GOVERNMENT in the courts if they take a stake in rbs ?? just a thought
  7. rumours of RBS in talks with government now .
  8. Thankyou Bankfodder , im firing this off now i have a court date in october i will update when/if i get an answer , thkyou
  9. ive just been reading the links at the bottom of the page and a tape recorder would seem to be inadmissible in a court of law, not to worry i will update this post as soon as i know the outcome and post my 'meeting' which will be off site from the bank by the way, i will update asap
  10. hello all ,has anyone been to a 'without prejudice' meeting with their bank lately ? iam involved in a court case , i just wondered what to expect , am i allowed to tape the meeting or just take notes ? am i allowed to have anyone with me ie a friend just for a bit of moral support or is it 1-1 , its not with their solicitor.?thankyou
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