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  1. hi all recived a letter today from macdonald rankin and parners saying that they were acting on behalf of lowell finances and due to not acknowleding the debt they are going to take me to court or send a sheriff around to my house this debt is over 6 years old and i have never acknowledge it since i lived in my new house or made any payment for well over seven years any advice i have sent eve letter back thanks
  2. thanks for your reply iknow the debt is over six year old as i have said in my orginal post but they keep passing it on to other agency so few years they pop up again
  3. hi i have also had a letter from meritforce saying they were going to call myhubby is waiting for them as he has had enough of them since they phoned my elderly neighbour wanted information about me he was so confused love him he couldt understand why they were ring him has any had these peolp turn up so if they do come we now what to say
  4. ok thank you for your help i wll just ignore it
  5. the debt is over 6 years and i have not recived any thing i have never acknowledge the debt andhave told them that the person they want is not here
  6. hi all had a letter today from a debt collection agency working on behalf of mackenzie hall and said that they are going to come to my house to collect the dept i have never ammitted the dept and sent all letters back what should i do now do they really come oris it a scare tactic please help dont like the thought of people coming to the house thanks
  7. a letter came today i crossed out the name and put not at this address return to sender posted back
  8. thanks ocd i applied for a loan with my bank and it has been apporved starting to wonder if i do owe a lot know it would be on my credit rating
  9. havent heard anything this evening so far how do i get comfirmation that this debt i stature bared so if they do write to me then i can be prepared i havent paid any thing of this for over six years
  10. brill i have pasted the letter and if i recive any letters i will sent it they have phoned 10time since four o clock
  11. thanks for your reply they keep phoning but i keep hanging up dont know wnat else to do i all advice welcome
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