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  1. Yes it was a full offer of £3487.12 .....Happy Daze Does anyone know what to do, to get my mucky little hands on the cash sooner rather than later, as a few people seem to have had a long wait for their reddies. Grinning like a cheshire cat:D Paul
  2. Hello People, Well i finally received a offer, after waiting on tenterhooks in the interim since they asked me for a full breakdown of money owed. Why do the really wait till just before litigation to pay up the money? It just costs them more surely. The 8% interest we can add, for entering court documents. The £120 that it costs us for the moneyclaim and what about the fee's DG Solicitors must be charging them??? They must have seen this site and forum by now, and the advise given to us disgruntled customers of HSBC. It would be easier just to settle up when they
  3. excellent ! thanks gizmo. so i will contact the courts on tuesday by phone and take it from there, might have to wait another two weeks but it will be worth it!!!
  4. hello again, Thanks louise for the quote from hitchhikers guide "DONT PANIC", it really calmed my nerves. Anyhow, well the status of my claim is still at "issued" and the notice was served to them on the 12th august, so yesterday was the 14th day. Although when i tried to claim by default today it showed me a message saying the bank still had 14 days to respond, maybe its because it sunday or something? The next question is can i claim back the interest which i missed off my original claim? i work that out to be about £790 on top of the £2572. £3372 which is a tidy little
  5. NEED HELP PLEASE So everthing upto the mcol was going fine, but i think(know) i have filled in my claim form incorrectly dohhh. i didnt even put my account number on the form....idiot my claim was issued on the 12th august, 14 days ago but still no corrospondence or acknowledgement from HSBC. i am now more than a little fretful, are they not taking me seriously because i didnt fill in my form correctly????? ok so here is what i put on my form....... I have a contract with the defendant bank dated 1994 and which is conducted on their standard terms and conditions. I am claiming
  6. maejic

    Maejic v HSBC

    Hello Everyone, I feel it time to ask a little advice! So far i have sent data protection request letter on the 12/5/06, it took them 3 week to reply; but then only a few days to send out my bank statements. Low and behold the cheeky beggers had only pilfered £2441.50 plus interest, totalling £2579.29 out of my account over the last 6 years and no doubt, a bit more before this time. Well needless to say i sent off my request for repayment with charges breakdown, dated 20/06/06. Well finally today, i got a reply to my request for repayment; from a Mr Colin Langdale, who i might add se
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