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  1. Have had house insurance for donkeys years and recently had to put in a claim for accidental damage for telly that fell on laptop. Laptop was second hand one that we bought for our then 8 year old son and two years later it is even more used Company got reports from 3rd party and Insurance company briefly told us by letter that report questions grubiness of laptop, as it had food particles on keyboard (reason being that it belonged to an 8 year old for two years does not seem to have been accepted) and report on tv mentioned that something on the inside was not broken? but damage to outside of tv was consistent (the telly is not working so something on the inside is obviously broken) and its as if they are trying to say it is a fraudulent claim (which i can assure you it isn't!). They have had me go over what happened several times over the phone as if trying to catch me out lying and now want me to write down and draw pictures of what happened and get it independently witnessed. Bottom line is that I asked for a copy of the reports in full but was refused as they said it was a private contract between them and the report compant. Can i SAR them for this as I would like to know what i am up against! I have googled the insurance company in question (Legal & General) and a lot of the reviews have stated that they faced similar struggles in claiming, so anyone thinking of going with them beware!
  2. Hi all, Im another one querying whether i have a personal loan or a hire purchase agreement from Black Horse. Went to buy another car and the trade in figure for our current car is short on what we owe, and as we have paid 3/4 of it was advised best thing to do was a voluntary termination. The new garage checked our current car and it is registered as having hp against it. However looking at our original finance papers it does not state specifically whether it was a personal loan or a hire purchase, and after reading some threads have come to the conclusion that it could be a personal loan registered as hire purchase. The only thing in our terms and conditions(which are from Arnold Clark) which might make it a hire purchase is that it states "The goods shall remain the property of the Seller until the price has been discharged in full. A cheque given by the Purchaser in payment shall not be treated as a discharge until the same has been cleared." However Arnold Clark is the Seller, not Black Horse so not sure if this validates as HP. Also if Black Horse insist it is a loan, then am i entitled to ask them to remove the HP so that i could sell it and make a part payment with the money raised and pay off the remainder in instalments rather than having to find the difference, or keep any monies raised and just continue paying the monthly payments? I have managed to save enough money to pay for the new car outright and dont want to sign into any new loan agreement for the sake of the negative equity of our current car.
  3. I think he was getting that for a limited time but this was stopped, i think as he had not paid enough National Insurance. My brother is only 25, he had his first breakdown when he was about 22. He left school at 18, was in college for a number of years and has worked for a couple of years. It just does not seem right that he can be left with nothing (and if it were not for family he would be another homeless starving statistic!), when being an alcoholic or having a drug dependancy can qualify people for incapacity!
  4. Is this scenario possible? I have been given some bare facts from my brother and it just doesn't seem right. He had a "mental breakdown" a few years ago and was sectioned for several months. He was released, but still had to attend hospital during the week and was on a variety of pills, I think to "dampen" his brain activity. Then a year after his first breakdown he had another "breakdown" and again was sectioned for several months. However, he has been out of hospital for several months although i think he is still on some sort of remand, where he is continually assessed and can be sectioned again at any point. He is still on medication, the main side effect is drowsiness (and i mean it causes him to sleep for most part of the day and night). He was receiving incapacity benefit but he was assessed recently and deemed not ill enough to get incapacity benefit. His specialist doctor thinks this is ridiculous and is helping him to appeal this but brother receives nothing in the meantime. Also, he does not qualify for jobseekers allowance neither as he was deemed not fit to work! So the bottom line he receives nothing. He stays with my mum, who between her and the rest of the family look after him. But surely he must be entitled to something. The Government can't surely have it both ways. Anybody have any comments?
  5. I dont think he still has the loan agreement but he found out after Abbey sent him a big letter about a month ago giving him lots of information on ppi stating that if he thought he was missold it to contact them. Would point out that he has not called them though!
  6. My friend took out a loan a few years ago with Abbey. He was off work for 6 months last year and struggled (but managed) to make ends meet. He was in an accident a few months ago which resulted in more weeks off sick. Only recently we realised that he had ppi on his loan. Friend however is kinda useless at these things and said he did not ask for ppi and just signed the papers when they came through the post. He feels annoyed as had he known he had ppi could have possibly claimed from it when he was off sick. Do we have a case to maybe try and claim some of this back? and if so any one know the best route eg no win no fee solicitor? Also he is away to finish paying his loan and will he need to claim before the loan finishes?
  7. Hey there, just a quick query. I have misplaced my reminder to tax letter and my v5. All i have is my mot and insurance details. Am i right in thinking i cant tax my car, either online or at the post office? Only asking cos my tax was due today and although i have ordered the replacement v5 over the phone it can take up to 5 days to come and my car is sitting on the street untaxed! any ideas?
