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  1. Basicy i think there are a number of reasons why they have not sent all the info The main one is my account was subjected to internal fraud which they have admitted and said they corrected only to find it on my credit report also information relation to that is missing. Plus al info relating to this claim is all so missing. Am not to to concerned about the money to the point am tempted to ask for an amount that was large enough to force them to go to court as i wont the info and i just want to make my self feel better by winning ( i know this is not a good reason to try to take a
  2. Hi First of great site been such a help reading over the posts. I have a number of complaints on going with santander one of which i have had a final response to they offer me a £100. I have written a letter before action that i want to send to them i do not want to use the ombudsman as to prove my case i need them to provide documents which they refuse to send as part of my SAR request. I have used bits out of a few templates to put my letter together ( i have never written a letter shocking i know ) I am also dyslexic plus not that great at expressing my thoughts on
  3. Hi Long story but i will shorten it ( The is NO COURT ORDER BLOCKING MY ACCOUNT ) My bank account was blocked by the bank back in feb 2010 I had a dispute with a third party over them continuing to debit my account via direct debit after are business relationship had ended. They debited in total just over £100,000 ( One Hundred Thousand ) in the space of just over a month. ( This company have a history of doing this ) After having no luck in resolving my problem with them direct and after taking legal advice and being at the massive disadvantage of being so
  4. Hi Well after him cutting are water of then us putting it on again then him putting it off and so on. And after he made a few more threats it be came clear that the threats where just that and would not come to any think. We came to a deal with the landlord where we give him £250 as a deposit and we move out at the end of the month ( which we planed to do any way ) and if all is in order we get the £250 back but i am expecting to get £100 to £150 back which is fine as one of the walls will need touching up. So yes all is well bit of a headache i think the landlor
  5. HI Thanks for all the great help and advice i have got on this forum. An update to my problem is i had a lock smith change the lock last night. I did not want to do this as i did not want to make this matter escalate but felt i had no choice with him saying what he did yesterday. So far he has not been round and its starting to get on so all looks good. It would seem he came to his senses or looked on line like i did. It is a very strange situation that i hope i never find my self in again. It is such a shame as i can and am sure he can see that if we conti
  6. Hi Thanks for the info i live in Chester. I am looking at what lock it is and going to phone a locks smith in a bit to change the barrel which from what i read is the best way to do it as it dose not involve any extra holes being drilled in the door. My main worry is being right and homeless i have money for b&b but i work from home and every think i need is here the value of my equipment is high but all so with out it i can not work. So my main aim is to stay here until my new place is ready or at least until i can get my stuff moved to a friends safely. You adv
  7. No we have no notice to quit. He has not said a time he will be round. I have called the police who have made a note but it did not give me much confidence as the operator said if it is his property then he can do what he wants pretty much. I know this is not the case but it dose tie in with what shelter told me about a lot of the police not having a clue about the law and being very unwilling to step in to help.
  8. Hi just to make it easy for people to understand the property i rent is a 3 storey town house i rent the entire property the house is set out so we live on the top floor bed rooms on the middle and hallway and so on on the ground floor. I rent a property i had a 6 month short hold tenancy which ended 2 months ago so it is know rolling over month by month. On monday the landlord entered the property with out any notice when i asked him why he said he wanted to have a look at the place and began to pick faults like the bath room was messy ( a towel and some socks were on the flo
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