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  1. Thank you for reminding me - this I have now done. Cheers revelation
  2. I agree. I just hope that one day someone will get really expose these money making thief's and put them to shame so the public are no longer fooled. Thanks again revelation
  3. I agree. My wife and I are not a couple of spring chickens, and what makes me angry is that anyone who does not have the internet and people like those on this site to give some help and advise will just pay up and get really scammed. Thanks again revelation
  4. Thank you that is good to know. As I said I hope folks don't mind me repeating myself and putting up the letters - it is nice to be told to keep ignoring - at least if they should send me one that I need to reply to someone will let me know. Mean while we look forward to the demise of their threats. Many thanks again revelation
  5. Blast! Thank you for letting me know. Cheers revelation ControlAccount-Letter-2.pdf
  6. Hi Guys Sorry to be a pain but this is just for our reassurance AGAIN - I am still asking the same old question since 'control account plc' (on behalf of Euro Car Parks) has just sent me another threatening letter. I take it that my wife and I are still to ignore even these latest threats? Many thanks again revelation
  7. Oh really? Nice one. Do they rob old ladies as well? Thanks again for the info. Cheers revelation
  8. I will bear this in mind - I have not received anything from Brinx yet just Controlaccount plc Credit Management. But thanks for the tip. Kind regards revelation
  9. I would like to thank you all for your help and encouragement I have received. I will definitely follow the advise given and ignore the continuing correspondence I am getting from Euro Car Parks and their partners in crime. I have as I said followed the advise given so far, even though my wife keeps saying how much it has gone up and we could have just paid it early for £38.00 (I can understand her concerns), but I have assured her that the advise is not to cave in so she is hanging in there with me. It is so good to find that there are people who will bother to give up their time to give some guidance and good advise - each time I have posted I am always surprised to find replies even when I did not really expect anyone to respond. Oh me of little faith. By the way crem they will have trouble with the dog - its a she! Thanks again everyone. revelation
  10. Help! SEE ATTACHED I have now received a threatening letter regarding my parking ticket issued by Euro Car Parks from a company called controlaccount plc - SEE ATTACHED COPY (my details removed). I have up to now followed all the advise given to me to ignore any correspondence - is this still the same advise - the amount owing just goes up and up - should I respond to this letter or just carry on ignoring it? They are also threatening my credit record - does anyone know who these people are? Any advise thankfully received. If the advise is to respond what approach do you think I should use? Many thanks revelation ControlAccount-letter.pdf
  11. Thank you for the encouragement. The sooner they go away the better as far as I am concerned. Cheers revelation
  12. Thanks I read these. At least these make me feel better. Apparently the charge is that my vehicle was improperly parked to the inconvenience of other customers. Which is not true - I was not in anyone's way! The letter ends saying 'failure to pay the outstanding amount will result in them forwarding the amount to a debt collection agency. Cheers revelation
  13. Thank you - do I need to respond in any way shape or form to the new demand or just ignore - which I believe is what you are saying. Cheers Revelation
  14. Yes good spot! As it happens there are NO marked bays in this car park for parent and child parking, so you had better avoid it at all costs! cheers revelation
  15. Well thank you - I hope it is just a hollow threat - in my case I was not clamped so I am not too worried about the clamping side. But I we are worried about the £50.00 - perhaps we should just get it over with an pay. I do not fancy the figure going higher and then bailiffs. But many thanks for you comments. Revelation
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