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  1. Hi all, Firstly, may I just say a huge thank you to this site and for the help I received, especially from Jake44 and especially Lookinforinfo. Good news, I received a letter this morning from Studio, basically saying that even though they consider their charges lawful, they would on this occasion as a 'goodwill gesture' overlook all the charges and re-credit my account. I closed the account this afternoon, debt charges free, YIPPEEEEE I can now sleep at night. Once again, many many thanks for all the help received on here. Kindest regards Huskylady
  2. Hi lookinforinfo, Thank you so so much, that letter will be off first thing in the morning, fingers crossed they might listen, but i think i'm in for a fight!! Once again thank you very much Huskylady
  3. Please someone help!!!! i need to know if this letter is ok , i need to get it sent off tomorrow huskylady
  4. Hi All again, Just done a letter to Studio in reply to a letter to me stating that if I were to settle my a/c and pay them £67.00 they would close my account but put my name and details on a credit reference agency list but if I were to pay the full £115.00 this would not happen and no credit agency would be contacted. Basically the payment putstanding is their late payment charges which add up to more than the original opening account. Their letter was dated the 11th June and I found out last night that they had aready sent my details to a credit reference agency!!!!!! Here is the lett
  5. Hi All, Just me again, so sorry to bother everyone.....just a quick update, if you look at the letter that I received, i think it is the fourth message down, you will see that Studio have said that if I pay the bill in full £115.00 then they wouldn't go to a credit agency but if I only paid £67 for settlement then they would have to and that I have 21 days to respond to their letter which was dated 11th June................. I have just been on Experian and seem that they have already reported me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't know what to do now or how to confront them, the gits, exc
  6. Many thanks for the advice, can anyone recommend a template letter that involves mentioning a company basically bribing!! if you refer to the above letter that i received you can clearly see that they are threatening to send my name to a credit agency until i pay all their charges. I'm not at all good with words and I want it to sound professional and to the point. So sorry to be a pain but your help is greatly appreciated Kindest regards Huskylady
  7. Good morning, many thanks for the help....lookinforinfo, if i write below exactly what is says on the letter is there any way you could help me devise a letter to send them as I am completely useless and feel very intimidated by this company or shall i phone them? the letter says:- Thank you for your recent communication with the offer of £67.00 in full and final settlement of the above account. We would accept an immediate payment of £67 against this account and then file our papers and not pursue the remaining balance on the account. This balance would still be recorded with
  8. Hello All, I recently wrote to Studio saying that the £155.00 still outstanding on my account was all their late payment charges. My original bill was £180 and I have already paid £245 but because payments were late the charges have added up to £155.00. I told them I would be willing to, if they would consider, letting me clear this account at £70.00 and close the account. I received a letter back from Studio on Friday stating that they would accept the £70.00 final payment but that my name would be put on a credit agency list as a bad debtor but that if I paid £115.00 then they wo
  9. Hello, New to this site so please be patient:) Can anyone recommend a company that can reclaim my bank charges for me, I did try once but got so stressed out with the whole process the only point i got to was receiving my statement from Nationwide stating all the charges...I took one look at the court process and freaked so I have decided to see if i can let a company do it for me....many thanks for reading this Huskylady
  10. Good evening, I have never been on this site before so please be patient:) Basically I have a problem, 18 months ago I bought some goods from Studio which came to £180.00....Now over that time I have been paying them and sometimes I have found it hard to pay or basically forgotten or made a late payment....To date I have paid back £245.00 which is £65.00 over what the original bill is and because of late payments etc my account still says I owe them £155.00 which is their charges which is just £25.00 of the original bill even though I have paid £245.00.... I sent them a letter b
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