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  1. Thanks, that sounds great. I'll get a copy sent to the DCA - and the court? Thanks again. Hopefully this will stop them.
  2. The OC sent a letter of assignment explaining from effect of the date on the letter all correspondence and payment is now with the DCA. The DCA sent the court papers. They are now saying that if I don't make payment I can assume that summary judgement will be made! I defended the court action, and made a CPR request, some papers were furnished, but not the letter of termination and the default letter. Hope that helps a bit more. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I have a notice of assignment.
  4. Hi, I am a bit lost at what action to take next, could someone help please. I had papers issued by Northampton for an overdraft, I defended asking for all the details - default notice, notice of assignment etc. They were sent after the amount of time allowed. They then allowed me extra time to make payment, well thankyou very much. But the default notive wasn't there, and it the case should have been stayed anyway. I have now had a letter admitting that the bank cannot find the default notice. What is the best course of action, a letter saying that not paying until the default notice
  5. I'll be intersted to hear this as well, I'm in a simliar situation with someone else. I want to get it struck out. Good luck with yours, I have recently had a nasty run in withH Cohen.
  6. My defence was sent received and processed on the 15th of June, so the 28 days was up yesterday. I haven't heard anything further from the solicitors/courts. No response to the CPR request. Should I phone the court and ask for it to be stayed?
  7. I'll wait and see what happens after they have received my defence. No I don't have a hot shot lawyer, I wish! Then I might be able to relax and think I might win.
  8. Sorry, no it's not for more than 5,000. Would love to get this one struck out.
  9. Thought they were intimidating me, quite tempted to report them to be honest. Why the bloody hell should I let them know if I know what it means in the letter, whats it to them. The letter I sent in the CPR requested wasn't dated or signed - not signed because I don't want any silly photo shopping going on. but they wanted it signed and dated otherwise they won't comply with the request, good luck to them then if they don't makes it look better for me.
  10. The cpr request was sent as was the defence on time. I received 2 letters in the post today, first one from Northampton telling me they had the defence and it will be served to the solicitors. The other was from another set of solicitors informing me that there has been a change in solicitors by way of service enclosed! Also they were familiar of the format of the document (cpr request) as it could be found on debt forums, could I therefore confirm where it was from and whether I am fully cognisant of it's contents and consequences. If they don't receive another CPR request signed this tim
  11. Like your thinking, that makes total sense. Thanks again, I'm going to send it off on Thursday.
  12. Hi, feeling a bit slow, but do I need to keep parts 4 and 5 in the defence, it's for an overdraft so the normal credit agreement wouldn't exist - or is it best to include these parts anyway? Thanks for help again.
  13. Thanksso much for taking the time to help me, I'm really grateful. I would absolutely love to win this one. There seems to be an extra added amount to the amount I last saw that was owed, such as interest etc.
  14. Thanks Nicklea for all your help, I am so p'd off by these vultures. I have thought,the folk who have brought the court action didn't send a 7 days before action letter, surely I should have got one those as well. Why is the POC a load of monkeynuts? Thanks again.
  15. Sorry, being a complete idiot I still have some time. I think life must be going to my head!!
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