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  1. Guys, thanks for the posts. I feel a lot better now I had visions of court and everything over this one. Glad to hear things can be resolved in the way described.
  2. I looked it up, £35 final value fee. Not ideal of course but if he has to pay it I don't mind covering it. Be a reminder to not be so stupid in future.
  3. I see, didn't realise he could get his fees back. Hopefully he'll be happy with that and sell it to an under bidder or re-list. I don't mind paying the fee to him as well as a show of good will, only fair seeing as I let him down.
  4. I have sent him a message explaining the situation and offering to cover his fees and to pay for a new listing. Hopefully he will agree.
  5. Thanks for replying. I'm still wondering where I stand on this legally should the seller decide to persue it. Hopefully they will decide its better (and easier) to take the listing fee and relist. I guess nothing is guaranteed though.
  6. Hi, I recently won an auction for a vehicle on ebay. Unfortunately my finances are not what I thought they were and I don't have the money to pay. I am going to contact the seller and offer to reimburse their selling fees and the cost of a new listing as I feel quite bad. I am worried about whay happens if they refuse to accept this. Can I be forced to take the vehicle, even though I don't have the money? I read something somewhere about it being a legally binding contract to buy. I don't know if its relevant but a friend mentioned that as the owner used someone else's account to sell (without mentioning it on the listing) this might be negated? All advice appreciated, I'm quite worried about this. Thanks.
  7. Someone I know has had a "ticket" off WJ in the last month or so. I guess that means they are back in business.
  8. Hi, I took out vehicle insurance earlier this year through a comparison website. I paid a deposit installments but at no point signed any credit agreements or contracts. They posted me some stuff but I didn't respond in any way. After a few months I sold the vehicle which the policy covered and attempted to cancel the policy. I was informed I would have to pay a cancellation charge which was approx 1/3 of the total annual premium. I objected to this as : (a) it wasn't clearly stated when i took out the policy (buried in terms & conditions - alledgedly). (b)i thought the amount excessive - I would have agreed to a month's premium as good will but not this which I feel is punative. ©on a personal level I felt it unreasonable to charge for NOT doing something. Anyway, I cancelled the account that they wanted to take the charge out of and left them to it. I have since received letters and phone calls from a "debt recovery company" stating the usual things. I'd like some advice as to how to get rid of the debt recovery firm. I've read a few similar posts which refer to CCA requests (is that the right term?) but I'm thinking this refers to credit agreements which don't apply here? Can I ask them to prove that I owe them anything? Cheers.
  9. Hi all, as yet I have had no follow up letters from either the parking company or the debt collection company. I do have some news though. A friend has told me that they have heard that the parking company WP Parking have gone bankrupt. This is third hand news so I don't know how reliable it is but i'm told the it originated from a source at the council. If true this is good news I guess, although you guys had made me pretty confident this would eventually go away so its just a bonus really. Cheers.
  10. hi, don't know if anyone is still watching this thread but its time for an update. I have been written to by the parking company demanding £130. Being a bit busy with work and stuff I let the side down a bit and forgot to reply. I have since been contacted by a debt collection agency demanding I pay the £130 or they will take me to county court and my credit rating could be adversely affected. So, I decided to get my act together and I used two letters from the template letters thread. One to the parking company to say take it up with the driver and one to the debt agenct to say I've written to the principal to dispute the alleged debt, please take it up with them. It will be interesting to see what they have to say.
  11. I've got some pictures now but it won't let me post images. Is there any way to get my permissions changed?
  12. fraudulent.....really? could you explain why? I find it quite interesting so would be good to hear why. I will try to get a pic of the parking notice on here. I'll borrow a digital camera off a mate and get a pic of it. One thing I should add.....apparently the council have CCTV in the car park so they might well have proof my friend was the driver. But from the sound of what you guys are saying its not going to be necessary to rely on that.
  13. hi, struggling to get a decent pic of the ticket as its quite small and my phone camera is rubbish. In the meantime I'll type some in: In red at the top "Unauthroised persons must not remove or interfere with this ticket. Please read the notes on the rear of this parking ticket"" "Details of contravention against parking restrictions" Location of vehicle Date parking ticket issued Time parking ticket issued Date vehicle was seen in contravention Time vehicle was seen in contravention reason why ticket was issued vehicle registration make model & colour Signed & dated by the parking employee. The charge payable is £100 If this parking charge notice is paid within fourteen days the fee will be reduced to £70 After fourteen days the full amount is due and payable Details overleaf will tell you how to make payment On the back: VAT number In red: "Please keep part 1 for your reference" PAyment of parking charge notice If this charge notice is paid within fourteen days the fee will be reduced to the amount shown overleaf. After fourteen days the full amount is due and payable. Non payment of parking charge notice If payment is not recieved within fourteen days of the date this parking ticket was issued the fee will be passed to our recovery department who will apply to the DVLA for the registered keeper details. As a resultof this administration fees will be incurred. If payment is still not received then the debt will be pursued through the courts and additional administration fees and court costs will be incurred. Then there's some more stuff, pretty much repeating what they have already said and giving payment details. In answer to earlier questions, there is no mention of the local authority's name. Only the company WJ Parking of Exeter. There is also no mention of any legal statute. Hope that helps, let me know if you need any more. PS is there any way of forcing them to provide evidence that the parking permit was not displayed?
  14. No its not NCP. Guys I appreciate your help on this. I'll try to get a pic on here tonight so you can see the exact wording. From memory I'm pretty certain it said "Parking Charge Notice" and didn't refer to any legislation. I will post definite details this evening.
  15. From what I remember there is no mention of the council on the ticket. Nor does it say issued on behalf of the council. I will check the ticket this evening to make sure and post back with definite details. Thanks for being more specific. Sorry if I seem a little paranoid!
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