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  1. As normal, if you dont know the answer just avoid answering the question. If you say something breaks a law, then you should give the OP the reasons why (not just posting a link to the whole act) - This way the OP can easily understand. (btw, true I work for a PPC, but we dont take people to court as we clamp and theres no need to)
  2. Where under section (2) are they comiting an offence ? - This parking ticket/invoice has been taken off by the driver and the (presume) RK has now found, so the person who parked and accepted the contract (OK OK .. if the terms were clear ... blah, blah, blah) And under which section (EXACTLY) are they breaching the unfair trading regulations act ?? I am NOT saying you are wrong, but just reading the ticket, to which the DRIVER has taken off ... just want to know your angle ?? We can all post whole acts / legilsation .. but people need to know in their specific case what is relevant to them ... YOU may be right, I am not guiding to an argument but just ACTUAL clarification in this 1 case of the acts you have qutoed the PPC have broken. The RK should just say who was driving and get on with his life, he borrowed the vehicle to someone in good faith, why should he deal with this ??? let the person who parked deal with it ... I am sure the RK has something better to do with his life.... If I borrowed my car to someone (GENUINE) and he/she got a ticket of any description (1) I would be MAD (2) I would expect them to deal with it and not give me any hastle and I CERTAINLY would not take any blame/hastle for it....
  3. A good friend of mine seems to be having problems with a few tenants and in the latest 1 has been late paying her rent for a long time. Anyway, he has served the required order stating she wants posession under grounds 8&11 - the rent was still late and now filed for posession via the online service. She has a date, but the tenant is a nice person and is missing payments due to financial problems and not because she is doing it on purpose. I think my friend (landlady) wants something official from the court to make the tenant pay the rent + £50 per month off the arrears (some £2000) rather than evict her. As the original tenancy was an AST (3-years ago) and it has just been rolling over .. If the landlady asks the court can they still issue a suspended posession order, or is this only for council/mortgaged properties ? I also presume if they can, she needs to ask for it at the hearing in a few weeks ? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, We have both looked at landlord zone and other websites and it seems to indicate that the act of bring a guarentor would be implied to be the whole contract. (ie, Damage etc...) In addition the tenant still has not formally given notice to quit, he only found out from the caretaker of the block he had left the door open. When is the date classed as moved out then ? He could have the property empty for ever and claim from the guarentor ?
  5. If a person wanted to rent a house and failed a credit check and a friend (lets say a solicitor) wrote a letter stating: I confirm my spondership for Mr Smiths tenancy application. I further confirm that I will irrevocable guarentee the payment of his rent. Would you think this means they are a guarentor of the whole rental agreement (ie, if the tenant did a runner and left lots of damage) ?? I would consider it to be an implied term of the whole agreement, not just the rental portion. Surely there must be case law on rent guarentees etc.. Any help appreciated, my mate is going mad at some damage left to his moms house when she rented it out. I would also add that the solicitor said he would be a guarentor on his companies paper, thus (maybe) giving the impression he was acting on behalf of the company !! Thanks
  6. Yawn , change the record you are still OBSESSED by this company. If you park within Birmingham and there are signs warning of wheel-clamping then you have a good chance of being done by 'my company'. I am not sure we have any sites in Leeds or around there (we are local, rather than national this way we can respond quickly to cars parked without authorisation and clamp/quickly therefore give our clients the 100% service they ask for).
  7. Do you open bank accounts get overdrawn, get bank charges and claim the fees are unlawful ?? - why does a person look for trouble ? To go out there with the intention of getting a ticket/clamped or anything else that will cause you hastle ... whats the point ?? You obviously have FAR too much time on your hands, try getting a social life or something else that will occupy your time. Sorry but I just find the above comment crazy
  8. Just to go and count is somewhat weird ... Anyway to be honest you're boring me, so I'll do you a favour and just ignore your future posts.
  9. Get a life .. This person is obviously one of the regular posters to this thread who will do anything to keep a thread at the top as they saw it slip down !! Words like CPS Troll ... how would someone 'new to this' come up with such a term ? And as for researching ... yeah right, so in your research you just happen to come across this website and specific thread (which certain people are desperate to keep at the top) and post to it ??? [edited]
  10. It doesnt upset me in the least, it is a little sad for one to be so obsessive but if it keeps you happy then who am I to comment ? As for me ripping people off, hardly - but feel free to comment on that in the open forum, but please keep it civil as upto yet a good exchange of views about wheel-clamping have been exchanged and I would hate to see it lowered into a free for all, slanging match which seems to happen when certain members join a debate.
  11. You cannot remove our clamps without damaging them (The cheaper clamps can be easily removed).
  12. Nope .. he said "I'll park where i want within the law, regardless if it is private land" So I can be a small shop owner, he doesnt want to pay for parking so parks on my carpark, he is then tresspassing - so not exactly within the law. He was clamped twice on the same carpark because he didnt agree with the clamping or rules ... but the rules are there, if he agreed/disagreed is something else - doesnt give him the right to park there as parking against the 'rules' made him un-authorised and therefore tresspassing. I say the above without knowing the full facts, only what 'Hobbie' has stated on a previous thread so could possibly stand corrected.
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