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  1. The fca have decided not to uphold my complaint as both the FCA and cfo could not have foreseen that they would have gone into liquidation. Due to the data protection they can not disclose any further information so good bye to £800
  2. I have,received an e mail from the,FCA this morning having passed stage one they are now looking into why it was overseen that no redress has,been paid. Will keep you posted on any further news
  3. I have put in a complaint to the FCA which they have acknowledged. My complaint is that why was it not made clear that the FCA made sure there was enough money to pay the redress instead of us being told we are getting money back to have the rug pulled from under us. I am waiting their response
  4. Luckily I have been free of payday loans for a few years now but feel sorry for people who are relying on this,redress. I am so angry that the FCA did nothing to protect them, and made sure that they were treated fairly.
  5. I have logged a complaint with the FCA as I want to know why it was not made clear when they asked CFO to pay the redress that funds were available and why was I told in October I was due a redress to be told yesterday that CFO had gone into administration. I would have preferred not to be told anything and CFO just disappeared.
  6. I agree with this I believe that there had been no intention to pay this redress. Why was this not sorted out by the FCA instead of dragging it on for 6 months
  7. Maybe a daft question but can the fscs help in this situation
  8. I have been told that the administrator has till June to let us know what will happen. I have resigned myself to not getting any payment but am annoyed that this has been allowed to happen and why has the FCA not made sure that we got paid
  9. I have tried ringing that administrator but I am just getting music I am so annoyed
  10. So it looks like I can say goodbye to the £820 that they say I am owed
  11. I received an e mail on the 25th October telling me I was,one of the customers, due a redress I rang them and they told me they had until march 2017 to pay this back if they know I am due a redress why can they not pay this now as it would be handy for Xmas. Feel like ringing them up or texting saying I am going to come to their house to collect payment
  12. Cash Genie have sent 2 e mails saying I am due a redress of 472.88 and 108.71 both have been for not providing statements no mention of the fact that they kept rolling over my loans. Thankfully I have not had any dealings with them for nearly 2 years now.
  13. Get in touch with the FOS they are really helpful. I did this last friday and within a week CFO responded and I got a result.I have paid a £1000 for a £250 loan and they still insisted I still owed them money. I have had enough of them draining my finances and could see no way out so took action and finally it is over. Take that step and hopefully you will get a result.Good luck
  14. Don't worry I have made sure that they have sent me an e-mail confirming my debt is now paid and I will be printing it off and framing it.
  15. CFO have rang me today and closed my account as paid in full.Thank god this is finally over
  16. CFO have contacted me today. I have told them that I will not pay anymore money to them and they are going to give me a response by 4pm today. Fingers crossed this will be the end of the matter
  17. CFO texted yesterday saying that my card had failed and would I give them a ring. They should have received a letter from the FOS so no way will I be making anymore payments until I hear back from the FOS. I think I have paid more than enough for my loan
  18. I have rang the obudsman today and they are writing to CFO to complain on my behalf. I have decided not to pay anymore money to them until I get a reply back from the FSO.I think a £1000 for a £250.00 loan is more than enough.Wish me luck
  19. I posted on this site at the beginning of august that CFO had drained my bank account of £473.45 when I spoke to them they stated that I still had to pay £97.50 to clear my account I told them I would pay this today which I have by bank transfer. I rang them to let them know and they now tell me I still owe £372.00 which is charges and fines. I have been on the phone since 9am this morning and have paid over a £1000 for a £250 loan. They have now asked me for another £152.00 to clear my debt. I have asked for a few days to think about this and would like to ask anyone on here their advice. CFO
  20. I am so depressed at the moment but will see if I can borrow some money off my daughter to help me through this month.I was slowly getting myself out of debt so I could start to pay extra to my dmp and get rid of these bloody loans altogether. Let this be a warning that these companies can get your card details .
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