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  1. Is it worth sending a letter with something like the below........to head em off at the pass.....so to speak. Or just ignore them completely? "I see your charge as unlawful, uneforceable and I am not liable. I will not be providing any payment and your continued pursuit of this matter will constitute an offence under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997. I consider the matter closed and am explicitly instructing you not to contact me again for any reason, except to confirm that the matter is now closed"
  2. Thanks everyone, I will sit tight and await any letters they dare to send me!
  3. Firstly, Hi to everyone and what a great site, i'm so glad that i didn't pay the ticket in my fit of madness! My story. Today i went to a retail park to pick up a product from a store. I was in the store for around 15mins. I came out the store to see a ticket slapped onto my scooter. I normally park my scooter next to the metal bars left to enable you to secure bike and have no problems. Today i couldn't as the shop unit next door is having building work done and have metal fences up which stopped me from safely parking there. So, i parked on the other side of the entrance nex
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