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  1. Thank you for your reply. I have read that you can with draw concent so they cant pass your info aound. I cant work out how they can force someone to work when its under human rights surely if we dont consent to it and also tell the providers we dont consent they how can they do it Human can we take the provider and the jokeshop to court. Thanks sg
  2. Hello people Thank you for your help on my other thread Now i have a new issue:shock: I am with a jobcoach and he said that i havent worked for just over one year ago. so then i asked what does this mean he said that if his manager agrees that i would have to do It and if i dont they will stop my money. I told him this was somthing i dont agree to and that its slave labour and a breech of my human rights. The advicer said its wellfare and if his manager says i have to do it i have to do it. he did not understand why i wasnt happy I said why would i work beside someone thats earning money and i am not. I have done a bit of research online and people say charity shops are in on it. I thought i would be good to help out but why when forced in to something I dont want to do, I told him that i would work for minimum wage only as its in human rights act under slave labour do you people think there is anywhere around this and could i sue them and any provider as i do not consent to slavery Thanks for and advice
  3. Thanks for your reply I still cant work out how someone can make you log in to show them anything as access is denied for dwp doesnt make any sence to me
  4. Hello I just need some advice please I am currently in receipt of jsa. I have now been given one of those job workbook things and on chatting to the advicer he said that i have noticed that you dont allow ujm acess. He explained it was easier for me and them I explained that i was happy to show info print out every fortnight. This is the bit now i am not sure about he said the he needs to se my cv so i said iwill print it out. He said that if i dont give access I would have to log in to my account from the jobcentre to show him. I was not sure if this was correct do i have to use dwp computers at all my feeling was he was lying can any one advice please Thank you g
  5. Hello a big thank you for your help well eBay is being a pain trying to take money from my accounts etc for listing fees I wish i had cash to give them but i don't I will however miss buying things not selling things on the old auction site but might be banned forever looks like paypal will be added to the never never list like the rest
  6. Hello I sold a amateur radio transceiver on ebay. as its an item that can be tampered with I put on no Returns. I have a personal account. buyer contacted me a bit later saying that the microphone was not working some buttons on it were at fault i offered the buyer out of good will to replace the wire on the microphone. Buyer claimed that he has tried a different microphone from another radio that is none compatible. Then the buyer said there was other faults with the radio but no mention of this before microphone was put in to radio. only thing was that radio did have stick on rubber feet but buyer claimed i d id not say this in the description but these were visible on photographs. The buyer even tried and said for to relist the radio but i refused as i do not know what the buyer has or may have done to the item. Now ebay and paypal want me to give full refund and accept the radio back that is now broken an refund 300 pounds which i don't have. The buyer has sent the radio back and i know that legally i do not have to accept the item as once i sign for it then i have accepted its my fault when it is not. Just thinking on what is your thoughts about this any more advice do i decline radio then take buyer to court Thanks g
  7. Thanks for your reply i know my father did get a cash payment out of it long time ago but he used to get around 250 per month from it he has three brothers and me but was divorced i think this is the reason why
  8. Hello I am need of a bid of advice please my father sadly passed away in September and he had a private works pension he used to get money from each month. I contacted them straight away but I have received a letter saying that I am not entitled to any money it says your father is not survived by a spouse under the rues of the scheme there are no further benefits payable. my father was divorced but my mam passed away in 2009 I have no idea how these things work I am the only child. Is the following information correct please I have no idea a big thank you for any advice.
  9. Hello guys thanks for all of your replies the ticket has been cancelled . I did mention in the appeal that ticket instructions did say attach to windscreen that may of helped I have learnt now never to attach it to the windscreen again Thanks for advice help G
  10. Thanks for your replay I did not realise that I have not had a decision as of yet I followed there instructions and ticket fell off the windscreen not sure if i will win or not but thanks for your help
  11. Hello I am in need of some advice please I received a pcn for not displaying a valid ticket. but I had bought a ticket it had fallen off my windscreen and landed on my dash. I filled a dispute and they emailed me back saying can they se the ticket i sent email back with ticket attached, also i went in person with a copy of email and ticket. thing is the price is £25 pounds but in the email i received it says i have 14 days from the email date or it goes up I think to £50 Thing is I just don't know if to pay or not as they are taking ages and if they say know then I owe more money what do you people think i should do with this Thanks for any help
  12. I don't think this company would get away with it going to court is risky for them as the computer could have been infected. also they may get sued themselves i hope you get this sorted out i think its hard to prove it was you even if it was
  13. Thank you for your reply just had a call from jobcentre and they have found my information after running a trace Thanks guys
  14. Hello guys i really need some advice please. i was claiming jsa but decided to sign off and go self employed. I phoned the jobcentre up and and advised them of this. no fault of my own i had to sign back on so i made a rapid reclaim online. we went to jobcentre and filled in forms and have been signing on for months now they owe us around two months money. I contacted them asking why we had not been paid they said our claim had been stopped as I did not advice them that i was self employed. they eventually admitted that I did intact call them and the person did not close my old claim down and i had started a new claim this has tricked the system. It now transpires that the jobcentre have lost our claim i did online and cant gave us any money due to there computer system. we got told that if we could go and fill in a new fast claim that should sort it out i did this but then got a call saying that they have lost the main full claim and they will try and trace it. The problem i have is we have not had any money and i have had to borrow cash from father they say they cant pay us any money at all not even a emergency loan. They are saying that i might have to do a full claim yet again. cos they have lost it. I am sure what to do do i go to the press and report them to the information commissioner our data being lost no one can help us its been to team leaders still no joy any advice would be fantastic and i am grateful for any help
