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  1. I have been in and out of hospital with pregnancy issues tbh as this I have had multiple miscarraiges in the past the medical teams have been looking after me and have been spending a lot of time there so just got missed. They have just agreed a payment of £51 per month and after a few months of paying on time they will reduce my debt I have the emails which I attach below "Hi xxxx, That sounds good to me. I am a man of my word if you keep your word I will keep my word and reduce your debt in a few months of good payment. If you could make a direct payment with your f
  2. Hi, I took out a loan for £300 from this company after using them on a regular basis and paying on time, however I fell into difficulties I contacted them and agreed that I would pay them £187.50 per month for 4 months to clear it ( we agreed on a date however I like a fool thought it was the following month) at the time I did not hear from either by email or mobile them as I am currently off work sick due to a very difficult pregnancy and they had my work details. I happened to log onto my work laptop at home and found an email from Alex saying I had defualted with my agreement and
  3. Hi I paid in two cheques into my current account yesterday 1 x £6.68 and 1 x £100 both from solicitors, I paid it in one of those quick deposit envelopes and it was approx 14.45 which was before the 15.30 cut off time This morning I have checked my account and only 1 of the cheques are showing (of course) the one for £100 is not showing, I called the branch and they advised wait for a couple of days to see if it appears I am concerned as they wre both in the same envelope with the account details and sort code £100 is a lot of money for me to lose right now does anyone know
  4. Hi Yesterday I paid in two cheques into my account one for £6.68 from a solicitors and one for £100,from a solicitors there was a massive queue at the counter and I didnt have my card with me to use the automated machines therefore i completed the paying in envelope with my details i.e my account number and sort code. This was paid in at approx 14.45pm so before the 3.30 cut off I have logged online this morning and can only see one cheque in my account and of course it is the £6.68 I have called Natwest and they have said they can only see one and that I will have to wait
  5. Hi I am hoping someone can help me I logged onto my online banking on Thursday to discover that there had been a number of transactions made over two days £10, £10, £30, £45 £10, £10, £45, £85 I queried this with the bank and was told this was done by a company called Capital Finance, I dont have an account with this company and dont have a loan etc etc. NAtwest said the payments were pending and therefore nothing they could do, I stopped my card with Natwest and they said as the card has been reported as stolen then Capital Finance should return it as yet nothing, Na
  6. Thanks for your reply, I am claimiming for £950 charges my balance is £600 they have closed it and said I now owe £897 I have not applied to the court not at that stage yet just sent my last ketter refusing their offer of £80 Hope this helps
  7. Hi, I have just recieved a letter this morning from Capital One saying I am now in default and therefore have closed my account I have been making at least £10 a month payment whilst reclaiming my charges back Can they do this as my claim for recharges has been ongoing for at least 4 weeks Capital One are fully aware of it they even made me an offer I rejected My balanace was £600 they have closed it and apparently it is now £897 ??? Can someone please help
  8. Hi, I have decided to request my credit card charges back from Capital One and have gone it alone. In total I have claimed for £950 I have sent my letter and to my suprise I recieved a response very quickly with an offer of £80 they have asked me to sign the forms and accept. Obviously £80 compared to £950 is a big diffrence Can anyone tell me I am best just signing it and accePting their offer or if I reject the offer what do I do next is there a letter template I can use Many Thanks for your help A-M
  9. Hi, Last month I applied for a payday loan with Capitalfinanceone I was approved for the first steps and was told that they would contact me if I passed the next steps. After 4 hours (when they advertise 1 hour) I recieved a text message and an email that stated I was successful for £75 and not the £150 that I had requested. Allthey needed me to do was sign an electronic document and return and they would deposit the funds. So I went about trying to sign this electronic documenet and the website was broken the link kept throwing up an error. I contacted them to say there was an
  10. Wow this is brilliant thank you so much for your help
  11. Hi I have been requesting my CCA from Halifax since September the cheque for a £1 has been cashed by them. I have sent my final letter within the last two weeks saying I have still not received a copy of my CCA that I had paid for and cheque cashed. Problem I have now is I have come home from work today to find a letter that states they have sold my debt onto a company called Apex and that I should now communicate with them. Can anyone tell me what to do next sorry if I sound a bit dopey.
  12. excellent that looks great- Can I ask why should I not sign it - oh just figured it out they will copy my signature and transfer it to a CCA
  13. Who would make the reduced offer would that be me or Halifax ? I havent accepted the £1550 they have just paid the money onto my acount I have so long to accept or reject So given my account is £7k it would robably be better for me to reject this and push for the CCA
  14. It was my Credit Card Account - Visa Classic
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