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  1. Many thanks raydetinu I have spoken to consumer direct they were good also i have phoned the person but he did not answer, a guy answered and said the person was on holiday and he said he was his partner. I asked if the person was a trader he said he wasn't but when I bought the car and swapped mine in px. he put a traders address on the log book this was someone else's house not his. been on the internet and seen more cars for sale at his house and even he has a tow truck and a car with traders plates in the window. consumer direct said I have to write letter asking for refund, repair, or exchange and he has 14 days to do this so its next step I have spent loads on car doing tests etc and paid for parts too I will give auto trader a call se what they say Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks raydetinu thing is that It was a guys house but he was registered to another address and it was a house called something autos so not sure how it will work
  3. Hi people just thought I would ask what you think of this. on 10/10/2011 I bought a clio 2001 from a guy in auto trader advert said he was a trader car was not sold as seen or anything anyway I went to se car and he took me around block in it seamed ok.I had a car that i was going to scrap but it had mot and tax so he said I wuld take your car off you he wasn't interested in even looking at the car. I paid him cash and give my car in he said ill deliver it anyway next day I went to use car and warning light started to flash people were saying take it back but silly me didn't.Even eight people said so I have lots of witnesses too anyway have tried everything but looks like its the head gasket Looks like this guy knew all a long what he sold me and he even sold mica or tried to for over 500 pounds even though it should have been scrapped. I dont think that there is anything that I can do now but just thought I would ask anyway I know I have done a daft thing Thanks for your time in reading this guys/gals
  4. Hi guys Sorry to hear you damaged your car Bexlian I think the guys are right if there was problems in the past and other people have had issues they should have fixed the issue. Just thought I would mention most car parks have disclaimers. Thought I would remind you guys in case they come back with it I hope you get this sorted out
  5. Hi just a quick question I don't want my sky any longer as going to bt vision soon need to save pennies I spoke to sky today the guy said that i get 50% off movies until April 15th but all I want is to stop service yes its a good deal 19 pounds for nealy everything but not sport or kids, but need to save cash I dont se a reason why I cant give 30 days notice now can any one advice of this please Thanks
  6. Hello In 2009 I sent a request for credit agreement from mbna but account was with Nco, Nco sent a letter to say that they had received request but i was never sent my agreement Thing is at the moment i am trying to get a dro do you think I should still chase them up as Its my request or should i leave it, Can any one tell me how to report them if i need to Thanks SG
  7. Hi nottslad Yes you are correct One main reason is I want rid of my loans and credit cards etc as its not helping my health I dont owe any money to gas, electric company etc so its not too bad
  8. Thanks for your reply Just thought it was good to make people aware Thats all national debt line was good just recived dro forms today
  9. I use norton 2011 on my computers and it works very good speed is fine I would recommend it but there is lots of free ones too
  10. Hello all Just thought I would post as it may help someone At the moment I have under 7000 worth of debt and I wanted a Debt Relief Order (DRO) I spoke to the cccs They took Took all of my information and my budget was ( - £ ) I was then transfered to a debt councilor They checked my information and said that because I did not have any cash left over I would not be entitled to a Debt Relief Order and that I should pay creditors one pounds each if i can afford too. I was shocked by this as I have done my research and really wanted a dro so I decided to call National Debt line They done a similar thing and said that I can have a dro and have sent me forms in post Just thought I would tell people what happed to me as When told that I could not have a dro it can be quite upsetting hope posted in right section
  11. yes defence was filed Thing is i am hoping that I can do a dro soon just need a little time to get it sorted out thanks for your reply
  12. Hi all I am thinking on doing a dro for my unsecured debt only thing is at moment i have a 50 pounds overdraft on bank account and I do go in to this as on jsa at moment I have opend a new account somewhere else but If i pay back 50 pounds would this affect the dro or should i just take my cash I have contacted cccs and National debt line with two different storys as if i clear 50 pounds they may say i have paid a creditor any advice please Thanks in advance
  13. Hello Thanks for your reply it was an old egg Unenforceable agreement Think thats why Thanks
  14. Hello All I have a old egg credit card and egg tried to take me to court and get ccj but they backed out and I got a letter from Mr carter saying so. Now aktiv-kapital have it and are pestering me for payment I am sure that the same debt cant be taken to court twice has any one any ideasits just over 600 Thanks in advance
  15. Hi its just under £1500 with out ppi but its an old agreement I dont think its enforceable Thank for your reply
  16. Hello I took out an egg loan on the Internet in 2004 I have ppi on loan That came to around 300 pounds extra The thing is at moment loan is with dca as they have bought it off egg. am I am able to try and claim ppi and if so would this put the account in dispute I have already been sent agreement from egg Thanks in advance for any help
  17. also now mbna is calling me even though I never received My agreement back this was over one year a go and was sent recorded delivery. as for egg people I have not yet replied any ideas on this
  18. Hi all I am back lol well guess what I revived an agreement from egg loan its four pages long from 2004 includes T&c pages thing is its taken one year for egg to get this for lowell so not sure what to do now maybe I can upload it and some one can look it over for me in the mean time any one any advice cheers super_g
  19. yes they are still after me as they said to speak to egg and put account on hold i have not sent off for the agreement again yet like as usually the longer you wait the better i think Thanks for your reply
  20. just sent them a telephone harassment letter and this worked well i adviced them i dont owe them any money they said i needed to speak with egg do i request agreement again from new company
  21. Hi Guys Looks like this debt has been sold to aktiv kapital from egg so I am not sure where to go from here as egg backed out of court now this dca has bought the debt any advice what to do with these clowns they are daft for buying this off egg as egg back out of court on the last day so dont know where to go with it
  22. hi honey bee thanks for your reply its not really the money thats bothering me as i still get tax credit till dune just just I dont think i can return to this situation and thanks hidebait i will check the law out Thanks all
  23. Hello people just in a bit of a situation at present wit current job and not sure where to go from here hope someone can help. I have been off work for around 5 months due to bereavement with depression and anxiety I am now on antidepressants and feeling a lot better but still very stressed. I have had many meetings with employer as i had trouble returning to work one of the reasons being the job was very stressful as i worked in a kitchen and was very understaffed and over worked, my employer requested medical report off gp this said that they don't know how long i will be off work. after this employer wanted occupational health report doing so i went for appointment and told him how i feel in job. moving forward yesterday i had meeting with job as i had a fit note that stated I could return to work with amended duties and gp wrote with advice from occupational health report .in interviewed yesterday employer said the occupational stated that I was not suitable for this role. but employer said they don't have any more jobs at present and the only thing they can do is lower hours to part time but only very short term. they said then hours will return to normal occupational health said if i return to role it will make me worse the employer said that i have to think if i want part time hours or not and if not I may have to find a new job or resign .I don't mind leaving but I am lost on where to go from here if i say i cant do job will they get rid of me the only thing that worries me is that i wont get any money to live on I do want to work just not in a job that i hate and what that will ruin my life and is very stressful don't know where i stand can they dismiss me due to ill health ? if i get gp to sign me off after this I am not sure if i can claim job seekers or not. I am very greatful for any advice one can give me sorry its a long post just quite stressed at moment Thanks Super_g
  24. They have been phoning my father he asked to se his signature The lady said they may not have it so should be good to se what these clowns come back with
  25. looks like they still do the morage site of things
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