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  1. I've finally managed to submit my moneyclaim online application tonight. So here's hoping! I just hope they don't defend and make me go to court. They are such b*****ds I've got my new account set up ready and hope that they do close my account with them. In fact before I discovered this site I had borrowed money from my dad to pay off my overdraft and at that time I requested that they close the account. Guess what my payment paying off entire overdraft was a couple of days late so from a 0.00 balance I'm in the red again becuase of their stinking charges. I want to thank everyone in
  2. Hi Did you submit your online moneycliam ok? Did you experience problems? I ask because I have been trying to submit my claim without much luck. I coipied & Pasted the text from the template and it comes to 1079 characters so should be alright. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Deena
  3. Thank you. Since posting my question I've received another statement with more unauthorised overdraft charges. Should I add this to my total as well or simpl ignore it?
  4. Thank you for your reply. Another question is it worked out on the first total of charges or the charges plus 8% accumulated interest?
  5. Hi When completing the online moneyclaim form a window regarding interest pops up. Right at the end it say to enter the daily rate of interest. Can someone please tell me what is the daily rate of interest? I don't know what to enter for this last figure. Many thanks
  6. Fantastic news, congratulations. I hope I'll be as lucky - just about to prepare my online moneyclaim. Deena:)
  7. Thanks everyone. I've recalculated and will post LBA tomorrow asking for £403.50 without the 8% interest. Am a bit fearful of issuing court action but will do so if no response. Here we go forward into battle! Deena
  8. Thanks for your reply. That's reassured me, I was worrying that if I've gone over the top in initial request I've messed up future action, and spoilt chances of getting the money back. I've had the standard "Thank you for your letter of 4th June, about charges incurred on your Flexaccount. Feedback from our members is absolutely invaluable, so we appreciate the time you've taken to get in touch with us about this issue, and we're grateful for the opportunity to explain the rationale behind our charging policy. Etc, etc". So I'm nearly ready to send the letter before action do I need to send
  9. Hi I'm doing this for my son and I'm not sure if I've worked out the charges correctly. I have copies of most of his statements for the last five years and have added up all the unpaid dd, unauthorised overdraft charges etc. I made it £632.50 then I added up all the interest itemised on the statements added it to the charges and came up with a total of £1045.12. I sent a preliminary letter requesting a refund for that amount. What if I've claimed the wrong amount - I didn't use the spreadsheet? I think I may have asked for too much back. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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