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  1. Thanks CCM! Yes they do! Vexatious and unprofessional with it, not a good combination. Hopefully will get judgement against them!!! Here's hoping anyway. Regards Debs
  2. Hi Andy & All! Well here's said update...I sent the application for judgement against claimant and for some expenses & costs etc. Today I received a date for a hearing on 6th February!!! Kind regards Debs
  3. Ok will post up when I have a reply! Fingers crossed!!! Debs
  4. Yes that's great thanks Andy! Well I will prepare the request and post tomorrow, should I send copy to Cohen? If I am lucky enough to be awarded costs I will be donating half of it to the CAG, afterall if it wasn't for this site and your help wouldn't have reached this conclusion! Many thanks, Debs
  5. Hi Andy! Well I slept better thank you but will sleep even better tonight, have the strike out order in my hand hoorahhhh!! Yes that sounds a good idea, I can but try to get some costs back at least so thank you for that! I know this may sound daft but if they don't come back at me with this do I take it they have written it off? Thanks also blind-as-a-bat yes lets hope it is a trend for all concerned. Thier business conduct leaves a lot to be desired anyway. Kind regards even happier curiodeb!
  6. Hey that sounds like a great idea! Like you say when dust has settled may just do that! Kind regards Debs
  7. Thanks Martin! I am keeping my celebrations at bay until the order comes through and will post up when have it in my hand but in the meantime want to say a huge thank you to all who contributed to this post...in particular Andy...without your great support and excellent advice would not have reached this point without a nervous breakdown!! So my utmost gratitude to all Kind regards Debs x
  8. Hi Andy and alll! Well I phoned court first thing and as I had hoped they didn't cough up the money so a strike out order being sent out today I was told I should have a copy tomorrow! Don't know what will happen next but I was also told they could apply for a reinstatement later on but it would be unlikely based upon recent events so we shall see!! A very happy curiodebs!!!
  9. Hi Andy Will know more tomorrow morning so as soon as I am back home will be on to let you know...fingers crossed!! Regards Debs
  10. Cheers guys! Yes well, will be calling the court first thing on the morning of the 13th ! So here's hoping!! Regards Debs
  11. Hi Andy! Hope you are well? I still have not received the AQ copy yet but what has arrived today is a court order to the claimants to pay the court fees of £300 by 4pm on the 12th or the case will be struck out!! Kind regards Debs
  12. Thanks blind and CCM, good point! NOA was at the bottom of a CL letter I received when my account suddenly switched from GE. Regards Debs:)
  13. LOL! Yes i used to watch crown court as a child it must've scarred me hehe. Well yes is good to know is not so bad!! Yes I am eager to see AQ too, be back on when it arrives... many thanks again Andy, take care! Regards Debs
  14. Thanks Andy Will post up their AQ when i have the copy. Not relishing the hearing at all, feels intimidating at the moment as it is my first time inside a court and don't really know what to expect. Will take it as I find it though and go with the flow as it were lol! Regards debs
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