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  1. Sorry, one more thing - you say it will 'fall off' - does it just get taken off my credit rating? Does it get removed completely or hang in the background for credit agencies to see?
  2. Why do you ask if I deliberately waited until today to query the SB status? I recently had cause to set up a joint bank account with my father only to be turned down by my bank who I've been with for over 20 years (it's unspeakably ridiculous....) due to my credit rating. At which point I paid experian to get my report and lo and behold there's the default. Where do I find the Information Commissioner? The odd thing is I didn't receive letters from the DCAs for ages after we cancel the agreement (via letter to CEO of 3, who totally ignored it). I figure it's until August because they
  3. I recently discovered that the unscrupulous HFO services have posted a default notice on my credit report (it is dated august 2004) with regards to a 'debt' sold on from 3 mobile (I do not owe this money and it has been in dispute since December 2003). Throughout the years I have received various letters from various DCAs and written back to say that I do not acknowledge the debt, that I do not owe it and they should take me to court. Of course, no one has taken me up on the offer! But what I was wondering was, at what point does the debt become statute barred? My last payment to 3 was in
  4. I'm not sure if I should keep posting on my original thread or start a new one, so I've started a new one - moderators please let me know if this is right! I sent two letters to HFO, one disputing the debt to 3 (enclosing all previous letters to sent to all and sundry) and telling them to sue me and another one requesting the info suggested. I've subsequently received from them the letter from 3 confirming the sale of the debt to HFO and a copy of the bill in dispute. This morning, as I'm getting my kids ready for school HFO call again. I told them that I had written that I would not have
  5. could have done that, if I hadn't sent them a huge file of papers with a copy of my original letter dated december 2003. But expect that they won't even read those letters or pay much attention to the dates. As it is, in some ways (after the reading about the hell other people have gone through) I almost want them to take me to court - they won't win and it will have cost them more than the original 'debt'!
  6. sorry davethorp, typed that as you typed yours!
  7. OK, thanks. I think thats what Moorcroft did, and then passed it back to 3 who passed it to the threatening idiots at HFO. They have until Dec 2009 and then it reaches the statute 6 years. Maybe I can tie them in knots until then?!
  8. as an addendum - unfortunately I did get a letter from 3 stating that HFO were taking over the debt, I've just found it. Does this change anything with regards to me writing to HFO and getting them to provide me with a copy of the signed agreement?
  9. thank you!!! I'll do that tomorrow and send it registered again, it will arrive the day after they'll have received my small package of previously written letters... I'll let you know what transpires!
  10. thanks for this, it's really helpful. I"ve just been reading about other people having serious trouble with HFO.... seeing as I've just sent them a letter outlining the trouble I had with '3' does that not constitute an acceptance that I did have a contract with them? Can I still ask them to support their claim?
  11. I used to run a construction firm and decided, as 3 were offering such amazing deals, to get two for me and another director. BIG mistake in not getting these through the company, for some reason which escapes me I got them in my name. As a lot of people's experiences, ours was horrendous. After hours and hours on the phone trying to sort out the bad phone and bad service I wrote to Bob Fuller (this was in 2003) telling him why I was cancelling the agreement. I received no response. I then started to received letters from a debt collection agency. I wrote to them too telling them why I b
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