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  1. In May, I took my family to Derbyshire for the day. During the day my wife and I both took turns driving. At some point we allegedly, drove 58mph in a 50mph zone passed a mobile speed camera. I have received a NIP and sent it back requesting photographs of the vehicle in order to identify who was driving at the time. I received the photographs which are of the rear of the car, and do not dhow the driver. I have written to the derbyshire police, and explained that I can not absolutely confirm who was driving the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence. (as we took turns dri
  2. I know there have been no replies (apart from me) but I thought I would update the situation. GOOD NEWS! Just got a call from EON. The engineer cant prove that the fault was pre-existing, and is coming to replace the gas valve tomorrow afternoon. Moral of the story...dont just accept it when someone tells you it isnt covered. Stand your ground, and you CAN win. Cheers Jeff
  3. I have spoken to EON again. I wasnt getting anywhere on the phone so asked to speak to a manager. She came on and said that "I AM COVERED" which is why I wasnt charged a callout charge. She also said that she is NOT an Engineer, and has to take the advice of the On site Engineer as he is the professional. He has apparently deemed this to be an existing fault which is why it is chargeable. I explained to her that I had a boiler inspection carried out on 24 April, and part of the inspection was to test for gas leaks. The boiler passed the Let by Test, and Tightness test, indicating tha
  4. Good Morning. Earlier in May I was called by EON, offering Central heating cover for my boiler. I took them up on the offer and signed up for a 12 month contract. The Sales Rep said that they could not come out until June to do the initial inspection, but "dont worry. You are covered from today". By complete coincidence, my boiler developed a fault the next week. The expansion vessel has gone flat. When I had an engineer out to check it, he said the gas valve is passing. not only did he shut off the gas supply but he cut the gas line and fitted a block in the line. This
  5. So here I am ....SHAFTED! I have just been told that I have a choice to accept or decline this offer. However should I decline the offer my LEI will withdraw cover from today and I will be forced to fund the court proceedings myself. Not much of a choice. I didnt know they could just do that. Don't I feel ganged up on!
  6. Can someone ofer a suggestion here. To recap...on 13th September 2009, I was out for a sunday bike ride. I ride a Yamaha R6. I turned onto a long road and shortly overtook a slow moving car. about 300m down the road a car pulled out of a side street when I was 20-30m away. I swerved and braked to avoid a collision and resulted in being beside the car at the drivers rear corner, travelling at about 5mph. The car did not get up to speed and I was unaware of the drivers intentions. There was another car travelling towards me 200-300m down the road. I could not return to the left lane
  7. Yes. I do not agree with that statement either. I dont think car drivers should necessarily have to be lookin out for "bikes" or have to pass any "bike aware test". However I dont think this excuses them for being oblivious to traffic on the road, pulling out spuratically, or turning without signalling.
  8. Hi. Can someone please help me out. In September 09, I was involved in an accident. I was riding my motorbike, when a car driver pulled out of a side road and cut me off. i swerved and braked to avoid a collision. because the other driver did not accelerate along the road, I was left travelling slowly on the wrong side of the road, with a car in the distance approaching. I did not know what the driver was going to do, so I accelerated to pass her and get back into the correct lane and flow of traffic. It was a safer option than putting my foot down and stopping on the wrong side of
  9. Is there anyone on here qualified to provide some pointers? In September 2009, I was involved in an RTA where a 3rd Party pulled out of a side road without looking, into my path. This cause me to swerve out of the way and wind up on the wrong side of the road alongside their back corner. I could see that the road ahead was clear but didnt have time to check mirrors/blind spot. As I was alongside the car, I accelerated slightly to overtake and get back into the correct lane. As I aligned with the drivers door, the 3rd party turned right, across my path without signalling. As I saw
  10. My wife has just been given a ticket and £60 fine for not wearing her seat belt. She had just left the Asda Supermarket and was on the grounds of the Retail Park. She was about to put her seatbelt on before getting to the traffic lights which lead to the main road, A41 in Bromborough. She is most annoyed because the edit tried to pull over a motorist who sped away. Instead of chasing him the edit gave tickets to 3 women in a row for not wearing their seatbelts. They earned £180 in about 5 minutes in between donuts. Is is enforcable to give a ticket for this in a private retai
  11. I have just written off my car. The car, a 2000 Jaguar XKR was in very tidy condition. It was well treated, always polished, and had every service required as well as every knock and squeek taken care of immediately. The insurance company called me today with a value of £10,000 for the written off car. I have looked on Autotrader, and am only able to find high mileage examples in less than the condition of my car. My car also had a new engine a few years ago so drove very smoothly with 50,000 miles on it. The nearest car in spec, condition, and mileage on Autotrader is a 2003
  12. Hi. I know this is a long shot, but I want to enquire about liability in a recent accident. I used to own a lovely Jaguar XKR, until Tuesday. On Tuesday, I was driving home on the motorway. The motorway was 3 lanes, the first two occupied by large lorries. It was raining, and I was going slower than I normally do. I was traveling at about 55mph. Traction was OK though. I overtook the outside lorry. AS I got to his front corner, both the lorry and my car hit a puddle which had formed on the motorway. Water splashed everywhere, and I felt my car get very "light". I was
  13. I spoke to DFS and they insisted that they had a right to repair the suite. Since we like the suite, we wanted to give them the opportunity. If the suite can be fixed I would like to keep it. The service "manager" came out and was quite Bolshy with my wife. He basically accused her of sitting on the arm of the couch. We didn't but I firmly beleive that any family couch should be strong enough for someone to sit on the arms. This suite has flared arms. After he repaired the suite (glued the broken arm back on), he said there was play in them because with the flare they are bolt
  14. Can someone clarify my rights/DFS rights under the sale of goods act. In December I purchased a 2 4 seater suites from DFS. The suit is called Morgan. The arms of the suite curve out. The suite was delivered in Feb 10. From the day it was delivered, there was play in the arms, and we had to be extra careful around them. Yesterday, one arm cracked and is clearly loose now. All my wife did was sit on the suite (shes not THAT big). On inspection 1 arm on the other suite also seems looser than it used to, and we are still not happy with the other arms either. I have ca
  15. Hi, DFS have lied to get me to purchase a suite from them. On Nov 9, we went into DFS Chester and spoke with a sales person. My wife decided on the suite she wanted and we asked about Christmas delivery. The sales person said he could 99% guarantee delivery before Christmas. Today, (30 Nov) I was called by the store and told that the suite is expected into the store Mid to End of January. If the store could 99% promise it for Christmas, I would expect it to be a few days after at worst. All the store say is that they "tried", however they will not provide me with details
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