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  1. Indeed, the slow moving ice man is helping. I would refrain from further comment here.
  2. If cautioned you are entitled to see a solicitor before making any comment or statement. You are also entitled to read PACE.
  3. To build a defence we need to know what their exact particulars of claim.
  4. Typical Westminster behaviour tbh. Also typical CAG behaviour also. Would you pay an out of date PCN?
  5. I used to goad the local PPC with an old H reg micra, borderline MOT failure 2 months left on the tax. They never clamped it once despite parking in a clamping hotspot. On day they clamped all the cars around it and left the micra alone. Go figure.
  6. He is already banned from another site that can't be mentioned.
  7. CHEATING parking wardens have been caught on video in a corrupt [problem]—brazenly dishing out false tickets to INNOCENT motorists then shamelessly FAKING photos as back-up “proof”. TRAFFIC WARDENS FAKE PHOTO EVIDENCE | News | News Of The World
  8. Could you convince a PATAS adjudicator to cancel a CC PCN on that basis FairParking?
  9. London Local Authorities and Transport for London Act 2003 (c. 3)
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