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  1. Good morning I'm really after a bit of confirmation, it's a quick and easy story. We bought a new mattress from Tesco Direct which was delivered yesterday. However, they delivered the wrong one, I don't know if Tesco supplied the wrong one, or the courier delivered the wrong one and to be honest I don't really care. The point is, they took our old one away, unpacked and placed the new one. After they'd gone, and looking closer at it, I realised it was the wrong one, the one we ordered was a memory foam topped one, this is a really firm orthopaedic one. The delivery note has a code which is one digit different to the number on the bits of paper attached to the mattress. Anyway, I phoned Tesco Direct and they've arranged an exchange, but I wasn't overly confident that the young boy I spoke to actually got the fact that we would be using the mattress because the old one was taken away, so I called again this morning to confirm they realised the mattress was being used as the old one had been taken, and to make sure we wouldn't be penalised. I spoke to a young girl who said "as it's unwrapped, and used, it will depend what the warehouse thinks" I did in the end get her to agree (with the aid of a 'Supervisor') that there would be no comeback to us, but I really just want to confirm what I think is the case. Quite simply, surely if they delivered the wrong item it's for them to make right. We have no choice but to use the one they delivered, we can't sleep on slats! Would appreciate a bit of advice. Thanks
  2. Thanks, yes better place on reflection, but when I searched this area came up, so I just went with it.
  3. Thanks for that, but it seems to just be guidance to HMRC and how to collect. I've had a poke around the HMRC website and there doesn't seem to be anything particularly helpful, except if you're a collections person!
  4. Hi everyone I'm hoping someone can help, I'll try to be as succinct as possible, but obviously as this involves HMRC it's not easy! We bought a cafe in 2007 and sold it a year later, in that year we were registered for VAT (as the previous owners were) but our takings never went over the VAT limit, annoyingly we can't de-register retrospectively so although we did de-register, we were lumbered with a quarter and a bit. Total owed £1200 (not quite Vodafone eh!) anyway, I wrote to them in 2008, when the cafe was sold asking for time/help with paying as we had made a loss and had no money. Not a word was heard. Three years go by and we get a demand for £3600, like the previous correspondence was yesterday, to cut that bit of the story short, although we definitely sent them a final return they obviously lost it, so they estimated it, and just waited three years to demand it, I sent the correct one and we now agree the sum. We have three different departments sending three different types of letters none of them are the same, and none of them seem to communicate with each other (whatever they might say).We agreed on payments while we were sorting out the figure, now one of the departments is saying it wasn't a formal 'agreement' and they want the money quicker. One of them just sends standard 'contact us now' letters, but the third one had now sent us a letter, received today, dated last Wednesday, telling us to pay by this Friday or they will start distraint action against us. Incidentally they say they enclosed information but they haven't, so I'm having to do some serious research on this as I'd never heard of it before. Sorry for the waffle, but obviously information needed, my main question is, the VAT owed is for a business that no longer exists, they are writing to us at our home address. Can they force entry? Is a distraint order even the correct thing? Can they threaten to take personal goods for a business debt? I'm not trying to get out of paying, I'd like them to be reasonable, (yeah, right!) if they'd bothered to reply to my letter four years ago, we'd be long paid up by now but they don't even acknowledge that fact. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. I'm going to keep this simple as my longer posts don't get any replies! We got a second hand car from a dealer in June, it's broken down three times, now it is off the road completely. Dealer was NOT helpful, and refusing to pay for repairs. We've done all the correct process so far, but considering the car cost £750, and so far repairs have cost £400 plus another potential £800, we now want to reject the car. My question is, after two months but much to-ing and fro-ing with the dealer, are we still entitled to ask for a full refund? Will we also be able to claim for the repairs. We are prepared to go all the way and take this to court if we have to, but only if we know we have a case. I would really appreciate some advice on this. Thanks
  6. I'm bumping this because no one actually answered my later question. If the default notice is invalid, does this mean I can get it removed from my credit file? Also, what actual point is the SAR letter? Information is one thing, but how would I then use that? This went on hold because we moved house.
  7. I hope you don't mind me butting in on this thread, we're in a similar situation. Bought a second hand car in June which has now broken down 3 times. 1st time was 3 days after purchase which turned out to be a flat battery since it's actually the wrong battery for the car. 2nd time was 2 days after that, fuel pump and coil packs needed replacing. The battery wasn't a big deal, we got rescued and sent on our way, but the other one was £150 repairs. Before we got the repairs done we spoke to the dealer who refused to collect the car so we agreed to get the repairs done and they would pay, although they are now saying all they agreed to pay for was the parts at the price they could get them for (not true). The car was not driveable at that point, and unfortunately this being our only car at the time, we did not have the luxury of just telling them to collect it and sort it, it could have gone on too long and I needed the car for work. Anway, we've billed them, they've said no, we've threatened them with court and taken advice and now looking at the next step, in between all this we needed to replace a wheel bearing (£167) We were prepared to accept that getting our money back might be slow, and iffy, but were going to try as I don't see why they should get away with it, except that it's now broken down again, cam belt (!) and a possible £800 bill. We only paid £750 for the car in the first place, so far £400 in repairs within the first two weeks, plus up to another £800. Before anyone says 'that's the chance you take with a car that price', the SOGA still stands up. So, what I would like to know is, is there any chance after two months but all these problems, of getting the dealer to refund the price of the car and take it back? Where would we stand in law with this? Thanks, hopefully.