  8. http://www.administrativeappeals.tribunals.gov.uk/judgmentfiles/j2320/CIS%201813%202007-00.doc This is slightly more recent and although not exactly same circumstances this may help you.
  9. my sister was on a low wage when she single, i think she got around £110 a week. She was some what lucky and had a council property which was £38 rent a week and i think her tax was about £18 a week. She received no discounts at all other than single persons 25% discount on ct. Local council worked it out roughly as follows:- amount if unemployed = I think this is about £45 a week disregard first £10 over this amount so they did not take account of first £55 of her wages. As she received £55 a week over and above this amount this is what they considered when working out that she was entitled to no discount. But when you consider that her rent and ct is about £56 a week, she would have been just as well off not working, which does not seem fair. Also there are basic bills like food, gas, electricity. Extras could include telephone, sky, social life lol! Could you budget if you were to go accidently overdran and had to pay a £35 charge back one month? Welcome to real life
  10. haha i dont have the will power to resist a mars bar, never mind money going into my bank everyweek, with some one telling me i am entitled to it lol i promise i called up earlier and told the caller that i wished to cease my claim. She asked why and i told her that i had just been told i was overpaid over £3000 over 2 year period and that it was not worth the hassle. i was put on hold for 5 minutes and when she came back she said that once you renew your claim you cannot cease it until the following year. I asked if i had no choice then but to accept this money and she said yes, but she would put a note on the screen that i had asked for them to be ceased! its absolutely madness. I am seriously considering saying that i have moved some one in but then not putting in a joint claim lol can you be done for fraud (i.e. saying some lives with you as a couple if they do not) if your not getting any money from them?
  11. Can someone please tell me if this is right? I have claimed Tax Credits for 4 years and recently underwent an "enquiry". They were satisfied that my son's father did not live with me but since i changed childminders 2 years ago and did not inform them i have been overpaid childcare tax credit for the last two tears, despite the fact i was still paying a registered childminder.At the moment considering appealing the overpayment. However they did advise me that i should change my banking arrangements with my son's father. Thats not a productive option for me for reasons explained in a previous post and as i receive more maintenance that tax credits i would rather lose my tax credits than maintenance. So, i phoned up to cease my tax credits, only to be told that i could not cancel my payment mid claim, and i had no other option but to recieve it every week. So my query is, is that right that i have to receive my tax credits unwillingly, which makes me stress that either i am gonna have an overpayment at the end of the year or i am going to have to constantly prove that my father's son does not live with me. Am considering whether to just tell them that i am sharing custody of my son therefore making me illeligable for tax credits. Comments please!
  12. hey there a small update. I had an enquiry into my award and the asked for proof that my sons father did not live with me. I supplied them with drivers licence, passport, credit card statements, store card statements, P60, correspondence from his work, finance agreements, vehicle registration documents, insurance documents and his recent poll card which they said was more than enough evidence for them. However the few months from the start of the award and them telling me the were satisfied he did not live with me was the most stressful time of my life! They have suggested that i close the joint account with him and i am considering that option. Also considering if i could survive without tax credits tho because i also want my privacy and did not enjoy justifying my lifestyle to them and explaining the last how ever many years of my life in detail to them.
  13. Thanks everyone for theire help and advice. I do feel a lot better. Although I had a look at the guidance for ltahaw LTAHAW: Definition of LTAHAW and it is not very clearcut and sounds as though they can twist it to suit themselves.
  14. Sorry have to ask, did they ask your employers about your personal life? Not that i have anything to hide but my boss is a bloody gossipmonger and i would not want to be the subject of the office gossip I have a funny feeling that by declaring all i am gonna be "investigated".
  15. Yes i think i shall get it in writing. Actually my phone can record calls although i never use it, maybe i could put this function to good use. I understand that people will question my sons father as he is not the biological sperm donor. But i think it should work both ways as if we were to become romantically involved (highly unlikely may i add) it would be expected that he would contribute to our sons upbringing. My sons real father is a waste of space. He put me through the undignified process of a dna test when he knew fine well that it was his son, only to move abroad to avoid paying csa, although he need not have bothered as i have never wanted his money or his time, my son is well provided for and loved. The man my son calls dad is a million times a better man than his real father ever was or will be. I dont know if some people can understand the bond between parent and child if it is not biological, but i know my son's (step) father would die for him, like i would. It is a complicated situation, and i have not declared it to tax credits, partly because i did not think i needed to and although they have confirmed this i shall get that confirmation in writing or recorded.
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