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  1. Hi, sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks for all your help so far Andy. I've had a response from Hegartys and they have agreed a further 14 day extension but have said I need to notify the court. Pis there a form for this or do I need to just write a letter? I think I'm going to go down the mediation route and try to avoid the judgement being entered.
  2. Cool thanks, now is it possible to resolve the mis-selling of PPI before coming to a resolution? What would you recommend as a good course of action?
  3. Touché sorry didn't mean to be a prat. Is there any way to acknowledge the debt without a CCJ? I work in an industry where credit checking is part and parcel of recruitment and not looked favourably upon
  4. Thanks for the honesty (you could have lead with that ) most certainly the loan was sold with PPi which I was told was compulsory, however yes I was really crap with my finances a few years ago and there is no real reason for being so. These guys were particularly viscous in their dealings and I thought "screw you" to a large extent. So obviously time has caught up with me but I do wish it wasn't with these guys lol
  5. Thanks for your help. From your tone I gather you think it's frivolous to defend?
  6. Well how do they prove it is owed without complying with the CPR request?
  7. We'll they haven't complied with the CPR 31.14 request for a start so I'm guessing there are grounds there
  8. Thanks for the reply, It was a personal loan for £2000 taken in 08 I think but can't be sure, I stopped paying as I lost my job and couldn't afford payments. I then moved etc and it became forgotten about really.
  9. The 7 day deadline set on my CPR 31.14 expires tomorrow, if I get no reply any clues on how to progress? Thanks
  10. I've drawn up a CPR 31.14 letter to send from reading through some threads on here. I also know I need to submit my intentions to defend the claim. Should I extend my time to 28 days now or wait until later? Cheers
  11. Hi guys, I've today received papers to say a court claim has been filed by the above for £4999 (including interest) plus fees of £85. The particulars of the claim are as follows " the claimant claims for sums due under fixed-sum loan agreement(s) regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 entered into between the claimant and the defendant. The defendant failed to pay the contractual instalments in compliance with the terms of the agreement(s). The term of the agreement(s) has expired. The claimant complied with section 111 and 1v and annex b of the pre-action conduct. And the claimant claims: Personal loan agreement xxxxxxx Arrears balance of 4,315.76 as of 30/03/09. Interest under s69 of the county court act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from 30/03/09 to 15/10/13 of 683.24 and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgement or earlier payment at a daily rate of 0.95 AND costs" I've not heard anything from them for ages apart from a couple of phishing letters (I've moved since the loan was taken out) is anybody able to help me (in lay mans terms) getting this struck out (if there are grounds to do so)? Thanks
  12. Hi All, Got a loan with the above that I can't pay (I know I'm stupid!!) I have had a look at the agreement and it's got my old address on it. It also doesn't state how long the agreement was for. The example on their website is for 30 days but my loan was for less so surely the amount of interest should be lower? I'm preparing myself for some difficult times from these people but would appreciate your thoughts. ps Is it really not worth making them an offer of repayments? Thanks
  13. Sorry but I beg to differ, I used to Underwrite for an RBS subsiduary and I can catergorically state that there are policies on the RBS book that are not on that basis! As long as the policy is endorsed correctly and there is no moral hazard there is fundamentally no problem. It's a very grey area in terms of insurance though.
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