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  1. "nothing can unbar a SB debt, including a susequent payment" - I wasn't aware of that detail. Thank you everyone for the clarification cyclist
  2. Hi cerberusalert, I understand the 6 year rule - unfortunately I started paying one debt back before I found CAG! I'm waiting for my SAR to be returned regarding all three, but.. I am concerned that Wecsot or SLC have extended my repayment period without my knowledge, diverting some payments to start repaying one or both of the other accounts, that I have not acknowledged. If this has happened, is it allowed? And would it unbar the outstanding 2 debts. cyclist
  3. Hi maroondevo52, I'm only paying one at the moment - which I'm not happy about, but as I have started to repay it I thought I was obliged to continue, as any repayment is an acknowledgement of the debt, regardless of wether it is Statute Barred or not? cyclist
  4. Hi All, I have 3 Statute Barred (1992 - 1996) accounts with SLC. I have been paying 1 of them off - [before I found CAG alas] - through a direct debit with Wescot Credit. I have now recieved CCA's for all 3 accounts, but I am concerned that Wecsot or SLC have extended my repayment period without my knowledge, to start repaying one or both of the other accounts, that I have not acknowledged. If this has happened, is it allowed? SAR request sent to SLC - awaiting reply. Any help or advice would be gratefully received cyclist
  5. Well the lady at Lloyds TSB was very helpful. LTSB are aware of this problem. It is Argos who have cocked up and duplicated an unknown number of card transactions from this one day. I asked for a new debit card to be issued, but was told this was not necessary as there had been no fraud. I suggested that this sort of error was impossible to make as each "chip and pin" transaction required my pin number, and authorisation from the bank, and she said that, "chip and pin transactions do not require authorisation if they are below the floor limit of the shop you are in"
  6. Excellent point Esio Trot - going down Lloyds to grill them this morning. Will post back later.
  7. Update: Just a quick note to say this thread is not dead! The co-op have provided a lot of documentation in response to my SAR, 2 letters required. None of this info gave any details of the debt for which my GF is being persued. Red Castle have provided no new eveidence of a bona-fide right to persue this debt, and after 2 letters to the OFT have provided a 1 page copy of their complaints procedure. As an aside, the OFT seemed particularly unwilling to get involved in giving RC a push in the right direction. We are moving soon (hopefully), and I am fully prepared to co
  8. This is exactly what happened to me as well. £45 on 24/10/08. Money refunded to my account 2 days later, Lloyds TSB have charged me penalty charges in between however. Will be going to LTSB first thing on Monday morning. How can this sort of error occur? Was Argos hacked, or is it a bank error? I'm suspicious.
  9. thanks leeada, I thought it had to be something like, I was just surprised that I couldn't find anything about it online! cheers cyclist
  10. requested. I really appreciate all the input, just shows what a difficult area this is to deal with! Even more so for someone "outside" the system! Will post back with info when received. cyclist
  11. Thanks for the tip SS, I appreciate it. I'll give the helpline a go and see how I get on. I've waited this long...a few more weeks won't make much difference, I've got a couple of other "campaigns" on the go at the moment anyway so I'm in no rush to start another one straight away!
  12. You are correct BB39, it is the ICO's office. click the link below to download DATA PROTECTION ACT - SUBJECT ACCESS - A GUIDE FOR DATA SUBJECTS the full PDF document from the ICO website I shall request the co-op's complaints procedure and send them a "reminder letter" as suggested above, then issue a "serious complaint" regarding their failure to supply full SAR details. cyclist cyclist
  13. @SSkull In our case, we do not dispute receiving the money, but I think we have grounds for appeal because the overpayment was not due to us providing either incorrect financial information, or failing to inform them of any change in circumstances. That's useful to know. @rafa Thanks for your reply. I pretty sure we kept TC up to date with any changes in our circumstances, we certainly always phoned them before we got our yearly renewal pack. And we haven't really had any large changes in income anyway (overtime doesn't exist where I work!!). If we get full d
  14. Thanks BB39, Can I report the Co-op's failure to provide full SAR details to anyone... i.e ICO, OFT, etc ??? cyclist
  15. Thanks very much for your help uneverdid and Spiceskull. I'll definitely send them an SAR this weekend. I think it's the only way I'm going to get the info I need. I understand about the flaws in the system (this years payment being based on last years income), but my argument with them is that we always provided our P60's (so no estimating) and they calculated our award wrong, and it was quite a bit wrong as well, although obviously we didn't realise this until they told us we had been overpaid,... a couple of years later and stopped all current payments! Then my girlf
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