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  1. M8, please be careful of what information you are giving them. They are not interested in what you have to say. Of course the more you say they will hope you will hang yourself. Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong but to be an infringer you either have to download/upload (Uploading in this case) yourself or authorize somebody else to do so. It seems you have not done this and it also seems they have acknowledged the fact it may not have been you. To me they seem to want you to give them somebody else's details as the infringer, or slip up yourself. There is no legislation that makes you responsible. Please I urge you to read more of this forum and also on Slyck. Both forums are full of information, even recently seemingly showing where they get their Harvesting techniques from (the software they use). NOBODY has yet been taken to Court and it looks like nobody ever will be, especially if they have to reveal this software they use:-|. You obviously do what you feel you have to do but personally (and its only my opinion) I would fire off a proper LoD from the templates available and leave it at that, don't hang yourself with these idiots. Good luck and hope it works out for you and all of us in the end.......
  2. Personally I think there will be only one eventual way to stop this atrocity, nobody, and I mean NOBODY pay. Don't pay 1 penny to these damn solicitors (well only 1 atm, ACS:LAW) as TBI have apparently thrown in the towel. If people keep paying these 'people:mad:', and I use that term very lightly, they will keep sending out more and more letters of demand. If everybody refuses to pay they will have to either take somebody to court:roll: or be forced to give up. If it ever goes to court:roll: (Which all the proof strongly suggests that they would avoid this action like the plague) it is quite possible that this scheme would be killed in its tracks. Either way, it is only us (Everybody who has been accused) who can stop this scheme in its tracks. You're not alone, don't pay them - we can win this battle... I would not ignore the letters though - send your Letter of Denial (LoD), maybe even reply to their response of you using a template letter, then forget about them. Good luck people.
  3. Back on P99 a letter has been shown from TBI Solicitors. On that letter it clearly shows that BT "Do not intend to contest it" - the court order to disclose our details that is. TalkTalk showed ACS that they would fight against these court orders and were dropped from any proceedings immediately. Which in my opinion shows how weak a case these solicitors actually have, but IMO shows how much companies like BT don't give a stuff about their customers and this is probably the reason that there is such a high percentage of BT customers getting chased by ACS and TBI. So when my contract ends with BT in a couple of months I too will be dumping them for another company, whether I 'd be better off or not is not really the issue in my eyes, but it will loose BT another long term faithful customer.
  4. This questionnaire is unbelievable. These people (and I use that term very lightly) are playing with people's lives. God only knows what some of these nasty, unprovable claims are doing to people and their relationships with their partner/wife/husband. Personally that damn questionnaire would go straight into the bin (or keep for your own records), but it's clear to me they are doing their utmost to get you to hang yourself. As far as I'm concerned I have denied it twice, and made sure in the second LOD that no further correspondence will be entered into - unless it's through the Court system. As far as being ill or depressed is concerned they DO NOT CARE! All they see is dollar signs$$$$$$$. Whilst I don't like to talk about it to strangers (Public forum) I myself suffer greatly with depression. I take higher than normal dose of antidepressants (issued via the hospital). I have not so long ago (Before all this from ACS started in my case) had a specialist team of psychiatric Dr's & nurses visiting me every day of the week because I became so ill. All this is making me very ill once again. Rightly or wrongly, I don't really know, I told ACS this in my letter, not as an excuse, but trying to tell them I did not do it and they should (as far as I'm concerned) look at people's circumstances before they continue to harass and chase people for unfounded, scabby evidence they say is infallible. The last letter I sent was six months ago (I had 21 days to reply or Court it would be). I've heard nothing since, but it still hangs over your head, is this going to carry on? Are they going to stop harassing now? Are they going to drop the case as they have done in some circumstances? Who the hell knows? All I know is if I'm still around and they take me to Court I will do my best to defend myself, and I would urge everybody else to stand firm against these people - hard though it is .
  5. From ACS:LAW website:- "We are pleased with the results on the initial batches of issued claims, as we have found that 80% of all defendants opt for settlements outside of court, for amounts more than originally claimed." Does this mean that people who have unfortunately paid ACS have not only paid them but given a little extra dosh for ACS' inconvenience?!!! It must be the ".org" web address that people were moved to pay more?!!
  6. An interesting article here about ISP's lying on their backs and handing our information over without hesitation. I still believe that it's time to hit ISP's where it hurts - their pockets. Neutralize UK File-Sharing Legal Threats – Join TalkTalk | TorrentFreak On a lighter(ish) note: linked from slyck.com:- I sent my second LOD months ago and have heard nothing since. Though this does nothing for me but makes me worry every-time the postman comes. This is what ACS want though, people to panic and worry; which is pretty sick tbh. It's a good job my wife has a sense of humour or I would be in court right now - the divorce court. Not for being accused of illegally downloading but for being accused of downloading gay porn LMFAO! On a more serious note though I wonder how many marriages Mr Crossley has put under great strain from poor husbands accused of downloading gay porn. Maybe he should be taken to court for family breakdowns over this dirty, rotten ugly scheme he has going.
