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  1. M8, please be careful of what information you are giving them. They are not interested in what you have to say. Of course the more you say they will hope you will hang yourself. Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong but to be an infringer you either have to download/upload (Uploading in this case) yourself or authorize somebody else to do so. It seems you have not done this and it also seems they have acknowledged the fact it may not have been you. To me they seem to want you to give them somebody else's details as the infringer, or slip up yourself. There is no legislation that makes you re
  2. Personally I think there will be only one eventual way to stop this atrocity, nobody, and I mean NOBODY pay. Don't pay 1 penny to these damn solicitors (well only 1 atm, ACS:LAW) as TBI have apparently thrown in the towel. If people keep paying these 'people:mad:', and I use that term very lightly, they will keep sending out more and more letters of demand. If everybody refuses to pay they will have to either take somebody to court:roll: or be forced to give up. If it ever goes to court:roll: (Which all the proof strongly suggests that they would avoid this action like the plague) it is quite
  3. Back on P99 a letter has been shown from TBI Solicitors. On that letter it clearly shows that BT "Do not intend to contest it" - the court order to disclose our details that is. TalkTalk showed ACS that they would fight against these court orders and were dropped from any proceedings immediately. Which in my opinion shows how weak a case these solicitors actually have, but IMO shows how much companies like BT don't give a stuff about their customers and this is probably the reason that there is such a high percentage of BT customers getting chased by ACS and TBI. So when my contract end
  4. This questionnaire is unbelievable. These people (and I use that term very lightly) are playing with people's lives. God only knows what some of these nasty, unprovable claims are doing to people and their relationships with their partner/wife/husband. Personally that damn questionnaire would go straight into the bin (or keep for your own records), but it's clear to me they are doing their utmost to get you to hang yourself. As far as I'm concerned I have denied it twice, and made sure in the second LOD that no further correspondence will be entered into - unless it's through the Court system.
  5. From ACS:LAW website:- "We are pleased with the results on the initial batches of issued claims, as we have found that 80% of all defendants opt for settlements outside of court, for amounts more than originally claimed." Does this mean that people who have unfortunately paid ACS have not only paid them but given a little extra dosh for ACS' inconvenience?!!! It must be the ".org" web address that people were moved to pay more?!!
  6. An interesting article here about ISP's lying on their backs and handing our information over without hesitation. I still believe that it's time to hit ISP's where it hurts - their pockets. Neutralize UK File-Sharing Legal Threats – Join TalkTalk | TorrentFreak On a lighter(ish) note: linked from slyck.com:- I sent my second LOD months ago and have heard nothing since. Though this does nothing for me but makes me worry every-time the postman comes. This is what ACS want though, people to panic and worry; which is pretty sick tbh. It's a good job my wife has a sense of hu
  7. Thank you very much for the swift reply, much appreciated.
  8. Hi. Hopefully this is the right place to post.... I recently received some correspondence from a company that wants me to contact them to verify that I am the person they say I am living there. (I am the person). This is related to debts on my old property from over 12 years ago. Since then I have had no contact whatsoever with any of my old creditors from my previous address. I believe that any debts remaining from that time would become statute barred, am I correct? If so, I have also had some information that if a particular debt had gone to Court and was successful in obtaining a
  9. Sounds reasonable. It almost seems like nobody has any proper defence, but I guess if it comes down to it ACS would be in the same predicament, they don't really have solid 100% evidence which is why I guess nobody has gone to court yet. Damn frustrating and as far as I can see it's the authorities that are pretty much the only people who can stop this, and so far they don't give a monkeys.
  10. I think I see what you are saying, but IF the judge knows little of what ACS are doing, or what they are doing it for I think ISPs have then failed to sufficiently fight ACS in court. They certainly (ISPs) have the cash and power to easily rip ACS' case apart in the courtroom. They didn't, nor does it seem they are interested in doing so. Surely ISPs, who should know what ACS & Co are doing, and who are the first point of contact with the court should be proving to the judge whats wrong here and making him understand if he doesn't? ISPs, I believe, are missing a good opportunity here
  11. I wonder how many of these 30000 new claims will be 'new people'. I wouldn't be surprised if many of them will be a further claim to people who have maybe already paid up or have given no response to the first claim.....?????Maybe we should prepare ourselves for a second or more claim. As far as the ISP's are concerned I think a mass switch should happen to kick these people in the teeth, as it seems they put up no fight for their customers in Court, nor do they have the decency to write to ALL their customers who's details have been handed over. The ISP's have the money and lawyers to fight t
  12. It seems to me like they are now trying a different more "Heavy Handed" approach with this new letter. They obviously feel that the old tactics they have been using are starting to draw in less money, so lets try a new tactic - and from the letter you received it is painfully obvious they are trying to literally scare you out of your wits. I'm sure that there will be many more people getting these same letters any-day now, probably including myself. I understand how you feel, because this latest letter surely is an attempt to frighten people, enough to pay up even. I feel they are trying
  13. Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes....... I have had dealings with Nationwide Debt recovery (Littlewoods in-house debt collector) for some time now. We had an agreement which has been reviewed several times over a period of time, I have always paid what we agreed to and they have not added charges - until now. Recently they wrote and asked me to review my account with them, which as usual I wrote to them straight away, enclosing a financial statement. They wrote back to me a couple of days after their first letter stating I had not replied and added £12.00
  14. I feel exactly the same way. Some comments on here (very recently) just seem a little too far to ACS:LAW's side if you know what I mean......
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