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  1. A friend of mine took some digital photo images whilst in Greece recently; of some strange phenomena in the sky. Before seeking opinions from the media on what they are, can anyone tell me how to protect ownership of the images please ? thank you
  2. Hi folks, I'm not sure if I have a right to claim PPI? I am disabled and been on benefits fora number of years. I have 2 or 3 C.Cardsand 2 bank loans (Black Horse & Lloyds/TSB) The banksknow my situation and that I have no "income" to cover payment protection,apart from P.Credit & DLA. I havenever missed a payment, nor made a late one, so that side of things arealright. How do Icheck if I have paid anything or if I should, or shouldn't, have been charged ? thanks
  3. Hi all, I have not had a Housing Benefit rise from Cornwall Council for 3 years. This is despite my actual rent, (private) increasing in February of each year. At one point, when I requested a rise from the Council, they actually Decreased it. I’m assuming that it was meant to blackmail me into not asking again. This year, they told me they are already paying the maximum allowed for someone like me (a single disabled man, on DLA, P.Credit [till next week – when State Pension kicksin], “as is legislated”). Question: Is there legislation that states that there should be no
  4. If you google BT Board of Directors, there are several that have their direct email addresses. I got a result from Paul Weilebski (check spelling) Good Luck
  5. Thanks Alf, Just what I was looking for. East or West C ? I'm in Penwith. Bazwithstraglybitsofhair
  6. Hi, I'm in the UK and looking to change my bank after 45 years. Obviously I don't want to go to another 'business' if it's under the same umbrella. Is there a list of which banks belongs to which companies ? thanks for reading this.
  7. Just what is this Country coming to ? The innocent need more help - not less. If people can afford top notch legal representation - then so be it. But the poor among us also deserve representation,,,, be that from Government bodies direct, or the finance to do so. Unfortunately the poorest among us are ripped off more & more because they can't get the help or backing to go up against the big boys. And as for the plan to put everything under the umbrella of Citizen Advice is beyond a joke. It is totally unacceptable. My only run in with them left me more confused
  8. I have a problem with a purchase that I made last January using my Lloyds/TSB Credit Card. The supplier isn't playing ball with my complaint - details of which I won't go into here. I have tried to go through the Credit Card Claims department to get a refund. This is the first time that I have done this. Although I have supplied them with a page from the user manual, they say that I haven't supplied them with documentary evidence to prove my point. I have now written 4 times to the Claims department, but getting nowhere. I was about to write to the banking ombudsman (anyone
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your trouble. You are not the first & won't be the last in the same predicament. I don't want to get your hopes up, as I'm not a legal worker. I'm not surprised if you don't get - what you think is - help from the very profession that's set up to do it. I agree that that most Solicitors only want to take on either straight WIN cases,,,, or "admit it, the judge will like it" ! Unfortunately, they are like any other profession or service, in that they seem to want to do as little as possible to earn their meagre (?!?!) salary and the thought of actually work
  10. Hi, I need to contact my Credit Card people with a view to getting a refund on an item. Is there a specific office or address for the purpose please ? thank you
  11. I am currently in receipt of pension credits and DLA. I have just lost both my parents and stand to receive about £60,000 from the estate. I have about £25,000 in bank loans & friends & family loans. I also owe over £100,000 to a criminal organisation, which started off as £10,000,,,, the rest being ‘interest’. Although I am in hiding, they did find me once & badly beat me up,,,, I had to promise them the earth, as I was scared of being killed,,,, although I’m not sure now, whether I got the best end of the stick in the end ! My question is: how do the dwp / housing
  12. Hi all, I need to contact Paypal Credit Card people a bit urgently, but don't have an e-mail address or Fax number. (I don't have a current statement, which I've been told has contact details). Any ideas please ? I've tried calling their 'help-line', but when I can get a clear line, I can't understand the operators or they me. I don't want to go into the pro's & cons of using foreign operators, or substandard phone lines to,,,, well whichever country it is. I just need to get in touch with them. Thanks for reading.
  13. OFTEL -v- OFCOM What was the difference ? I ask this as when I contacted them both some years ago, (through their none geographic envelopes) both the replies were from the same office/suite at the same address. Both replies were almost identical, except some punctuation,,,,, it looked as if one of them copied the other,,,, but didn't quite pay attention to the others dots 'n commas' etc. They both said that Big Trouble were right,,,, To me - at that time - I thought they were taking the proverbial pee,,,, which I now know they were, cos BT were certainly in the wron
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