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  1. Typical DCA....lol not for life just 6 years.......lol
  2. As you wish to pay your debts, why not inform the DCA's of your hard times, and explain your situation to them,Im sure they will listen more sympathetically than this forum ever could, maybe they could explain to you how to defend your CCJ or SD claim, maybe they will also guide you through the whole debt and court process hand in hand, and offer more support than this forum. Maybe they wont lie to you, maybe they wont add charges, maybe they wont add interest, maybe they wont harrass you day and night, maybe they wont ccj you, maybe they wont send the bailiffs round, maybe they wont send threaten letters to your home. Maybe you might get a DCA who does not give a toss about your situation, and just wants your money and does not care how they get it or what they have to put you through to get it.
  3. County Court baliffs only call when requested by who ever got the CCJ, when a payment has been missed, and in my experience with them they always send you a letter first, to give you 7 days to contact them and sort something out, only when the letter is ignored do they call.
  4. I have many dealings with County Court Baliffs, and there is nothing to worry about, have a read of my link I did some time back, please dont worry about them, just remember THEY CANNOT FORCE ENTRY. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?231269-My-Experience-with-Court-Bailiffs&p=2562813&highlight=#post2562813
  5. My credit score is as black as a gorillas ping pongs, For years now I have used HSBC basic bank account,you get a cash card,paying in book, its everything you need,online banking etc, no debit card or OD facility. and I love the 02 cash manager visa card. this is perfect for me as I NEVER want any form of credit again.
  6. could not agree more with whats been said, I have been at the bottom with a shovel, then I found CAG and it just got better, this is a hand in hand, all the way forum, any letters or help then this place is a gold mine, CAG will lead you to the light. DCA are bottom feeders, and their tool of choice is fear, when you overcome the fear and use the law then the whole table of power shifts to you. You will soon see the whole thing change from fear,stress and worry to a simple chess game,they make a move ,you counteract and block it, just keep posting your concerns and you will get the help.
  7. Had similar fun with CQ, they just ignored my requests, the only way I got them to address my questions was to stick them with a complaint to why they refused to answer my points, they then eventually answer some of your points, then I just fire in with another complaint....all good fun but it keeps them busy..
  8. Thanks for the input dx100uk, just dusted off the docs I was sent some time back, it would seem I made an error, a good error though, CQ claim the last payment was 01 April 2005 and not the 30 April 2005 as I first thought.....so SB on by their terms on 01 May 2011.
  9. So set aside at this point sounds better than a straight forward ignore.
  10. Thanks for the advice and help DonkeyB, they claim the payments where made by DD, never been a fan of DD so wouldnt have used it, and they didnt respond to my CPR, however they did send a letter asking for a £10 payment, as they stated it was a SAR, and not a CPR that I was asking for(soon fired into them over that and that was the last I heard from them). More than happy to set it aside on the basis they used the SD as a threat and never sent me any info for my CPR request.
  11. Hello again Cager's, a little problem has arisen and need some input and advice, Well most of my debts have fallen off the radar now, Stat barred and all that, but CQ seem to want to play and chance their arm. My last contact with CQ was well over a year ago, when they used the SD threat, so fired off a CPR letter in response to their threat and all went quiet, Now the original debt was an Egg Loan, which became Stat Barred on December 10 2010, now they sent me some statements saying that I made payments and by their records the last payment was made April 30 2005.(not that I believed any of it, to this day I dont remember making a single payment to Egg on this alleged account). So by their own statements the debt would be Stat Barred 30 April 2011, no big deal I will sit it out, but now the fun starts, today when I returned home, and I was welcomed with a SD letter, by the famous Mr Barry Davies, sent normal mail first class..... So after reading surfaceagentx20 excellent thread, I thought I will just ignore it, just them desperate for cash, but now the more I think about it, so I have 18 days to respond, well that takes it to 30 April, but wait it takes it longer, as there are 3 bank holidays in April, plus Mayday next month, I would assume the courts wouldnt be able to count the bank holidays or would they?. So the question is do I submit my forms and set aside on the grounds its stat barred,(even in CQ world its stat barred on 30 April 2011), and try and grab some costs,or do I ignore it and see what happens next. Any advice,thoughts or help would be very much appreciated.
  12. I hope this post gives all new members the fuel to fight, the DCAs are bullies and in my case Liars, if you take the advice of this forum and attack and stop been the victim its quite shocking how quick the tables turn, it shows how when you attack them with the correct law and facts they just head for them thar hills. And never doubt the power of the CPR letter, this not only puts the ball back in their court (no punn intended..lol), it also shows how much drivel and untruths they put in their letters. I have no doubt my credit file is as black as a gorilla's ping pongs, but as long as I have breath I will never ever, touch credit again., I also found the basic bank account a power tool to help me back on my feet, that was a little gold nugget advice from the members here. 8-)
  13. Its been sometime since I first found CAG, and my battles with CQ,Moorcroft and the famous Bryan Crapper have all fell by the wayside now, and 2 debts have become Stat barred,And the third one becomes Stat barred today...sorry CQ. With the help off this fantastic forum I have gone from shivering at the thought of opening the post, to someone now who thinks" Hello, who wants to play today" attitude. Of course on my way to where I am today has been a long battle, I have collected a few CCJs on the way, but all settled now, and my big thanks to Bryan Crapper solicitors, who took nearly £4800 of debt and reduced it to £560 CCJs, and with the info and help from here I fought him when he came back for split claims, and he vanished into the night air. I never got my day in court, so never was awarded any costs, but the piece of mind this site gave me was better than any pay out. Got one CCJ on a split claim in an old address from you know who, so now I can concentrate on attacking rather than defending, this will make a nice change. So I would like to thank all CAG members and site team who have helped me over the years, not only to fight the DCAs but to get rid of the worry and sleepless nights. I take my hat off to each and everyone of you, Im sure I will need your help again, but you all have given me control back. Thank you all.
  14. Thank you guys, very much appreciated.
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