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  1. It was offered it after I completed their online form, I received an invoice confirming the amount but was required to return it with the phones I sent back.
  2. Wow, I started this thread 3 years ago! Thanks for the reply though, I did manage to get a full refund...cant say any of it went on books though
  3. I recently realised I had a few old mobiles around the house so did a quick internet search to find which phone recycling companies would give me the top price. Selloldphone.co.uk offered £168.00 which was quite easily the most competitive and so I took the offer. I sent the phones a couple of weeks later and received a cheque for £100.00. Presuming an admin error I phoned them up and they claimed one of the phones was in fact broken which it certainly wasn't when I sent it and that the other had reduced by £40.00 in market value! I then requested if this was the case they return the phones
  4. Hello all, firstly I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this excellent site. Anyway to the story. I sent Natwest the LBA letter on Wednesday, my claim is relatively minor compared to many posts I read, it's for £200. As a 19 year old student though this could be a very handy amount. I received a reply this morning giving all the usual that they are in the right but as an exceptional matter and goodwill gesture etc they would refund me £98.00 which quite impressively has already been refunded to my account. I just wanted to check that my letter of response is ok and whether
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