  15. Thanks steampowered, I have been to 2 hearings one with him present he only offered a small amount and the judge was not happy and said i have a warrant, he just made excuses up and he disputed it went to a new court high court and they agreed with me. I have photos and print outs I showed at court that the person had made Thousands of pounds and did not even pay me anything. I don't se why he should get away with paying in bits as he has made a lot of money. he has been caught out many times but makes things up like or the cars are not mine,I am selling them for someone else. The thing that worries me is this guy is buying and selling cars that are faulty and broken even trading standards ant bothered and told me not to take him to court But I decided against them and won Thanks for your help
  16. Friend done that two times they never did anything don't think they are bothered at all I have all the proof too strange world we live in
  17. guys defendant has now upped offer to £50 but has a facebook page selling cars also on ebay he claims the cars are not his lol judge was not interested in contempt of court the guy is lying it was even in the press that he was a car salesman I don't se why i should accept this amount as he is earning lots of money on the side and wont pay what he owes
  18. Thank you Migster yes that's what i thought to do you know who would Enforce this please is it visa as wasn't sure Thank you I will let my friend know
  19. Hello People I hope I have this in the right section.My friend has just advised me that her son 11 years old I be leave, has used her card information to buy music subscriptions and points etc. He has been told about it kids will be kids, The main reason why I would like to point this out is that apparently, Microsoft hold full card information including the security code on the back of the card this was how her son managed to buy things surly this is not allowed Microsoft Even agreed that its an open card. This should not be allowed please can someone confirm this please also I am posting this as a warning as it may help others I would not like my info on there Thank you for any advice. sg
  20. Hi people I know its been a while father is now been contacted by a new dca.I think is he gets really worried in case someone comes to the house. I don't live far way but he just doesn't understand. I have blocked these people on his call blocker now:-) I know my late mother was paying for him. thing is he may be able to get legal aid but he worries about money and he wont go out the house. they have still Not provided a signature I did speak to a legal person they said its quite hard to prove. I told him to ignore them but maybe i should try and explain the legal side to them but an ex solicitor did write some letters to them and they was saying its still not barred i am sure the courts would like this. Thing is I have lots of stress/anxiety too so it doesn't help. I don't think they would take him to court anyway now as lots of time has gone by. thanks guys
  21. hello people Thank you for your advice. I understand a bit better now, I won the case quite a while ago The person does not own a garage but does own a separate business and was selling cars on the internet auction site on his account. I know he sells cars but its hard to find this out I even had print outs at court and the judge said are you selling cars he replied I am selling them for friends cars were sold for Thousands of pounds and he owed me the money then. The thing is I am not sure on costs as at the moment I don't have work so its very hard to afford any more money.People say it costs me £60 do you know if i have to pay this or can i get it wavered ?. Also I have heard that if the don't collect cash i have to pay £60 if i had the money i would pay a Private Investigator,they guy even filled out the trader part of the logbook and it had something motors on. dvla will not tell me the information. The person also was selling a land rover out side of his home with trader plates on DLA was not very helpful and would not provide me with information. as regarding The car the first court hearing the judge did ask about the car,he said could he have it back I said yes.this was recorded,The second hearing we were both there and the defendant asked the judge what about the car The judge said it has nothing to do with him. the person Even told wrong info on form I asked for him to be consider for contempt of court but nothing happened just the money issues really now thanks for your advice people Sg
  22. Hello labrat There is a forum on stress and stuff not sure on learning difficulties or any thing but they can help you on stress its called (no more panic) It would be a good for you if you could sit somewhere quiet for a few minuets with eyes closed just to relax. also your gp should know somewhere to help you with your family is there any other day centres you can go to with your Daughter.have you tried the council they should know. I know you can get cares to help take the pressure off yourselves but not sure how much it costs,also Not sure how old you are. Reason i ask is that any one aged 50 years and over, Can Contact Age Concern Not saying you people are old mind.Very nice people they have helped advice me a lot Hope you get sorted out g
  23. Hello squaddie like itstheone said sounds like its been hacked, I would Strongly Recommend you Try malwarebytes pro,from malwarebytes.org its amazing software it will remove anything that is spy where, also a bit of advice is keep everything updated browsers,java windows everything. also friend, please post .exe name the above software helps the above software should help you
  24. Hello people I need some advice please,I have a live county court warrant as i won my money back as i was sold a dangerous car. The Defendant appealed it went to another court and he has been refused.I still have the car as its been on fathers drive for 1 year 2 months, I have sent a letter to the person to say that the car will be disposed of or less he pays and he will owe the cash still,Then the defendant contacted the court and bailiff phoned to to say don't get rid of car. Now months down the line I am not getting anywhere there has been two visits and spoke to bailiff he doest seam to care and said sell the car.and doubt i would receive money. Does any one know if i can do anything about the bailiffs.I have been watching TV and some they say You can up grade the warrant to high court and get a writ or something. The car was bought as advertised by a car trader the defendant denies this Can any one help is it worth getting a sheriff involved Thanks in advance for any help
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