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  1. Being the **** the are they may well try personal intimidation but you do not have to enter into any discussion with them and can order them off your premises
  2. You write to the owner and copy it to the property company by recorded delivery. In the letter you give them 30 days to reinstate or you will have the work carried out and sue them for the money in the small claims court.
  3. If you have legal costs on your car insurance get the insurance company involved without delay. Otherwise get it into the small claims court.
  4. If you are the RK ignore them. If it is leased write to the leasing company and tell them that any parking charges will be disputed as unenforceable and should not be paid.
  5. Or call the police and tell them you are being threatened over money you do not owe.
  6. If you will insist on eating at mcdonalds you deserve all you get
  7. There seems to be a lot of people still being scared by these parasites. to clarify the situation: 1 parking on private property is not subject to Road Traffic Act legislation and any disputes concerning parking on private car parks are subject to civil law. 2 Terms such a PCN and fines are reserved under RTA but private parking companies love to use them to frighten people. 3 Any alleged contract can only be between the landowner and his agent(the private parking company) and the driver of the vehicle committing the ALLEGED infringement. 4 If the PPC believes a breach of contr
  8. They cannot send debt collectors/bailiffs until a court finds in favour of the parking company and that can't happen until there is a court case at which the PPC has to prove who was the driver.. The PPC will write to the registereed keeper WHO DOES NOT HAVE TO DISCLOSE WHO WAS DRIVING
  9. 1 before any bailiffs are employed there has to be a county court judgement in favour of the PPC ie a CCJ 2 before a CCJ is awarded the PPC has to prove to the court that there was a contract 3 any contract can only be with the person who parked the car ie the driver.The photographic evidence will simply show a car and a car cannot enter into a contract 4 the PPC will find the details of the registered owner from DVLA and write to them. however the registered owner is not necesarily the driver and is under no legal obligation to disclose who the driver is as it is not subject to the road
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