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  1. How do I get in touch with this chaap, my man?
  2. Having recently been dismissed from work I wish to complain about the poor job my union did of representing me. Throughout the entire disciplinary process they gave me poor advice and balked at asking relevant questions on my behalf. I feel the outcome ie. my dismissal was affected by my representation and I wish to take this matter further. Problem is I am not sure who to complain to. Does anyone have any advice they could pass on please? Should I complain to the union itself or is this something the TUC would deal with or another body altogether. Any advice would be greatly appr
  3. On Tuedsay I have a hearing for two charges of gross misconduct, both for bringing my compay's reputation into disrepute. My company are funding me through a degree and I was at seminar in London recently and two lecturers have put in reports against me saying that I made frequent interuptions and spoiled the lecture for everyone. To my mind I asked a few relevant questions, I gave someone a round of applause for a promotion, I disagreed with one speaker and I made a couple of humerous remarks. The second charge relates to my journey home from London. Myself and a fellow student
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