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  1. Just requested a copy of t&cs thanks for the quick reply
  2. HI all Just wondering if someone can give me some advice on a loan my partner has. My partner had taken a £3000 loan out over 5 years,then toped it up to 5000 about a year later when our first child was born, which had ppi with it,see can't remember if she initially agreed to this,but we have been paying it anyway,the problem is when we toped the loan up when our first child was born she was not working then and is still not working now 2.5 year later. TO be honest we completly forgot about the PPi insurance with the loan, can we claim this money back or part of it? ty
  3. Hi all, I'm in the same situation as posted above, when i first started working for my current agency, i was told i could have the job providing that i enrolled through their choice of 3rd party payments company to handle my CIS deductions,This was fine at the time as i had been out of work for sometime,But it was still around 4% more expensive than the one i had previosly used. I have since found out that the agency recruiter working on behalf of the agency recieves commision for every worker they enroll onto there company etc....It seems so unjust.....To top it all off i have just b
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