  7. Thank you very much for the swift reply, much appreciated.
  8. Hi. Hopefully this is the right place to post.... I recently received some correspondence from a company that wants me to contact them to verify that I am the person they say I am living there. (I am the person). This is related to debts on my old property from over 12 years ago. Since then I have had no contact whatsoever with any of my old creditors from my previous address. I believe that any debts remaining from that time would become statute barred, am I correct? If so, I have also had some information that if a particular debt had gone to Court and was successful in obtaining a County Court Judgement that particular debt would "Never" become statute barred. Is this correct? I do not know whether any of those old debts has a County Court Judgement, is there any way I can find out without asking this company who is after me? Some advice is very much needed PLZ!!!! Thank you.
  9. Sounds reasonable. It almost seems like nobody has any proper defence, but I guess if it comes down to it ACS would be in the same predicament, they don't really have solid 100% evidence which is why I guess nobody has gone to court yet. Damn frustrating and as far as I can see it's the authorities that are pretty much the only people who can stop this, and so far they don't give a monkeys.
  10. I think I see what you are saying, but IF the judge knows little of what ACS are doing, or what they are doing it for I think ISPs have then failed to sufficiently fight ACS in court. They certainly (ISPs) have the cash and power to easily rip ACS' case apart in the courtroom. They didn't, nor does it seem they are interested in doing so. Surely ISPs, who should know what ACS & Co are doing, and who are the first point of contact with the court should be proving to the judge whats wrong here and making him understand if he doesn't? ISPs, I believe, are missing a good opportunity here to prove they actually care about their customers by fighting a good fight in court. At the very least I think they should publicise what is happening here, but I have so far failed to find any correspondence from my own ISP (BT) on this matter, which suggests to me they are not interested in the big picture here. It's clear to me that ACS are putting up a good case in court, well prepared. Come on ISPs, wake up.....
  11. I wonder how many of these 30000 new claims will be 'new people'. I wouldn't be surprised if many of them will be a further claim to people who have maybe already paid up or have given no response to the first claim.....?????Maybe we should prepare ourselves for a second or more claim. As far as the ISP's are concerned I think a mass switch should happen to kick these people in the teeth, as it seems they put up no fight for their customers in Court, nor do they have the decency to write to ALL their customers who's details have been handed over. The ISP's have the money and lawyers to fight these ridiculous claims, they should be our first target I say - switch to a different ISP as soon as possible, that's my answer to BT.
  12. It seems to me like they are now trying a different more "Heavy Handed" approach with this new letter. They obviously feel that the old tactics they have been using are starting to draw in less money, so lets try a new tactic - and from the letter you received it is painfully obvious they are trying to literally scare you out of your wits. I'm sure that there will be many more people getting these same letters any-day now, probably including myself. I understand how you feel, because this latest letter surely is an attempt to frighten people, enough to pay up even. I feel they are trying to fish for your defence, see how technical you are because I wouldn't be at all surprised if they are carefully selecting people to take to Court on the basis of how much they actually know on the technical side. That way they could select people, who if they are like me, have no idea what they are talking about and win an easy victory. No offence, you may be a technical whizkid, but I would think that there are a vast majority who know very little about all the sometimes very technical issues involved here. It's a technical minefield that personally I wouldn't be able to defend against. I just hope the first person they take to court, if at all, will be able to wipe the floor with these bullies and finish this farce in it's tracks. Personally I wouldn't tell them a thing. If you feel you need to answer then maybe a simple referral to any previous denials you have made would suffice. And maybe a small note saying you do not really appreciate being put on trial, as they are attempting to do, without being in a proper court, with proper rules and regulations. The more information you give these people the easier it will be for them to mount a case. Although it's all very distressing, and I'm distressed just reading your posts, chin-up - your not on your own here as thousands are currently on the same boat - together we need to knock these people once and for all.
  13. Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes....... I have had dealings with Nationwide Debt recovery (Littlewoods in-house debt collector) for some time now. We had an agreement which has been reviewed several times over a period of time, I have always paid what we agreed to and they have not added charges - until now. Recently they wrote and asked me to review my account with them, which as usual I wrote to them straight away, enclosing a financial statement. They wrote back to me a couple of days after their first letter stating I had not replied and added £12.00 admin charge to my account. I immediately wrote back to them stating I had contacted them, and once again showed my financial statement and made an offer of payment. Again they wrote to me, with a £12.00 admin charge, saying I had again ignored their attempts to contact me. Again I wrote to them, 3rd time, and once again enclosed a financial statement and offer of payment. Today I received another letter from them stating that, "We have applied a £12.00 administration fee on your account due to the substantial amount of effort they have made in trying to contact me". Cheeky swines. All my letters were sent with proof of posting. Maybe 1 letter didn't reach them but 3??? Anyway I am fed up of banging my head against the wall with these wallies and if anybody can offer any help on the way to proceed I would be very grateful. Also can I add a £12.00 charge against them for "The substantial work and effort" that I am doing to contact them? Thanks.
  14. I feel exactly the same way. Some comments on here (very recently) just seem a little too far to ACS:LAW's side if you know what I mean......
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