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  1. :???:At 10am thismorning someone ploughed in to the back of our car which was sat outside our house he then proceeded to destroy another vehicle the police later aprehended the driver Problem is we are only third party fire & theft insurance. I have rung the insurance and they say we are not covered but we do have legal cover ? I dont yet know if the lunatic who caused the damage was insured (doubtful) but what other options do I have as this could destroy us financially
  2. My Grandmother moved in to a residential care home 6 weeks ago as she kept having falls and is unable to look after herself , she loves the new home . She owns 3/4 of her own home and has civil service pension £164.65 and attendance allowance£67.00 £72.73 state pention we expected that her house would have to be sold to help with the cost of the new home and her pensions , her home when sold should give a minimum of £50.000. but my father had a leagal rep from social services come and see him as he is my grans lasting power of attorney and they have got him to sign a form saying he will pay £25 a week as there will be a short fall the home costs £400.00per week , my father is on dla and benefits as he has diabeties and angina , when I spoke to the social services they told me the short fall was covered ? sorry to be long winded but what do I do as my father cant afford this and nether can I and If my gran passes away what happens to the moneys from her home ( I am not beeing cold but my dad has nothing from my gran through her going in to this home and surly if the worst were to happen then he would be the rightful owner of any moneys from the house .
  3. My son worke at army barracks in the kitchens for a contracted company he booked a weeks holiday at the same time as his fiancce so they could go away together, his catering manager told him to book it and that she would sign the anual leave form he has booked and payed for his holiday but the site manager now says that he cant take time off as a couple as they are employed as individuals what rights does he have please. the holiday is payed for other staff have taken time off together ie:- husband & wife.
  4. I have been told that if electrical items are on when the baliff turns up they cant take them and is a washing machine not a vital item when you have children?
  5. I would like to know what a baliff can legaly take from your home asuming you have children and what they are not aloud to take ?
  6. I have spoken to my MP this morning and they want me to write them a letter with allthe information as they have had a number of complaints about this firm , I also spoke to the director of finance for my council (Broxtowe ) & he admits that it is there fault the baliffs were not informed of the clearing of the debt and also agreed that the council are responsible for the baliffs . I have downloaded the complaints form to send to the court whom issued the baliffs certiffication ( Forgot to say the nasty man who came to us yesterday was on the street this morning harassing someone else so does Bristow & Sutor employ local baliffs to do there work ? as there address is Bristow & Sutor Bartleet Road Washford Redditch Worcestershire B98 0FL surely they dont come to nottingham every day
  7. Bristow and Sutor also seem to have the auction house that sells your posessions .... Arrow auctions
  8. If they had taken the car what happens to the money they get for it the CT bill that we had already payed was for a hundred pounds and he was eyeng up my partners 4x4 ?
  9. Hello I need some advice my partner and I returned home today and within 10 mins there was a bang on the door ,I went to answer it and a man was standing at the gate and in a loud voice informed my he was a baliff and that we owed council tax , so I asked him to come in the hose rather than giving the neigbours a show . He was no sooner in the house than he started shouting that we owed council tax and he was a baliff ( !!DURR ! ! ) , my partner informed him we did not owe the council tax as it had been payed the previous month ,he stood and looked at my partner and said prove it ,I told him all he had to do was ring the council but he kept saying prove it so my partner told him he needed to go back to school to learn some manners and to get out of the house he refused so richard (partner) opened the back door and told him to GET OUT . he then started shouting on the street infront of my neigbours that he was a baliff and we owed arreas on council tax and started to write on his clip board about my partners car we informed him he could not do this as the car is richards & he was claiming the CT bill was for me and the car is HPd he then phoned his office to be told that the account was not owed but would not appologise and insinuated my partner had manhandled him . At this point I lost my cool and caled hima T**T and walked back in the house I have rung BRISTOW & SUTOR to informthem of the appaling behavior from there baliff but they are not bothered and the council just said they imploy the company not the baliffs surley I have some right to complain the baliff in question has been mentioned on your forum a few times I would like some advice please -: Jingles
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