  8. All sorted, thanks for the quick reply. The link helped me sound more knowledgable on the phone which seemed to do the trick.
  9. Hi, need some advice. I'll try to keep it short. Basically we bought a second hand car from a dealer, which has broken down after 5 days. The roadside repair bloke couldn't, and it's being towed to a garage. Now, the receipt from the dealer says 'sold as seen' but if I've got it right that doesn't count as it wasn't a private sale? I don't want a big fight with them, but I'm fed up with being the nice one and being taken for a ride ('scuse the pun!) Can someone please point me in the right direction to the definitive answer on the sale of goods act and used cars. Many thanks
  10. Hi, thanks for the replies I've hunted down the default notice and you're right, no date to rectify, all it says is that 'default information will be registered 28 days from the date of this letter' Is this just an Abbey mistake? What should I do now? Does it mean I can have this removed from my credit file? Yes, there are a lot of charges in this, and in fact after I got this notice the balance jumped by about £900 and I don't really know why (even though I queried it enough times back then!) That's the part I wanted to query with Santander now, but I might put that on hold for now if there's another solution here, especially one that might give me a chance to get back at the Abbey a bit! What's my next move?
  11. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I sent the Income and expenses because it's worked with all the others. It's a slightly exaggerated one, and gives us a chance to save. I want eventually to pay these debts off with a full and final settlement. I can't dispute that I owe the money, although if I'd actually been able to get bank charges back they'd owe me, a lot! But that's a different moan. So I'd rather just quietly pay a small amount each month and eventually clear it completely, shouldn't take more than a year or so. I will be getting in touch with Santander though, thanks for the address.
  12. Hi there I'll try to keep this brief! We had an Abbey bank account with an agreed overdraft which defaulted back in 2007 at a very difficult financial time. After a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing they just seemed to drop us, fine I thought, I'll see how long this lasts. Well it lasted until last week when we had a letter from Wescot demanding the money, I've written to them with the usual stuff, income/expenditure and an offer, the same offer everyone else has accepted, so we'll wait and see. Now that's not the problem (yet) basically, without going into boring details, I don't agree with the figure and want to write to Santander about it, but I don't know where to write, I've never had anything from them with an address. Can anyone help? Their collection dept address would be the best best. Thanks in hopefulness
  13. Hi all Is this letter still valid? It's great, I'm going to keep one handy. Strangely not for Asset Recoveries, but for another one driving us mad, which I'm not going into here, I think I have it/them under control (can't say the same for my temper, ha ha!) Anyway, I do have experience of this lot, very similar story to many of the others, repossession, shortfall, NHL, L.O.M. etc. We happily (well, grudging but accepting) paid an agreed amount from 1992 to 2007, at that point we had actually paid the amount they had ariginally said they would have accepted as a one off to clear it. Anyway we had hit a financial brick wall and asked them (LOM) to write it off, they ignored me, I wrote again, ignored again, and finally got a letter from Asset Recoveries. They want a charge on the house, they want the full amount, they want a proportion, etc etc. Then they will say we have ignored them (we most certainly haven't and can prove it) Then the whole cycle starts again, I think we've had three or four cycles all ending with 'you've ignored us' They've threatened us with court in quite intimidating ways, and threatened the doorstep person. We told them not to bother with that, he/she won't step a foot in our house. Anyway, once our finances improved a bit, we made an offer, the same offer all our creditors got, and all of them accepted. AR didn't like it, but we had their Bank details so set up a standing order and started payments last year. My understanding is that we have payments in place, it's a fair proportion of our disposable income, others are ok with it, and if they were to take us to court the judge would tell them they're wasting his/her time. They weren't happy when we told them we didn't want a charge on the house, and that this is all we can afford at the moment, and they threatened (again) that they might have to find another way to get the money, but that was a couple of months ago, blessed silence since then! I'm sure the cycle will start again at some point, but we'll just do the same again. Sorry for the ramble, but this is a rambling story! I'm interested in other people's experience with this lot, I hope people will add to their stories, I will, if need be (hope not)
  14. Hi all out there, I'm hoping for great things from this forum. I've done all the letters for claiming back bank charges, and needed advice on making the bank look at me as a hardship case. After searching here, I've got the letters ready to post tomorrow, so thanks for that. I've got some other things going on that I might need help with, but I'm going to have a search first, don't want to repeat something that might already be here. Thanks again, great site!
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